Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 7

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Thanks to all the readers of my ff. Love to read your comments. All the silent readers too plz comment.
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Part 7
Anika and sahil are all set to leave for her bestie Prinku’s bday. She packs up her and sahil’s necessary stuff for coming two days and wait for the car to pick them up. But priyanka was so excited that she decided to herself go and pick them up. Anika is therefore surprised to see priyanka at her doorstep. After exchanging a few pleasantries they all settle in the car and go off to the oberoi mansion.
It was a usual day at oberoi mansion. Shivaay was busy on his phone attending calls. Om was in his room completing a sketch and Rudra was working out in the gym.
Pinki was as usual blabbering while dadi and janvi were instructing the servants about the upcoming party.
Ani-pri-sa enter the mansion
A(mind) – Oh my god is this a house or a palace. These rich people naa.. A normal person like me toh will get lost in this house.
A-nice house prinku
P- thanks Anika

They enter the house and spot dadi and jhanvi in the main hall.
Pr- dadi , mom yeh meri frnd hai Anika and he is her brother sahil.
D- welcome puttar how are you
Anika goes to dadi and touches her feet and then jhanvi’s feet. They both bless her and she introduce them to sahil as well
J- welcome Anika and sahil. Prinku keeps praising you all the time and I am so glad you fianlly came and I am able to meet you two.
She tells a servant to keep their stuff in prinku’s room as per prinku’s wish.
She then adores sahil and then loving caressing her cheeks says- and prinku also told me about your drawings . You should definitely meet prinku’s O bhaiyaa he too is an artist.
Om passes through the hall

Dadi calls him puttar zara idhar toh aa..
Om turns and is surprised to see Anika and Sahil. They too are surprised to see him
A- Om?
O-Anika ? Sahil?
Prinku dadi and jhanvi were surprised. They look at the two of them suspiciously.
P-You know each other.
They both nod.
O- we are good frnds but i didn’t know that you and my little sister are frnds too so i guess now I have another sister and (whispers in low voice so that only Anika could hear) future sis in law.
Anika tries hard to keep a straight face.
A(mind)- oh bete ki !! Priyanka Om ki choti behen hai iska matlab yeh shivaay ka ghar …(Oh god, prinku is Om’s sis which means this is shivaay’s house)
O(mind)- waah beta shivaay you have hit a jackpot hmm teri Anika hi teri behen ki bestie hai. Coming two days would be interesting.( wow shivaay, you have hit a jackpot. You gf happens to be you little sister’s bestie, coming two days gonna bhi interesting)
P- but O bhaiyaa, Anika how do you guys know each other?
A&O-because of… sahil
O- he is a superb artist for his age i was pretty impressed seeing this drawings.
O- Anika I am going to my art gallery shall I take sahil with me ?
A- yeah sure Om . Sahil behave like a good boy ok.
Om and sahil leave for the gallery.
Rudra spots Anika prinku and sahil.
P- and he is my brother Rudra bhaiyaa and she is my and O bhaiyaa’s frnd Anika.
Since Omru had already seen the video of Anika smashing shivaay’s car’s windscreen. So he could easily recognise her
R- hello Anika didi
A- hi rudra.

