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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


 “I love you meri Jhaansi Ki Rani” Shivay complimented hugging her. She didn’t reciprocate the hug and stepped back leaving the room. She went to the guest room where Tianshi was sleeping peacefully. She went close to Tianshi and blushed lowering her gaze. She very carefully took up Tianshi in her hold and kissed all over her face. Tianshi got up in the process but Anika patted her back and she slept again. “You know what Anshu… your papa said me I love you… your papa confessed his feelings… he loves me too Anshu the way I love him… no… he loves me more that that” Anika said smilingly as tears formed in her eyes. By then Shivay too reached the room and stood at the door step. He did not make any sound and kept on listening to what Anika was saying. “If today we had not been divorced, then we all would have stayed together, you would have got your mother with you, I would have got you and your father… but now… it’s late… very late” Anika left a sob as she completed. She was falling weak but she tried hard to not let go of her tears. She put down Tianshi on the bed and turned to go.

Shivay by then has reached close to her and stood at Anika’s back. She started to leave hurriedly to hide her tears when Shivay held her hand and pulled her towards himself. She collided with his chest and nervousness took over. “I am yours… all yours… Tianshi is yours, only yours” he said huskily near her ear and kissed her earlobe. She closed her eyes in pleasure and composed herself. She faced towards him and loosened his hold, he kept on looking. “You were mine Shivay… Tianshi was also mine, but now… no… we are separated” Anika said with a layer of tears in her eyes and tried to leave after completing. He pulled her again towards him and faced her towards him “no Anika we are always yours… now and later, always… and this is the only truth” he said. Her eyes were not letting her to stop the water come out of it. He very firmly held her face and made her look into his eyes, it showed love and only love for her, she got lost in them. He kissed her eyes and then her tears and hugged her tight and dropped a kiss over her head. She ran away as the grip loosened, her hormones started betraying her  with each and every move of Shivay, her Shivay.

Days passed, Anika’s family reached Oberoi Mansion as they has decided that the marriage would be In Oberoi Mansion only. Anika’s family tried to deny but at last had to agree in front of daadi’s stubbornness. Shivay asked Anika to stay in his room so that he gets to meet her hundred times a day, his basic idea was he will go to meet her by making excuses of taking different files and clothes and everything else. Daadi and family understood this and teased both of them but it was of no use, Shivay made Anika agree to stay in his room and smiled and smirked over his victory. It’s the day for mehendi and sangeet. “Mehendi laga ke rakhna… doli saja ke rakhna….” the song started to play as Rudra and Soumya went to dance floor and started dancing with the rhythm of the song. Ishana was sitting at the middle and Anika was applying mehendi over Ishana’s palm. Anika too went forward and started to dance as Shivay joined too. The dance ended and everyone clapped and Ishana and Om blushed. “Anika puttar…” Daadi called Anika. “Haan daadi” Anika went to daadi. “Puttar now you sit, you will also have to apply mehendi” Daadi said, listening to daadi’s words Anika became sad and tried to deny but at last she had to agree as none can deny daadi’s orders.

Anika sat beside Ishana and Soumya started to apply mehendi on Anika’s palm. “Didi… where should I write jiju’s name?” Soumya asked over excitedly to which Anika’s gaze went up to Shivay, Shivay was already looking at her from a long time. He smiled and his face expressed how proud he was.”Nowhere Sumi… I am single mother, no one is your Jiju” Anika said and smiled looking at Soumya though tears were playing hide and seek over her eyes. “Okay di…” Soumya obliged and made the design complete without writing Shivay’s name. Now it was Soumya’s turn for mehendi, her two didis have already applied so she had to depend on someone else and she was looking for someone. Rudra came to her help. “I am a good artist” Rudra said as Soumya was looking around with a  mehendi cone in her hand. “Yeah… when did I say no” Soumya answered. “I can apply mehendi over your palm if you want….” he stopped and smiled. “Hmm… so okay, let’s see what stupid patterns you will draw” Soumya indirectly said yes and this duffer couldn’t understand “that means you are denying or saying yes?” he asked frowning his eyebrows “duffer I am saying yes…” Soumya said hitting Rudra’s head. “So let’s go…” he extended his hand and she held his hand and they went to Rudra’s room. There no one will disturb them and they will perfectly complete the mehendi applying task in a romantic way.

