it was a lovely day with a great weather . the flowers ..the beach ..the garden …everything thing around was having a different glow in them…the Sun seemed to rise early as the whole oberoi family was awake though it was quite early..the dulled quality of the light ,like the sun is being filtered through orange paper mache . birds ofcource -going about their early morning business sailing from the branches . deep in conversation of their own sort ..the chill that comes after a warm yesterday and before a warm tomorrow . the few remaining stars blinking out of existence in the sky still hazy and swirled with a light spattering of clouds……..
the grand and the luxurious mansion of the oberoi’s was filled with excitement and happiness of course…
there was a great hustle and bustle in the hall ….and SHE..she herself might not be knowing that how many times she has ascended the stairs ..going and checking everything in a perfect manner was not truely an easy task…
on being melted for the amount of love SHE has given to the oberoi family and not to forget his son ….
she said rather showered the love she has for HER..”annika beta’s the 20th time you have mounted up and down …i understand your happiness but this doesn’t mean that you’ll keep your health at stake …i am saying no.. I’m ordering you to sit and have something…you didn’t had breakfast as well ..donn know how many times I have told you to take care of yourself like you do of others…”sighing she said these words of her..
“offo maa…how many times i have also na that i do care for myself and that’s the only reason I’m doing all this “said SHE winking to her very lovely mother in law ..
“ya I knows ” replied HER MIL (mother in law) in her extra flourished English …..
here in the …most crowded place of oberoi mansion..the two very great supporters of HIM were doing the job which they like the most I.e. cooking …cooking for someone truely special and that was HIM …then came their lovely wife’s as understanding as none could be ……they came ..took their positions at extreme left and right of the kitchen corner ..gauri on left and saumya on right and amid them were the OMRU ..who were preparing something for him …

SHE came to have a look and check the kitchen corner of oberoi mansion but was already pre-occupied by other 4 very important family members and those were omru and their dutiful wives ……..
“is everything on track”she asked omru with a raised eyebrow …”yepp…as expected bcz obros”….”are best”SHE completed the half spoken sentence along with gauri and saumya in chorus….
every one was waiting for the main pillar of the house,for HIM ..but where is HE???..
beside all the hustle and bustle in the that very corner ..were a boy with a pair of blue no green no with a hint of grey or kanji eyes …a lad of 4 years of age along with her most senior member of the oberoi family and that is none other than kalyani devi or the Dadi.. or the mentor of ishqbaazi in the mansion…
the two of them were discussing about some one very special and that is none other than HIM ..but again where is HE and who is HE ????…..
one of the most immature couple or the tejhanvi (tej and jhanvi) were too Missing HIM …
the time when everything was done and as expected in a grandiloquent style .
…each and everything seemed just perfect..arranged in a theme of baby pink and lavender and the addititon of white and vine shades enhanced it’s beauty in an extra aesthetic way…..
“hmm….so finally done..perfect “ what all she muttered after having a glance of the preparations done in oberoi mansion which appeared as newly wedded bride…no one could say that the empire was running since 50 years back…
it was when that 4 year lad came and gave a bone crushing hug to HER ..
soon the mobile of each and every member of beeped and Everyone received the same message from HIM..which read..
“enough now..can’t wait to see you all in front of my eyes …these two weeks were hell for me..made me realise the importance of family and love ..without whom I’m nothing except a body without a soul…I’M COMINGG”…
Everyone was feeling on cloud nine after reading the very sweet message from HIM…a cute and innocent smile they had on their lips ..except for two one was SHE who was continuously blushing and the other one was that lad who was confused eyeing the faces of his elders without any reason….’what was there in that stupid message that my family members are smiling foolishly’ wondered he with an irked face …..
“can I know that why the hell are u all smiling like fools please ” asked he in a different tone yet respectful ….
something clicked HER mind and then she called HER beloved son..
“ANSH”…..the cute boy is the symbol of extreme love THEY share for each other..
SHE called her son and “bacha…u know na how much mumma loves you”said she ..
“ofcource mom i know “..
“then will you do something for me which I’ll say”asked she …he replied”sure mom..”
“come with me then”she ordered …

