Ishq Unplugged 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara tells Abhilasha that she did not request for partner swapping and face off, but she is still doing and suffering. She came here for her passion for music, she does not want to win with any tricks, says Sunny she won. Dabboo says she is getting overemotional. Antara says she has a family and their reputation is important to her, so she will withdraw. Button claps followed by everyone present except Sunny. Judge says they will announce results after break.

Antara goes to her room. Mandy follows. She says she has to change and locks her room. She reminisces Abhilasha and Sunny’s allegations and cries. Mandy hears her cry and sadly leaves. Antara continues crying.

Bunty tells Babli that Antara should win. Babli says she herself withdrew. Bunty says someone changed her dress and played dirty tricks. Sunny asks if they are pointing at her, they should point directly. Bunty says nobody is overreacting, she should think of Antara. Judges gather all competitors and say both competitors could not overcome their fear, but Antara won first round, so she is winner. Abhilasha says Antara withdrew herself, so Sunny and Mandy will continue as partners and Shaan and Antara as partners. Shaan stands up happily. Everyone look at him weirdly. Antara walks to her room. Sunny yells in front of Babli that even though she won, everyone is on Antara’s side. Babli says because Antara garnered sympathy and Mandy took her side like a boyfriend, even if they are not partners here, they are partners in real life. Charu enters and listens to their conversation.

Bunty goes to Antara’s room and says her performance was good, there are lots of likes on her performance video. He further says that things are really turning worse. She sits silently. He leaves and Charu enters.

Charu says Antara that people are gossiping that Mandy gave Antara his jacket. She continues that she is in this industry since years and knows people will spread rumors that something is going on between them, so she has to maintain distance, else these problems will creep up often. Antara promises that she will keep a distance from Mandy and will not let her complain again. They both hug each other. Mandy watches them from a distance.

Mandy sees Antara alone and comes singing. They both dance and sing sensuously. After performance, Antara feels nervous. Mandy asks her to imagine if they had performed on stage, they should have been winners. He asks why did not she tell truth that Sunny played this dirty trick, he will not spare Sunny.

Precap: Sunny sees Mandy and Antara practicing and fumes.

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