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Hello guys! I’m sorry for the delay, I got caught up in Independence Day function and school. So here I am with the much awaited results. So first let me reveal the writers name and give the review.

Entry 1- Mrunal1

Review- It was good. The punctuations were really distracting. Also do take care of spelling errors.

Entry 2- Prajkta

Review-Well to be honest, there are only a few piece of work, where I’m unable to point out mistakes and this was definitely one of them. A flawless piece of work.

Entry 3- Riana

– what I liked about the one shot– The best thing about the one shot was the title. I really liked the title and the story line was also good. 
-what I did not like– The punctuations were a real turn off. Please use proper punctuation. Also I did not understand when the point of view ended. If you are writing in narrator’s POV then please don’t change it. 
– Tips – try to write the dialogues in inverted commas. Also please describe it more with proper punctuation

Entry 4- Srindhi (Sent by Siddhi Thakur)
I guess she forgot to mention her username but this is the mail Id.

Review- To be very honest, the story line was good but the description wasn’t that good. Also punctuation were really not used properly.

Entry 5- Pui

Review- Well the story line was awesome. The chantomai Anika was amazing.
But please either write it in Third person’s POV or let it stay in a particular person’s POV. It can kind of really breaks the flow. Also mention when the POV ended. I was really confused.

Tip- Write the dialogues in inverted commas cause it gives much more feel like you are reading abook.

For example–
Shivaay- (Voice cracking) please don’t do this to me.

“Please don’t do this to me” Shivaay’s voice cracked.

Entry 6- Archiya

Review– it was nice. I enjoyed reading it. A different concept. Please describe a little more. It will turn out to be really good.

Entry 7- VHM

Review-OK! So what I liked about this one shot was Shivaay and Anika’s reunion. The concept was good. And I loved the fun element.

What I did not like is that you did not use proper punctuation. Punctuation marks are a real turn off if not used properly.

Tip- don’t write it like Anika’s POV instead write it like Anika thought because you want to just show a single thought.

Entry 8- Shraddha-DBO

Review- It was really nice. I enjoyed reading it. The description was beautiful. Just one thing, write it in one tense only. Somewhere it was present tense as well. So it’s better to write in one tense.

Entry 9- Rosewood

The concept was very motivational. It was nice. I don’t have much to say about it though.

Entry 10- Sairish

Review- Well, it was definitely the cutest one.

Tip- Take care of captilization and use proper punctuation.


1st Prize— OK! So you’ll get shout outs for your work in two of my works.
Plus I had thought to review the first four chapters of your work.

2nd prize- Shout outs for your work in two of my posts. (I’ll be doing it in the article that I’ll post today) I’ll also review the first two chapters of your work.

3rd prize- Shout out for your work in two of my works.

So now time for results. Yeah! I’m so super excited and I hope you are too. Drum rolls please….




Well I’ll be doing the shout outs for the winners work in two of my one shots.

Thanks everybody for participating. And thanks @aliza111 for helping me. It really means a lot. And to those who participated but did not win, please don’t get disheartened. But good luck for next time ??

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Pui

    Thank you so much Kriti and thank you to all those who voted for my entry ❤

  2. Congratulations to all the winners

  3. Shabana

    congoo all the participants
    congrats pui prajakta and rosewood

    1. Rosewood

      Thanks dear

  4. Aliza111

    Congrats pui prajkta and rosewood.. Sry others …. Don’t blame me pls . even though ictoo was a judge not only mine but kriti and others comments value too… But sry pui my personal best was prajkta ‘ s … .. Then sairish’s … And others don feel sad cauz if u fail once don’t stop cauz once u can try and win over the first failure….

    1. Kriti249

      Yeah! Same pinch even my personal best was prajkta’s OS

    2. Logesh.M

      Aliza i didnt know about this OS..I came to know now only…Also i dont know how to write OS,i have written 7 parts of fan fiction..Will you please read my ff and suggest me for my improvements…please..??