the lad obediently followed her mother’s instruction and the duo headed towards the witness of THEIR love,fights..THIER ROOM …..the lady and the lad Sat on bed and had a conversation …”dad is coming and here ..what happened to mom she not exited…”wondered ANSH..”but….mom and dad love each other so immensely that they can’t live without each other not even for a second and here it has been two weeks since dad left from here …i have seen mom lost in HIS thoughts..then why there is a sudden change”he kept thinking …his inner thoughts were making him go crazy …
…..the adorable boy reminced an instance….it was when the the bot was two years of age..
SHE had an injury in her ankle and hence was not able to walk properly ..HER very lovely husband,HE can’t see her in pain …he was so worried that HE unknowingly gave a lecture of 3 hours to HER who was now fast asleep while he was giving the lecture..u don’t take care of yourself..always careless ..can’t you see and then descend the work work what all that comes in your mind ..HE was continuously blabbering while SHE slept with an irked face …our chhotu champ witnessed the immense love fight his parents had ..he sighed and then said ..”daaaaadddd… has slept just because you were lecturing her and that too since 4 hours..intead of saying that crap you should have helped her and take her to a doctor”…HE realised that his son was saying correct but for the same of his reputation he said “aammm…yaa yaa you are correct but you can’t deny the fact that your mom is the most careless lady we have ever met ..right?”
“right”said ANSH chukling and gave a highfive to his caring dad …
in no time the mansion was on the head of HIM when the doctor said that SHE could not move from bed at least for a day …and this great work was done by none other than SHE can a workaholic person stuck in the room ….the family members present in THEIR room soon left the place ..SHE felt as if they were slamming the door on her face ..she was feeling sooo helpless…but HE considered it as a great opporitinity to romance with his beautiful wife …HE use to carry her in HIS arms for every small work she had.. her injury gave him free license to wrap HER in HIS arms in front of everyone {though he gained it quite earlier at the time of their wedding} ..shared some of the veryyyyy cute moments with each other ….
ANSH came out of his dreamland dreaming about his parents when he heard the sound of a car entering the mansion…no doubt he was his father ….
HE entered the mansion and then the main hall just to feel the perfect blend of love , excitement in the air and to eye the perfect decorations done by HER in the grandiloquent way….
HE took blessings of elders …gave a bone crishug hug to his brothers and a very warm,genuine smile to his sister in laws and they were gauri and saumya…..
HIS bluish orbs just like the lad has ..were searching here and there for HER honey Brown orbs….which were nowhere to be seen ..
on eyeing HIS orbs searching for HER his grandmother said “ its enough ..goto your room ,get ready for the party this evening and then we all ‘ll have a great time together after a long time..”
suddenly HIS mom noticed and said ..”oyee where is your wife ..just before she was doing and chekcing the prepations like anything and now..see..she herself is lost “..muttered she with concern and confusion clearly seen in her voice …
“oyee now what are you doing here ..go to your room ..your wife and child must be there only waiting for you ” teasing her son she said those words of her …
HE headed towards THEIR room and saw his most cute,adorable and lovely son..
and not to forget HER ..but what is this SHE herself is busy in arranging clothesin the cupboard

sensing the serisouness of the matter and to cool the atmosphere he said ..
“heyyyyyyyyyyy champpp” showering all the love he had saved for his son from last two weeks
“daddd” replied his son with full excitement but she didn’t even turned to see him in front of her eyes…it was only she who knew what inner turmoil she was going through…..picking out an outfit for his son she called “ANSH try this ..this will definitely suit you ” showing him the dress ..the dress was in the shade of vine, the colour that suits HIM the best according to him an unsaid indication to HIM…
“what happened to your mom?” he asked..
”donnn know ” ansh said ..
“well I missed you a lot”continued ANSH
“i too missed you my jaan….but for now can I have some quality time with your mother …only if you don’t have any problem ” said HE winking …
“offcousre dad ..enjoy ” said his very smart son just like him …
after her son left she turned towards him with a pouty,angry yet cute face for him …
“SHIVAAY”…so HE referred to shivaay Singh oberoi “HADD KARTE HAI AAP BHI…how can you be so careless…first of all you left from the house and that too without informing me can I not important to you or it doesn’t even matter to you that i should be informed about where my husband is …but are so bad shivaay…i hate you hate you..” she was like a car with having it’s breaks fail…”ANNIKA”…so finally SHE is Mrs. shivaay Singh oberoi ,Annika..
“plzz plzzz relax..i did informed you for your kind information” he continued ..
“yeahh…after 7 hours of raelly shivaay do you have any idea that how was i feeling at point of time ” she said being irked with a taunting tone making him realise his importance in her life..
biting his lips he said “awww …annika you what you are very cute ”
annika-“I’m not cute okay…”
shivaay -“no you are and you look more cute when you are angry ”
annika-” and by the way ..why are you diverting the topic”
shivaay-“c’mon annika…i came after a long journey ..” he said wrapping his arms around her neck
annika- “oh.yeahh..then who said you to join that stupid meeting of yours in London and that too it took you 2 weeks “she said being all annoyed….
HE was not able to control his emotions and hence kissed her ..she was eventually hell shocked but then all her anger went on some other planet and she melted seeing his love for her…
“now plzz cool down” shivaay said after gaining a sweet kiss from her…
she got emotional and hugged him right with her eyes moist ….
hugging each other proved to be really removed anxiety and provides them strength to bear all hardships…
each other’s embrace was something truely fantastic..something which they enjoyed the most…that one hug was good enough to make their love even stronger than ever before…it was truely something a very different feeling …
just love and love for each other
soon the time fled ..the morn changed into the evening without being noticed by anyone….the evening sky burns fiery red with a neon orange mix . the morning Sun seems to be fading into a long deep sleep . As the colourful Sun drifts into the horizon ,like a large golden curtain coming down after a spectacular Shakespearean play , birds fly past the sunset and sing a beautiful song, a lullaby, to the colourful setting Sun . The reflection of the now golden sunset rippling on the ocean . The orange lining of the sun with a hint of yellow and burnt red was splitting into the sky creating numerous beams of it….few of the beams which made their way towards the great mansion of oberoi’s entered the building filtered through the windows which enhanced the beauty of mansion which already seemed to be in the lap of white,baby pink ,lavender and vine shades….truly a blend of difdernt colours in a perfect way……
The guest started to made their way from the great main door of oberoi mansion….. Kalyani devi was busy entertaining them assited by her daughter in laws …jhanvi and pinky…
the youngsters were still not able to decide the outfit to be worn ….gauri and omkara …the philosophical couple was busy in drowning each other within each other eyes ..suddenly came the storm that disturbed them …
“chachu ..Chachi please be quick mmwe gotta go..the guests have arrived” said ANSH disturbing the romantic moment they were sharing …
“yaa…just a minute” replied the couple in unison….
the very same thing didn’t happened with rumya …to the utter shock for ANSH..his younger chachu and chachi were arguing over a glass of protein shake …luckily he helped them to sort their fight …
the main couple or the leader of ishqbaazi in the mansion were nowhere to be seen “where are my parents..” so wondered the lad…his wandering act was broken when his great grandmother called him to gave an introduction of him to her guests after all he is the next generation …soon ansh got busy in introducing himself …
omkara and rudra along with their beloved wifes entered into the picture ..they were colour co-ordinated as per the theme of every oberoi function ….
the reason …why the party has been organised too arrived..i.e. SHIVAAY…he successfully cracked one of the most important deals to be made in London adding another feather in his cap….
it appeared as if one entered the ballroom of prince charming’s palace …cinderellas’s price ….here the price charming was present but the Cinderella herself was missing …..
“oh my Mata…where is my most loving daughter in laws …” said Mrs.pinky Singh oberoi gaining the attention…
“yeahh..where is annika …, she was the one who was most exited…she herself did all the preparation and now is missing ..she was never so careless “said a concerned jhanvi..
“dad..where is mom “asked a worried ANSH to his father…
but his father , himself was not in a state to answer….tension clearly visible on his face …..
the lights went off…the guests wondering the reason behind the power cut in the great mansion of oberoi’s ….
snatching all the lime-light from the lights adorning the hall….stood a lady with a guitar in her hand…
she came and Sat on the chair …holding the guitar with one hand and playing the same instrument with the other ….
with the mystique voice she had she started the song
**I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby you’re a boat
Baby you’re my only reason**

