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Anika woke up quite early as she was feeling all sorts on emotions… excitement, restlessness, nervousness, michmichi everything.. glancing at the wall clock she realised that it was just 6:00 in morning. She tried going back to sleep but after turning and tossing for a few minutes she gave up. Her restlessness was increasing so she decided to go out in the garden and get some fresh air. She came out of her room realising that today is her engagement…. its all real her wish of getting true love, of getting a family was finally getting fulfilled . She quietly tiptoed to the garden and was surprised a silhouette of a person
A(mind)- who else woke up so early.. her inner feeling or rather her shivaay sensor told her that it has to be shivaay.

Sure enough the person turned and looked quite surprised himself. He was shivaay no doubt but he was stunned to see his Anika awake so early.
Shivaay walked over to her and pinched her
A-ouch.. shivaay whats wrong
S-saach me Anika ho naa ya my imagination is running wild
Anika leaned forward and kissed his cheek.
A-Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. ab bhi imagination hi lag rahi hai kya?
S(teasing)- actually yes coz my Anika is not really this bold and generous that she will give me a goodmorning kiss.
A- excuse me Mr bagadbilla who said I am not bold

S-(naughtily)- in that case prove it.. (pointing towards his lips)
A- cheapada
S-see told u … my panika is not bold.
Anika pulled him by the collar of his kurta and smashed her lips onto his. This shocked shivaay for a moment but then he reciprocated with full vigour. Both started fighting for dominance… they were engaged in a passionate and intense battle tadi baaz as they both were neither ready to give in but finally since they were humans and oxygen was important they broke apart… panting, gasping for air.. their foreheads joined together.. hands intertwined.
A-yakeen hua

S-I guess yes. Well honestly I wish to see this sherni, this bold Anika more often
A- shut up. You are becoming more and more shameless with each passing day
S- trust me baby this is just the trailer.. picture abhi baki hai. I just cant wait for our wedding to happen so that I can show you What is being naughty… shivaay winked. Anika blushed.
S- stop blushing.. whenever u blush it becomes difficult to resist. I just cant control myself.
Anika blushed harder… she playfully punched shivaay’s shoulder stop it shivaay
S-Aww someone is becoming redder than tomato.. the khidkitod, tadibaaz sherni is blushing.. so cute. Let me click a picture.

Anika was feeling quite shy and so she hid her face onto his chest. He hugged her delicately and smiled in the embrace sending a silent prayer to god for giving him his beautiful angel.
S- so my dear princess how come you are up so early

A-couldn’t sleep… this excitement is killing me.
Shivaay and Anika sat down on the soft lush green grass enjoying the serene and tranquil atmosphere. It seemed as if nature was celebrating their togetherness too
Gentle breeze was flowing as if delicately kissing their forehead and showering upon them nature’s blessings.. sun was playing hide-n-seek with the clouds. The entire sky was clear bluish with tinge of pink sprawled across the length.Birds were singing the most melodious song and trees were swaying back and forth dancing to the birdsongs. Admist the beauty were the two lovers basking in the glory of one another… Shivaay was lying down resting his head on Anika’s lap while Anika kept brushing his hairs gently. Not a word was spoken between them coz this beautiful and comfortable silence was speaking volumes way more than any word could express.
Shivaay closed his eyes and smiled feeling as if he was right now in the seventh heaven hoping for the time to just freeze. They stayed like this for quite sometime. Enjoying the calmness…
After abt an hour or so…

Shivaay was still lying resting his head on Anika’s lap when they heard a fake cough
G-ahem ahem
O-hello love birds
M- good morning

P- we are also here
So- It seems that you forgot us
R- whats going on guys??
S(muttering)- itne acche moment ki oh my mata kar di why the hell do these detectives come at wrong time.. privacy bhi koi cheez hoti hai
S- good morning guys whats wrong.. how come you guys up so early.. glancing at the watch he realised that they actually lost the track of time… he couldn’t believe that they were sitting together for hours.
O-Nothing waise what are you guys doing here.

