Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 18

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Part 17
Episode 17
Part 18
Shivomru return back to mumbai.
Oberoi Mansion
They spot dadi in the hall and the trio run to her and together bend and touch her feet. She blesses them and lovingly hugs them.
Tej enters

T- well done shivaay I must say I am pretty impressed with your work. Every one was just prasing you… another feather in your cap.. most successful and youngest businessman
S- thank you bade papa… but credit goes to you also afterall you were,are and will always remain my role model.
T- I am really proud of my nephew wish I could say the same for my own sons
O- I am so sorry for you Mr oberoi… you know what I also wish I could say that I am proud of my dad…but I guess its destiny… you can never understand me or my work
T- really omkara. You think what you do is work

O- whatever it is…it makes me happy but I guess it hardly matters..anyways Mr oberoi my apologies for wasting your time
Om left in anger to his room and Tej also leaves fuming.
Rudra had already left and shivaay was standing there alone. He heard some loud voices.
S(mind) oh god it seems mom and badi ma are fighting again. Why cant they just give it a break.
Shivaay was upset seeing this spat true he has a family… a big family but its just a mere show off… a family is bounded by values… strengthened and nurtured by love and care but his family.. bounded by only hatred and epgo clashes and strengthened by the power of money.
He walked over to his room and closed the door. His mood was spoilt so to refresh he called Anika .
Om is in his room. Tej’s voice is still echoing in his mind and he gets angry.. he in anger throws off his stuff.

Someone knocks his room door.
Om opens and smiles.. ma
He lovingly hugs his mom. Jhanvi tells om abt her new dream project and Anika being her accomplice.. Om is very happy wow mom great choice
J- you seem to have a liking for Anika
O- yeah mom Anika is like my younger sister. In fact very soon…

J-very soon
O- you will also start feeling that she is a part of our family
Rudra enters…Hey mom and hugs her mom. Om tells him what mom told him..he too is very happy
R-mom your project is really gonna be khidkitod afterall my Anika di is working on it. But mom plz dont tell this to shivaay bhaiyaa
J- but why?
R-woh actually.. it would be fun if bhaiyaa see her in the would give him a big surprise
Jhanvi is confused

O- mom what he means is if shivaay suddenly sees anika their face off would be really entertaining trust me
J-ok as you say.
She leaves… prinku saumya enter.
R- anika di must be coming anytime
Sa-yeah so… rudra why did you call us here?

R-well I have a plan…
He tells his plan to omprisa
They all nod
O-not a bad idea dumbell oberoi
R- so prinku you and saumya get ready.. when Anika di enter just keep her engaged ok O and I will handle shivaay bhaiyaa
O-yeah waise I am sure shivaay would kill us for this …. but I enjoy playing with fire
R-fire? Shivaay bhaiyaa ko handle karna hai gas cylinder ko nahi
O&Sa- shut rudra
Sa-its an expression rudra.
Pr-guys Anika arrived. Chal saumya
Omru go to shivaay’s room. Shivaay was pacing around in his room glancing at his watch every few seconds
O-Ooh so waiting desperately for someone

S-yeah…no I mean
R-Anika di nahi aayi
S- she will come naa… excuse me guys
Omru try to stop him but he goes towards the hall as if sensing Anika’s presence.
Rudra tells prinku that shivaay is coming.
Pr- Anika I want your help plz come naa
Shivaay sees Anika with prinku and saumya as he is abt to call her..rudra runs to her shouting excitedly .. anika didi..I missed you
Rudra hugs her happily. Anika smiles and reciprocates
A- so how was your trip?
R-amazing plus di I am so happy for you. Hugs her again and whisperes in her ears-congrats di and dont worry shivaay bhaiya has no idea that you are a part of oberoi empire
A- thanks rudra

Om too hugs Anika and congrats her in an undertone
Anika chats casually with omruprisa but her eyes are searching someone. When ever she tried to talk abt shivaay one or the other person would cut her and discussion would take some other course.
Prinku drags her to her room. Anika goes with her half heartedly but manages to get a glimpse of shivaay and they share an eye contact for a fraction of second. Prinku spots and drags her … come naa fast
S(mind)-bad luck dude.. it seems that we are not gonna get much quality time in O.M.
He goes to his room to attend some calls
Dadi calls everyone for lunch. Shivaay spots Anika with his badi ma and mom –by the look of it shivaay understood Anika was trying to sort out their fight.
Sighing he sits down. Anika also comes with jhanvi and pinki and finally Anika and Shivaay look at each other and smile but rudra and om came.

O-Anika really you have done a superb job…Wow I have decided from now on meri saari exhibition related events tum manage karogi
A-yeah sure om why not?
Anika sits with prinku opposite shivaay.
A- so shivaay..

R-didi you know I missed you a lot
Pr-rudra bhaiyaa you only missed your di…forgot abt me …very bad.
All the youngsters join the convo preventing shivika to talk to each other.
Anika was getting more and more desperate but was somehow trying to control..yet she was pissed off as she knew it was intentional
Shivaay was scowling… shooting daggers at Omru through his eyes..thankfully looks didnt kill.
Pinki Jhanvi and dadi were confused . Omruprisa were enjoying this.


Shivaay was near the poolside talking on the phone.. Anika too was talking on the phone ,coming frm opposite direction. Shivaay on hearing anika’s voice stops in his tracks and disconnected the phone.
S(mind)-good no one will disturb us this time..hopefully.
He waits for Anika to hang up. Soon Anika disconnects the call and looks at shivaay…they both keep looking at each other..72 hrs were a big deal for both. Anika walked towards shivaay with a bright smile..a smile which makes shivaay forget all his worries and tensions. But…
Bad luck again
Pi-OMM Anika tu yahan…I searching you everywheres..
A-what happened pinki auntiji.

P-I need your helps plz come with me
A-yeah sure.
S(mind)-mom ko bhi abhi aana tha bad luck again shivaay. Now this is getting on my nerves. Well I think its time to turn on the SSO mode. He runs his hand through his hairs and smirked.His phone rings and he goes to attend another call.

Pinki room

Pi-jethaniji all times just says your taste very goods. Ab tu hi bata what I wears for function
A- pinki auntiji. Wear this red saree.. it will look good
Pi-OMM you wants jethaniji to look betters so telling me wear this naa
A- nahi pinki auntiji. Thats not the reason.. i chose this because red colour looks good on you and you also like this one.
P- how you knows
A- I know because you prefer bright colours… pinki auntiji why are you doing this…you dont need to change yourself..plz be the way you are.
P- but..

A-trust me auntiji always remember sirf woh hi kariye jo aapko pasand hai.. Plz maintain your individuality
Pi-OMM anika maybe jethaniji was right you truly are a gem. Really
A-thank you . Now I think I have to go
Shivaay was hell frustrated by now. He decides that now its enough…I have to turn the tadibaaz SSO mode on now..
He enters the hall in full tadi and ignoring Omru directly looks at his dadi
S- dadi where is Anika

D- puttar she must be here only … why
S- I want to dicuss some imp stuff tomorrow that big event is coming up… send her to my room immediately.
Without even glancing at the shocked Omru he leaves … doing his signature hair flick,smirking.
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