sang she with all the emotions she store in her heart

**if I didn’t have you there would be nothing left
The shell of a man who could never be his best
If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun
You taught me how to be someone, yeah**

love can clearly be felt in the mellifulous song she sang

**All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down**

Now they both entwined their chords

**All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down**

they were singing together with the happines their eyes and love in their voice

**Nobody, nobody
Nobody can drag me down
Nobody, nobody
Nobody can drag me down……..**

finished the song in chorus …

As soon as the song competed he hugged her tightly letting out all that he had stored for her without any word spoken…
souls made for each other share such kinda bond…
soon the guest left not before tasting the delicacies for the function …
here shivaay was dieing out of patience to have a peaceful , romantic moment with his wife…..
evening too changed into night..
the lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling light . Once the salmon and purple sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the town . A canopy of luminous stars materialized over the ocean of blackness .Somewhere dull , merely flickering into existence every now and then , but there was an adequate amount of Shimmering stars to illuminate the dark ,moonless night . the pool glistened, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of glittering stars. the faint wind brushed against the water’s surface , the ripples ruffled the stillness of the surface, and shattered the reflection of the harbour …
……making her son rest in bed after a tiring day she went to her husband to spend some quality time….glancing in the pool ,admiring the unnoticed beauty it had stood her husband…..came and gave a back hug to him….his sensor’ s though made him aware that it was SHE but then also she enacted to be shocked….
shivaay-what are you doing…
annika-what…i just hugged the husband…why?? can’t i?? can..ofcource you can …infact you can do a lot more things..
said he winking and being a bit naughty…
annika- leave it… know what i really missed you..
shivaay -I too missed you….you know I didn’t had a sound sleep in this span..and how can I…’it’s hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind ‘ my mind was stuck with the deal but my heart was with you….
annika-‘when an inner solution is not brought to consciousness, it manifests itself in the form of destiny’ ..and you are my destiny….
saying so..she drifted into sleep in the most secure and comfortable place for her, HIS EMBRACE …
he picked her up in his arms, carried her to the room like he always does …
they slept in each other embrace which provided them tranquillity, solace …
….{wait..wait…picture abhi baaki hai mere dost}

she stopped reading …”what happened mom?? please read further “..asked a girl named aleena….
“your story has been finished aleena” how many times i have told you this..” replied her mother…”it’s the 50th time I’m reading it for you…i now remember each and every word of this story “aleena’s mother continued..
” you know na mom how much I love this story of shivaay,annika and their son….can’t get enough of it “….said aleena
“ya ..i know ” her mom sighed …
“tomorrow it will be the 51th time ….but now you better’s quite late “..
her mom ordered
“okay…bye mom good night “..said aleena being sleepy….
” good night “…her mom said …getting prepared to recite the same story for her crazy yet cute daughter…

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