A- actually just…
S- enjoying some quality time

All(except shivika)-Oooh wow Oh ho quality time
Anika blushed as shivaay held her hand tightly.
M-Anika I mean bhabhi thank you for making this dense dumb and extremely boring bro of mine an Ishqbaaz… you know you should get bravery award for taming this bagadbilla.
All laughed while shivaay glared at his twin…
S- excuse me
M- yes billu
S-teri toh

M- billu billu
He left Anika’s arm and started chasing mahi all around the garden. While others looked at the duo in amusement.. as shivaay and mahi were playing like kindergarten kids. After getting tired of running both stopped and hugged each other emotionally…
M-I missed it all so much shivaay
S-I know it bro I missed it too.
The rest of them joined the hug too.

S-Today after so many days all 4 of us are together.. breakfast by the OBros what say guys..
Obros- right
S- so my dear pretty women may I have the order plz..
A-Aloo puri
S- Parathe

G- pav bhaji
P- Pasta
M- Omg!! so many varieties. So what now??
So- Cool bro this is our order so make everything
R-somu moti tumhe toh sabhi kuch khana hota nahi
So-Mr cryboby oberoi… puri duniya tumhari tarah protein shake par zinda nahi reh sakti
R-look sumo

So- cry babay
O-guys stop it.. we will make both after all there wish is our command
M-yes of course… so pretty ladies you all go and enjoy. The Obros are at your service..
So girls went off while boys went to the kitchen… they enjoyed a fun filled cooking session singing, dancing and cooking in oberoi style.
Pinki came and saw them cooking.. she remembered Anika’s words she will have to earn mahi’s respect so she went to kitchen
P-good mornings. omm shivaay your engagements today.. you rests.
S-mom its ok waise bhi engagement sham ko hai

R-choti maa you go and relax hum khana bana kar aap logo ko bulate hai.
P- I will helps
M- rudra tell your choti maa that its brothers private time so plz excuse us.
Pinki leaves looking upset
When the obros finish cooking and set table.. pinki goes to kitchen to make mahi’s fav kheer
Later when all sit for breakfast chitchatting pinki brings kheer
A- waah maa.. kya khusboo hai
P- thanks beta
S-Mom this is my fav thanks

Pinki goes over to mahi but he ignores her and continue eating.
P- its your fav too naa mahi
M-no thanks I avoid sweet stuff
R-come on bhai consider today as a cheat day..
S- yes mahi this is your fav too naa.

Pinki serves him the kheer but he shoves it away and gets up
A- whats wrong with you mahi
M- kuch nahi bus bhook mar gayi hai and he walks off leaving a teareyed pinki behind.
Shivaay gets up but Om stops him giving him a leave-him- alone look.
Pinki was silently crying while Anika tries to console her.
A-I told you maa but dont worry one or the other day he will forgive you.. plz dont loose hope ok
She hugs pinki.

Meanwhile mahi goes over to the poolside.. thinking why is this happening with him it was very difficult for him to forget his family and leave everything behind but he was finally successful. He was no longer MSO as his bro called him but was just Mahi and he was contended with the simple life he was leading but them shivaay requested him to return to oberoi mansion even if it was for just one day it was enough to reopen the old wounds and revive his longing of having family’s love and support. He laughed sarcastically and painfully at the destiny’s cruel joke.. when he longed for mother’s love his mom treated him like filth and when he had gotten over the fact that mother’s love and affection is not his fate his so called Mom was showering love on him. why?? Coz he had achieved enough wealth on his own or becoz her heera son shivaay started hating her or was she genuinely guilty.. he had no idea. One part of him wanted to forget the past and accept her and forgive her but reminiscing his past and her deeds this thought vanished as quickly as it appeared. While mahi was fighting with this hurricane of emotions he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Looking up he saw shivaay gazing at him with concern.

S-are you ok?
M-I am fine bro.. sorry I didnt mean to create a scene
S-no need to apologize bro. I can understand but are you fine
Plastering a smile trying to make it look as genuine as possible he assured him that he just needed a moment alone and is alright now as he didnt wanna spoil his bro’s mood he shivaay was really very happy and for mahi his happiness was his priority.
Afterall he was the great wall for SSO

Hugging him tightly they both departed to get ready for the upcoming ceremony..
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