    3. Rosewood

      Thanks dear

    4. Thanks Aliza111 for liking my os and sorry for late reply
      Really happy with your appreciation
      Thanks again

  5. Aliza111

    Kriti di why did u mention me only didn’tother two judges mark the works or were we two were only there ??

    1. Kriti249

      Only we two were only there. The other one had some health issues so she couldn’t judge them

  6. Fenil

    Congrats to Pui , My Dost and Rosewood.
    Congrats to participants also.
    Congrats Kriti ,your first competition went successfully.

    1. Kriti249

      Yeah I’m glad it did. *Sigh*

    2. Rosewood

      Thanks dear

    3. Prajkta

      Thank you dost ☺☺☺

  7. Shraddha-DBO

    Congrats to pui, prajakta & rosewood.I loved all the prize winning stories…. Actually all the entries were simply superb.

    Thanks to Kriti & Aliza111 for conducting this yaar. Please do come back with more contests like this .

    & Thanks Kriti for ur tip, I shall definitely look after it…

    Congrats to all winners once again????

    1. Kriti249

      Well I have thought of another competition but not now. I’ll do it later. I’m really busy with the school stuff and even teacher’s day is coming

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        That’s a good news Kriti, eagerly waiting for it …?

    2. Archiya

      i liked ur work this time too.. it was beautiful

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Thank you archiya Di??

    3. Aliza111

      Tnk u shradha di… I loved ur is too… Eve I guessed it would be urs

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Wow aliza, it’s wonderful that u guessed it’s me, how did you ???
        Thanks for loving my work?

    4. Rosewood

      Thanks dear

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hi rosewood, welcome yaar & want to read more from you….??

    5. Aliza111

      Di how could I not guess by reading when she coloured my canvas I have learned ur accent of writing …. So when I read that is and also knew u. Were writing I thought this might be shradha di’s

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Wow….u r awesome yaar??

  8. Congratulations 2 pui,prajakta nd rosewood(I really liked ur name). Nd other participants don’t fell bad u all did a good job. But my personal favourite was Prajakta’s bcoz it was my fav IshKara’s nd I was written by Prajakta. Mujhe to pahle se hi pata tha ki ye Prajakta ne likhi thi. Uski likhne ka andaj hi kuch aur hai. I luv her.

    1. I am sooooooooo sorry dr. Typing mistake it’s “Prajkta” not “Prajakta” I know dat but I was not conscious enough to notice dat bcoz I was really excited. Nd also*it eas written by Prajkta* not *I was written by Prajakta*. I m so sorry dr.

    2. Prajkta

      Thanks Mahi a lot

      1. Prajkta

        Thanks for the appreciation and I knew you would love Ishkara OS ☺☺

  9. Ankita27

    Congratulations to Pui, Prajkta and Rosewood…

    1. Thanks Ankita and sorry for replying late.
      Really happy with your appreciation
      Thanks again for liking it

  10. Lauren

    Congratulations to all d winners….

  11. Ananyagour

    Congratulations everyone it does’nt matter who wins……and congratulations to all winners too……????????

    And a big releif to kriti also ?
    Your tension is over now ?
    Good work kriti

    Once again congratulations to all participants

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Congratulations to all the winners..
    Especially for Pui….congratulations dear!!!!

  13. Archiya

    For the first time i have read all entries to a competition.. reason exclusively IB.., an i loved all the stories, they were simply fab..

    congratulations Pui,Prajkta and Rosewood… very well deserved.

    Kriti.. thanks for conducting and judging this competition, and Aliza(i loved ur name) for judging it.. lots of work goes into conducting competitions.. and u guys did a great job.. so cheers to u gals 🙂

    Keep coming up with more competitions.. so that we have our brains racking

  14. Prajkta

    Thanks to all those who voted for me
    Congrats to pui….. Keep rocking like this
    Thanks to Kriti Aliza for liking my OS so much
    Thanks once again ☺☺??

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