Ishq Unplugged 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy goes to watchman’s room and sees Antara there. He apologizes her for yelling and doubting her and consoles her. They both rebond and he takes her out. Daadi gets happy seeing her. Charu comes and walks way angrily. Antara then goes back to studio. Everyone ask where was she. She apologizes judges and they say they can understand she is tensed regarding final round and say after final round, they will party. Mandy says everyone knows Antara cannot do it. Shaan says he knows who did it and says it is Sunny. Sunny is jealous of Antara since the begging and plotted against her always. Antara says she knows who is who and asks him to shut up.

Mandy calls his family and nobody picks call. He calls his friend who says papa is very angvr and warned mom and Simmy not to pick Mandy’s call, even they are on his side. Mandy feels very sad.

Antara tells Sunny that she told her mom everything and fought with her, she does not want her to blame Mandy and think he is wrong. Sunny feels guilty and accepts her mistake that she leaked Mandy’s dad’s video from Antara’s mobile, so that Mandy can hate Antara and she gets Mandy. Antara forgives her.

Competition’s final round starts. All 4 contestants come on stage. Button informs Mandy that there is a suprise, parents have been invited. Shaan and Sunny’s parents come and meet them. Antara’s daadi comes. Mandy stands sadly. Shaan taunts him where is his dumb father. Mandy’s dad enters with family and says he is here. He requests judges to let him speak and clear confusion. Judges permit him.

Dad starts on speaking on stage how he opposed Mandy’s decision of becoming a singer and wanted him to help him in his business. Mandy wanted to participate in competition at any cost, so he stole Simmy’s fees money and eloped from home. If they had not eloped, this stage would not have got such a talented participant. He is proud of his son and is happy that he made him a perfect son. Mandy emotionally hugs him and they both cry.

Precap: Antara asks Mandy why don’t he accept his mistake. Mandy says when things are going well, why should he accept. She says he is same selfish. Dabboo asks Mandy to sing his own composed song. Mandy days he does not have any song.

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  3. I love this show.This is one of my favourite show.superv chemistry b/w mohit and sruti.I really love this jodi and offcoursr their innocence.I hered that this show will be closed soon.This is really so bad.plz plz don’t close this show.I am a writer.I have an amaging story.I hope this show will gain the highest more thing plz don’t change the lead jodi.They are amaging.I really want to see them in this serial.

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