Ishq Unplugged 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaan hears Mandy and Antara inside bathroom and breaks door. Everyone see Antara, Mandy, and Button there. Nakul asks what are they doing. Button says he is taking help from Antara to file director intership form. Antara says Mandy interfered. Mandy says Antara cannot help herself, then how will she help others. Their argument starts. Nakul asks them to come out and asks Shaan to refix door.

Nakul gathers all contestants and shows their vote appeal vidoes. One each requests for vote and praise other. Mandy says Antara is good, but she listens only to her aayi. Antara asks Nakul to cut her part. Mandy starts fighting. Their argument worsens. Antara says he should not drag her aayi here. He asks what is wrong in this. She says even he betrayed his dad and came here. Nakul asks them to stop fighting.

Antara and Shaan get busy morphing Antara’s video. Shaan enters green room and shouts at Antara how dare she is to talk about her father. She says how dare he is to drag her mom in everything. Their argument starts again. She says she will expose him that he stole money and came here. He says he will announce that they tried to kiss. She warns him and leaves. She enters next room and sees Shaan and Sunny together. She asks what are they doing together. Sunny says just work and asks Shaan to go out. Antara says she is enough with Mandy and does not want to talk to him. Sunny thinks this is what she wanted. Once Antara leaves, Shaan comes and says let us upload video. She says her work is done and she does not want to. He says they fought many times and patched up, so even now will patch soon, so she will be in loss. She approves for upload.

Mandy fills Button’s form. Button thanks him. Mandy asks him to tell he is better than Antara. Button says this is blackmail and says he should not have told about Charulatha in video byte, he made Antara’s situation worse and he does not know how difficult it is to be a celebrity’s relative.

In the morning, Charu’s servant shows her Mandy’s video byte in which he says Antara takes her mom’s help and cannot do anything without her mom, which is irritating. She then sees Antara’s video in which she says everyone should have a best friend like Mandy.. She asks driver to get car out.

Sunny sees video deleted and argues with Shaan. Shaan says they should make another one. Mandy goes to take class and asks students why did they upload video. They say they want him to win and say he should not misbehave with Antara. Sunny enters and shouts at students for taking Antara’s side. Shaan cancels class for the day and asks Sunny when she is Antara’s friend, why is she badmouthing about her. She says she is defending him.

Charu comes studio and asks if he wants to apologize. He says why should he when he told truth. She says he is the only who lied on national media that his dad is deaf and dumb. He says he is not apologetic again as she really controls Antara. Antara comes and asks what did he do now. He says he gave her aayi a chance to scold him.

Precap: Antara tells Sunny that when he talked about Mandy’s papa, he shouted and excepts her to not react when he repeatedly badmouths about her aayi, she has close relationship with her aayi, which Mandy does not have with his dad and just now he started talking with dad. Sunny says how can he talk when his dad is dumb.

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