Pinki comes there dressed up for some party as usual and spots Anika.
Pi- oh my mata ! Yeh ladki kaun hai (who is she?)
P- yeh meri frnd hai Anika
Aur Anika yeh meri choti ma hai.(she is my frnd choti ma)
A- namstey aunti ji.
Pinki scans her from top to bottom and thinks she looks like middle class girl. Yeh prinku bhi kisi say bhi dosti kar leti hai kitni seedhi hai.( prinku is so naive that she makes frnds with anyone)
Pinki’s expressions kind of make Anika uncomfortable which rudra understands.
R- chaliye didi I will show you the house.
Priyanka’s phone ring and she goes to attend a call while rudra shows Anika around. Rudra and his silly jokes makes Anika comfortable and keep her engaged. They quickly form a great rappot.They roam around and reach the poolside when suddenly rudra remembers some imp work
R- didi aap yaha ruko mai ek kaam karke aata hu.(didi you stay here i will just come, gotta finish some imp work)
Anika nodds and goes towards the poolside. She couldn’t help notice how different these three brothers were. She also wondered what would be shivaay’s reaction when he sees her here. Meanwhile shivaay was extremely engrossed in his work. He involuntarily walks towards the poolside and spots a girl with her back to him.
S(mind) is she Anika. Shivaay man what are you thinking how can she be Anika ?its impossible. Must be prinku’s esp frnd.
Sensing someone’s presence around Anika turns around and shivika keep staring at each other.
S(mind)- Oh god shivaay tu Anika ko itna miss kar raha hai that you are seeing her everywhere. I am sure its just my imagination. Anika toh apni frnd k ghar gayi thi yaha kaise aayegi. Shivaay singh oberoi stop becoming stupid singh oberoi.( oh no i am seeing Anika every where. But how will Anika come. Shivaay wait for 2 days, she has gone to her frnds place.)
I will just close my eyes for few moments and she will just disappear.
Shivaay closes his eyes. Anika wonders whats wrong with him
A- shivaay aap teek toh hai naa(shivaay you ok)
S-(muttering) yeh ladki meri imagination me bhi bolti rehti hai.(this girl speaks in my imagination also)
Anika keeps walking towards him that she doesnt notice the water slips and is abt to fall but shivaay holds her and pulls her close staring into her eyes.
S- such me tum ho Anika. Its not a dream(is that reallu you Anika)
Irritated Anika frees herself from his grip and taking a glass of water kept on table nearby throws water at his face.
S-ouch are you mad. Panika
A- toh mr bagadbille ji maharaaj yakeen ho gaya ki yeh haqeeqat hai sapna nahi.( you still think its a dream)
S- when will stop throwing water at me.
A- never.
Shivaay smiles and tightly hugs her. Anika its just too good to be true. Btw you here..
A- woh my frnd is none other than priyanka singh oberoi.
S- you are prinku’s spl frnd. That means you and sahil are staying at mansion for weekend
Anika nodds
S- thats just so great. I cant tell you I am so happy. Where is sahil?
A- he went with Om to his gallery.
S- Anika you stay here only I will just change and come.

Few min later
Anika is admiring the poolside area when some one hugs her from the backside.
Anika smiles and places her hand over his
A-shivaay that was quick.
S- how can I take time knowing that someone is desperately waiting for me here.
A- turns to face him-Excuse me I was waiting for rudra and priyanka not you
S- really Miss tadibaaz… so you were not waiting for me.
He twists one of her hand behind her back and pulls her very close to him, gently inhaling her scent he whispers in his most husky voice.
S- My darling princess dont lie your eyes gives it away. You were waiting desperately for me and only me.
C’mon say it
Anika was shivering at his touch. She tightly gripped his blazer and whispered -I wasn’t
S-bends down a little so that their face are just inches apart.
Tadi dekhna band karo. I know you were missing me with same desperation that I was missing you. But dont forget I am SSO and a bigger tadibaaz
A- ok fine badagbilla I was waiting for you desperately. Happy.
S-(smiles)- better.
She felt shivaay’s grip loosening a little. Taking the advantage of the situation Anika free herself from his grip and tries to run but shivaay was quicker, he catches up and pins her to the wall , trapping her between himself and the wall
A- shivaay leave me plz
S- no way
A- But shivaay what if someone sees us like this
S- no one will everyone is busy
A- rudra aur priyanka aa gaye toh
S-I dont care..
A- but..
Shivaay places his finger on her lips.
S-shhhh.. relax Anika.
They share an eyelock.

Rudra finishes his work then helps jhanvi sort out some arrangement issue and then spots dadi and prinku.
R-dadi, you told that some guest is coming to our house..
D- oh so you talking abt Saumya. Yeah actually there were some issues so she will come tomorrow why?
R- saumya. Beautiful name nahi. I just hope woh bhi utni hi beautiful and hot ho
Dadi shakes her head . He won’t change.
P- rudra bhaiya where is Anika ?
R- oh i forgot she is at the poolside. C’mon lets go there.
D- Anika billu say milli kya
R- abhi tak toh nahi. Waise woh Shivaay Singh Oberoi hai. Itni asani say kisi say nahi milte(he thinks aur kisi ne unki car ka windscreen toda ho toh bilkul bhi nahi)
He really wanted to witness shivika’s face off as he was sure to would be entertaining.
Rudra and priyanka go to the poolside and are shocked to witness the scene there.
Shivaay had trapped Anika between him and the wall and was getting romantic with her. Caressing her face, feeling her he felt like he was in seventh heaven.
He then bent forward and kissed either of her cheeks. Both shivaay and anika are lost each other.
Rudra and Priyanka hid bwhind a pillar and looked at each other and gasp,shocked.
R&P-yeh ho kya raha hai!!
Thats it for today
Plz ignore typo and grammatical error
Waiting 4 ur valuable comment.
Until next timeโ˜บ

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