Ishq Unplugged 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara tells she will talk to Mandy directly and does not want to continue fights, Mandy saved him many times and even during last time. Sunny gets jealous and asks if he suggested those improvisations. Antara says yes. Sunny says she should not talk to Mandy as her mom will not like it.

Mandy vidoe chats with his mom and sister. Mom says she is happy for him. He says she should when he wins. She says he is teaching music and she is proud of him. Simmy says this must be bhabhi/Antara’s idea. Mandy says it was Sunny’s idea. Mom says she knows who is who and it is Antara’s idea for sure. Mandy says must be, but she did not tell him. He asks if papa read his note. Mom says he is not at home and will read when he comes back. Dad calls mom from inside. Mandy gets

sad. Simmy suggests him to continue his music classes. He disconnects call, turns and sees Antara standing, asks what she needs. She gives his money order slip. He says dad did not read his note yet. She says he will soon and notice his goodness.

Judges gather all contestants and explains about next round that they should read about music and singers, etc.. Mandy is still thinking that his dad did not read his note. Antara gets notes from her mom. She sees Mandy’s students sitting idol and asks if they don’t have class. Students says Mandy sir cancelled as he is not in mood. Mandy tells Sunny that his dad did not read his note. She suggests they go out and relax and says parents forgive them soon after they calm down. Mandy goes in and sees Antara cheering up children and saying Mandy is upset as his dad is not talking to him. Students says even they feel sad when their papa don’t talk to them and says Mandy sir is good. Antara says he is. Mandy sees that and smiles.

Mandy at night walks in corridor and thinks if he should call his dad or not. He reminisces his dad opposing his passion for music and breaking his guitar. Dad at home reads Mandy’s letter that Charu explained without parents and family’s support, he cannot win competition and be happy. Dad SMSes him thanks. He gets emotional. Antara comes and asks why is he standing here. He emotionally says his dad sent him message, says his papa is not well educated and writes Thnks for thanks. She emotionally hugs him and says he did it. He also reciprocates. She gets conscious and runs nervously.

Shaan says Bunty that Antara and Mandy were not in dormitory for 1 hour. Bunty says he doe snot know. Shaan comments they were dating at midnight. Sunny gets jealous hearing this.

Antara sees Mandy’s student practicing alone and tries to teach him. Mandy comes and says he should talk to Antara and confronts Antara. Antara gets upset. Sunny comes and asks where did she go yesterday night. Antara says with Mandy, his dad had sent SMS. Sunny thinks why did not Mandy inform her. Antara hopes her and Mandy’s fight ends.

Precap: Sunny finds notes in her bag and asks whose notes are these. Antara checks and says these are her notes and angrily looks at Shaan. Sunny confronts Shaan and says she does not care if she loses competition, she wants Mandy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Antra and Mandy scene was awesome!!

  2. shaan n sunny cn b d best couple?????in future

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