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Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)



Shivay entered her cabin. He looked her staring outside and lost in her thoughts. “Tia…”Shivay called but no response came. He went near her sat on the stool beside and kept his hand over her hand that was resting on her belly. “Tia….” He again called and jerked a bit. Her trance broke and she looked at those orbs which are enough to make her feel protected around him. She smiled faintly. Shivay noticed she is tensed and again got lost in something. He then noticed her eyes searching for someone outside. “What happened Tia?” he asked looking at her restless expressions. “Where did she go?” she asked being tensed. “She?? Who Tia?? Dr. Guha just went out” he tried to calm her down and side hugged her. She rested her head over Shivay’s chest. After sometime Tia made herself understand that maybe she went to check her father. The moments of the couple being together were blissful and most beautiful moments for them. Some more time passed like this and then Tia made up her mind to tell Shivay about everything Dr. Guha”s solution.

Tia put up her head from his chest, she noticed Shivay’s smile. “Shivay I want to share something with you” Tia said tightening her grip over his palm. She intertwined her fingers with Shivay’s. “Yeah tell me Tia what is bothering you?”Shivay said. “Shivay I also know and you also know I cannot conceive” she said lowering her head. “No Tia it’s not like tha…” Shivay tried to cheer her up but got cut in middle by Tia “Shivay….. I know why are you saying all these but please once check the previous reports and think over” she said as she handed him the reports. “But Tia Dr. Guha is the specialist in these types of cases” Shivay said keeping the reports aside. “I know Shivay and this was suggested only by her…..” Tia told Shivay everything that Dr. Guha told her. Shivay listened to her calmly.

was trying to make words up but he knew that if Tia has decided something then she must have thought Time passed and Tia was waiting for Shivay’s reaction. Shivay is dumbstruck to respond and react. He hundred times before taking this decision. Tia was brushing her hand over his chest and he was brushing his hand on her hair. “Tia you want to go by the method of surrogacy for having child?” he at last spoke something. “Yes Shivay that is the only way left to us, I want my own child Shivay please don’t deny I want to become mother please Shivay” she broke down. He soon hugged her to calm her down.

“You know Tia if we go by this then our entire life will change in just one year and…..and ” his voice choked. Tia who controlled herself a bit replied “I know Shivay you are in crux, I know this decision might raise question on us, this might lead Anika’s life in an unaccepted way but Shivay I am not saying we will force her for this.” “Tia you know I can do anything for my family and you are my family, I am ready Mrs. Oberoi” he said with a smile. “Shivay this decision is not so , easy.. .and we must inform our elders too…convincing them is also take your time and check out all perspectives…..” Tia said wiping her tears. “Mrs. Oberoi get ready to handle the prince or the princess who will be coming to this world after an year, as your husband will handle everything” he said as his eyes sparkled. “Shivaayyy..” Tia blushed hard. Shivay kissed her forehead and pulled her in a warm hug.

PRECAP- TIA-ANIKA’S MEETING…… friends let’s wait for sometime to know what will be Anika’s decision

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome.. Eggcited for the next…Love you Darl..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Love you too baby, next one is posted, insta me bhi next one posted 🙂

  2. It is nice one dear

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  3. Fab one
    Liked that it Shivay bhaiya understood Tia.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Ritu
      Yeah, he has to at last wife’s power is more na 😉
      Love you too

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