Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 5

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Part 5
Shivaay reached Anika’s locality, parked his car near her house and got off. The onlookers were amazed to see a high class rich person esp celebrity like him in a humble locality like theirs. Ignoring the wispering or the awestruck faces of the people shivaay proceeded towards her house, sahil who was sitting outside his house with some other kids saw shivaay and excitedly called him-
shivaay bhaiyaa. Limping he tried to walk as fast as he could with those crutches but staggered. Shivaay helped him and then lovingly picked him in his arms
S- hello my little champ. Kaisa hai tu
Sa- mai teek hu
S- here this chocolate for my little artist.( lovingly kissed his cheek) Your Anika didi told me you won first prize in drawing.
Shivaay takes him inside while people who witnessed this scene were surprised. They wondered what was shivaay singh oberoi doing here and what was his relation with sahil or Anika.
Shivaay gently makes sahil sit on a chair and comfortably settles nearby
S- waise where is your Anika didi?

Both shivaay and sahil look up to see a smiling Anika leaning against the door. Shivaay is mesmerized by her, he gets up and walks to her taking her hand gently into his ,he tenderly looks at her. Anika finds herself drowning into those beautiful blue orbs. Shivaay hugs her and whispers- i missed you
A- i missed you too.
Breaking the hug
S- so Anika chale
A- haan i will just drop sahil to his frnds house and then we will go
Shivaay hugs sahil ok champ see you later
Sa- come back soon
S- yeah sure sahil real soon then we will go out for ice cream ok
Sa- pinki promise
S- (entangling his little finger into his own) pinki promise
Aniki goes to sahil’s friend’s house to drop sahil and is bombarded with ques about her and shivaay. She ignores the impoliteness of ques and casually tells them that shivaay is a dear frnd of hers. Meanwhile shivaay is just flipping through sahil’s sketch book. He leaned back on the armchair and looked around her humble abode. It was quite small but had her feel. This house was a witness of many of their fights and emotional moments.
S(mind)- om would love to meet sahil. I think I should invite Anika and sahil for prinku’s bday and introduce them to my family. Later I will tell Rudy prinku n dadi abt it.
Anika returns after dropping sahil
A- ok shivaay lets go

Shivaay pulls her closer to him and huskily whispers in her ears “whats the hurry Anika. ”
Anika shivers as he gently tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and caresses her cheek. Tightening his grip on her waist he pulls her even more closer so that their faces are just inches apart. Smiling he bends and kisses her cheek, I love you Anika. Smiling shyly, blushing furiously she buries her head onto his chest and places her hand over his heart she replies, I love you shivaay. Wrapping his arms around her , he closed his eyes surrendering himself to this blissful moment, hoping it never ends.
As it is said all good things come to end, so eventually this moment had to end and shivaay’s phone played the spoil sport. It rang and quite unwillingly they broke apart.
S- haan Om bol
O- shivaay I have some work at my gallery and I need your help too so you guys come over to my gallery ok.
S- yeah O just leaving for your gallery see you in 5 minutes.
(Turning to Anika) shall we?
A- yeah

Om art gallery
Anika is amazed to see such a grand art gallery and all those exquisite idols and mindblowing paintings. The gallery was quite large and elegant, with pristine white flooring and walls. The white colour imparted calmness to the surroundings.The walls had different brillant paintings hung in a perfect manner. The sculptures were placed in a unique way. The gentle lighting of the gallery further enhanced the beauty of the masterpieces kept there.
A- this is just beyond words. All these are made your brother. He must be a genius.
S- He is. When it comes to art, poetry or philosophy no one can beat my brother omkara.
While they walked over to Om’s studio which was at the end of gallery, Anika admired the art pieces kept.
Shivika enter Om’s studio.
Anika notices a tall guy slightly younger than shivaay in age with shoulder length hair busy painting a beautiful idol. Noticing Shivika he kept his palatte carefully on a nearby table and turned around with a charming smile to greet them.
He had a unique aura surrounding him, he himself looked like a person straight out of any artist’s imaginagion. His dark expressive eyes behind those spectacles had the most gentle and innocent look and his handsome face had tender calmness laced with divine charm
O- Heyy guys
S- wow om this idol is amazing. Om this is anika and Anika he is my brother omkara
A- hello Omkara
O- hi Anika

As Shivom stood side by side, she couldnt help comparing their striking personalities.While shivaay had a typical rich gug look and attitide, om had a gentle and casual appeal in his normal yet intense look. While Shivaay was like a powerful gust of wind , Om was like gentle breeze.If Shivaay was the protector of the family then Om was definitely the anchor.
S- you wanted my help what happened?
O- I want you to choose a gift for our little sister from my collection
S- yeah that reminds me Anika day after is my sister’s bday so you and sahil have to come
A- sorry shivaay I already promised my best frnd to spend the weekend with her at her place.
O- Anika do try to spare some time and I am sure it would be fun
S- Anika please
A- ok i will try but I cant promise you.
Shivaay’s phone rings and he excuses himself to attend a call.
A- Omkara aapki painting toh sachmuch bahut kidhkitod hai bilkul first class.
O- thank you par tumhe itna formal hone ki zaroorat nahi hai. Call me om
A- ok
O- waise Anika thanks a lot
A- for what?
O- for changing shivaay’s ideologies, for making him realise the importance of love and making him shivaay from shivaay singh oberoi.
Anika blushed no need to thank me om. I didnt do anything, it was the realisation of his own feelings that changed him- it was love , love changed him
love is so powerful you know it changed both of us.
O- maybe but the reason of this realisation were you only naa. Anyways I am impressed with his choice he got an amazing girlfriend and i got an awesome frnd.
Anika -Om smiled.
A- well even I got such a charming friend.
O- I wanna know more about your journey, where did you guys meet ?
A- oh well that was almost a year back, when I first met your brother he was SSO, the sadu tadibaaz Bagadbilla who was like..
Anika folded her hands and imitated shivaay- ‘mai shivaay singh oberoi hu mai kuch bhi kar sakta hu’. And did his signature hair flick.
om laughed – omg anika that was too good seriously shivaay ki itni acchi acting koi nahi kat sakta.
Shivaay returns after attending his call. He is happy to see Anika and Om laughing , talking and bonding so well.
S- om lets decide prinku’s gift and then go over to eat something. I am starving.
Om shows them some paintings to select one from for prinku’s bday. Later the trio head to a five star restaurant to enjoy a late lunch.
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