Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 6

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Here comes the next episode. Thank you guys for all your encouragement n comments.
Link to previous Epi
Episode 5

Part 6
The trio- Om, Shivaay and Anika enjoy the food and have a leisurely discussion about various random different topics.
Shivaay ask Om to accompany them so that he too can meet sahil and then they all will go for ice cream treat as promised to sahil.
They reach Anika’ s house and Anika goes to fetch sahil.
Meanwhile shivaay shows sahil’s sketchbook to om who is pretty impressed by sahil’s drawings.
Anika returns with sahil. Shivaay introduces him to Om
S- sahil yeh hai Mr Artist mera bhai (me meet my bro Mr Artist)
O- (sitting on his knees)- hey sahil I am om and just like you I too love drawing and painting so will you be my friend
Sa- of course om bhaiyaa
O-Anika do bring sahil to my art gallery some day he will just love it.
A- sure Om
Sa- shivaay bhaiyaa ice cream
S- yes champ i remember so shall we

Shivaay picks sahil and help him sit comfortably on the back seat of the car ,as Anika is abt to sit with sahil Om stops her
Anika why dont you sit with shivaay in the front so that we both artists will get a chance to talk right sahil
Sa- righto Om bhaiyaa. Didi I want to see om bhaiyaa’s art gallery pics aap shivaay bhaiya k saath enjoy karo aur mai Om bhaiya k saath. (You enjoy with shivaay bhaiya and i will with om bhaiyaa)Sahil winks
Sahil-Om share a HiFi. Shivika blush.
S- sahil bahut badmash hota jaa raha hai tu haan(sahil you are becoming very naughty these days)
O- sahi toh kah raha hai sahil( he is saying the truth only)
Shivaay goes behind the wheel and Anika sits on the passenger seat. Shivaay leaned towards Anika to put on her seat belt as it had become his habit but as the blue orbs met the chocolatey brown ones the entire world stopped for them and they both kept gazing intensly at each other.
Sa&Om- Ahem Ahem.
O- Love birds romance ho gaya ho toh chale? (If your romance is over then shall we leave)
They come out of the trance and blush looking embaressed.
Om-sa giggle
S-(stammering)-haan…woh… seat belt got stuck so..
O- teri car ki seatbelt humesha atak jaati hai ya jab Anika waha bethti hai tab.( Btw shivaay is it really defective or the this seat belt stucks only when anika is around?)
Sahil-Om share another hifi
S- Om tu naa…
Sa- Om bhaiyaa Shivaay bhaiyaa aur Anika didi itne pink pink kyu ho rahe hai(why are they getting so pink faced)
O-(laughing)I think shivaay should ans this ques, right shivaay.
S(muttering under breath)- tujhe toh mai baad me dekhta hu Mr long hair oberoi.( i will deal with you later Om)
O-Shivaay stop cursing me under breath.
A- guys shall we leave?
S-yeah ok
Shivaay drives but shivika keep stealing glances at each other and sahil om bond over paintings.
They reach the ice cream parlour and enjoy their fav icecreams. Om observes how relaxed and happy shivaay looked. It was really heartwarming to see his ever serious brother laughing talking and enjoying himself. He inwardly thanked god for sending Anika in his bro’s life and prayed they remain together like this.
Later after dropping Anika and Sahil they go back to oberoi mansion.

Oberoi Mansion
Shivom enter. By the time they reached O.M. it was almost 9 late in comparison to other days
Pi- Oh my mata shivaay! Why so lates hmm
S-Mom I am not a small kid ok and its just 9 so relax. I had important work ok.
Tej(T)- what important work? you left the office early today, you even cancelled a meeting then what work were you having
S- woh bade papa…
O- Mr oberoi, Shivaay was helping me sort some stuff and apart from business there are other work also
P- what works.. and weren’t you picking your phones.
S- woh i told you I was busy
T- what help you needed Omkara, I hope you weren’t wasting Shivaay’s time unlike you he is a busy man.
O- Mr oberoi, thats between me and shivaay. Now if you dont mind can I leave
P- Shivaay…
S- look mom I am tired plz no more ques
P- atleast have dinners
S- not hungry mom. We had a late lunch and maybe if required will eat later.
Shivom leave for their rooms.
Pinki fumes that shivaay is only bothered abt business or his brothers. Tej also fumes that neither of his sons are interested in business.

Later after an hour
Shivaay messages Anika -” lunch together tomorrow”. He spots om sitting at the poolside and goes over to join him.
O- I am impressed
S- what
O- dude your choice is really cool. I just hope you guys stay this way together forever.
S- yeah we will. You we have already learnt the importance of trust in relationship.
Rudra enters Omg Obro moment without its super handsome super dashing oberoi.
Bhaiya mujhe aap say yeh umeed nahu thi… aapne mera dil tod diya. Itna bada injustice
O&S- shut up rudra
R- what were you discussing.
S- nothing really. Om was telling me about his upcoming exhibition.
R- You know I am very happy today
O- kyu
R- Well kal say ek ladki yaha rehne aa rahi hai remember dadi ki frnd ki granddaughter that too for a month.
Shivaay rolling his eyes
Iska kuch nahi ho sakta.

Priyanka calls Anika and ask her to pack her and sahil’s stuff as she and sahil are coming to her house tomorrow and she want to spend these two days with her bestie without any distirbances.
After they hang up
Anika messages shivaay to tell him that she cant go one lunch with him.
Shivomru were having an enjoyable time when shivaay’s phone beeps. Rudra peeks into his phone-‘Anika’
Thinks- itni raat ko bhai k pass ek ladki ka message. Agent Rudy you were right kuch toh chal raha hai. Pata lagana padega.
Shivaay excuses himself, om understands by shivaay’s expression that it is Anika’s message.
Anika-“sorry won’t be able to meet you for lunch. See you after two days.”
Shivaay feels upset but then he thinks of something and smiles.
He texted back-” no problem seewtie will miss you a lot but I want compensation”
A-“what compensation”
S-“after two days you will spend the entire day with me just two of us. Ok”
A-” ok pinki promise happy”
S- “yeah , ok bye love you”
A-” love you two good night”
Later when the two of them were trying to sleep, both felt sad that they won’t be able to meet for next 48 hrs but little did they know that there was a big surprise awaiting them tomorrow.

Thats it for today. Ignore typo n grammatical error. Keep commenting.
Until next time☺

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