“Anika… kaand ho gaya” Shivay said as Anika got up from the royal chair. He is standing just behind her. “Kya kaand?” Anika asked trying to face towards him to which he held her shoulders and nodded a no. “Arre stay like this only… wo… yours…” he stammered without completing the sentence. “What Shivay… I am getting tensed now… please say what has happened to whom?” she asked and tried to turn around and face him but again he resisted and held her shoulders and nodded a no. “Arre, don’t try to turn… the dori of your blouse loosened… it may open anytime” he said looking down as his face became red. “What?” Anika’s eyes widened in shock. “Ohhh shoot…” she said and immediately ran to a pillar and hid behind. Shivay too followed her and stood in front of her. “What should I do now… there is mehendi applied over my hand… Ishana’s hand is also full of mehendi… Soumya… but where is she… Maa is also not here… ohhh god what will I do… i will call pinky aunty or jhanvi aunty or dadi” she said .”mom is making Anshu sleep and is taking a nap along with her, dadi and Badi maa went to meet panditji” Shivay  replied straight away. ”what will I do now? ” Anika asked as worry and embarrassment covered her face. ”i will wash my hands” she again spoke . ”it is said , mehendi applied in shaadi should be dried completely else, it is not good for bride and groom” shivaay gave a weird reason seeing the state of Anika. ”now how?” Anika’s face became pale. “If you want I can help…” Shivay said with a smirk in his eyes. “No… what… are you mad?” Anika looked at him straight and said the words. “Okay then… stay here like this” Shivay said pressing his smile and started to go when Anika called him from behind “Shivay…” he stopped and looked at her. “Okay fine… you help me” she said lowering her feeling shy.

Shivay took her to her room and made her stand in front of the mirror. She could not look up and meet his gaze and was blushing heavily. He very softly moved away her open hairs and held the strings of her dori while his thumb brushed the back area near the doris, she shivered and tried to close her fist, but her mehendi on hands took away the opportunity, being helpless she closed her eyes as her hormones again started betraying her. He looked at her and smiled. He very slowly tied up her dori taking his own time and brushing her entire exposed back with his hand. Her body has stiffened with every touch of his and she was losing herself. Her eyes closed involuntarily. He looked at her through the mirror and felt proud that only he could make her blush and went more close to her as his breath fanned over her dori, she was dying out of his proximity and got lost in the moment. He pressed his lips over her dori and kissed her back from one end of the dori to the other. She arched back and hid herself in his chest ,turning towards him immediately. “I love you…” he said and brushed her hairs. She pulled herself out after some moments and ran towards the hall with uneven breath. He smiled like foolish standing in front of the mirror and thought “I promise you Anika… you will get back your everything, everything” and he too went towards the hall.

After sometime, Anika went back to her room and was blushing thinking the moments of her and Shivay. On the other side Mr. Desperate Singh Oberoi hid Ishana’s joda and started to search for the joda, actually started to act as if he is searching for the joda. Some time passed and he ran to Anika’s room again. “Anika…” he called her as if he is really very tensed. Only he knew what other plans he has. “Yes Shivay… why are you huffing and sounding tensed, what happened?” Anika asked looking at his condition and went towards him. “Anika daadi has given Ishana’s wedding joda to me, I promised daadi that I would keep the joda safely but now I am not getting it, I searched my entire room and even the room where the dresses are kept but I am not getting it” he said sounding tensed. “Okay wait, let’s search it in this room” she gave a solution to which Shivay nodded and they started searching. After few minutes Shivay said “see we are not getting it, let’s go Anika… please let’s go and buy another one before daadi comes to know about it” “arre Shivay, we just started to search… look inside the cupboard carefully, maybe you will get while I am checking the rest of the room. “No… no Anika we don’t have much time, please let’s go and get another joda soon” at last she had to give in and got ready to go with him.

They reached a big designer boutique. Shivay hurriedly went in literally pulling Anika long with him. “Show us some amazing shaadi ka joda’s” Shivay said smiling brightly. “Who is the bride?” the designer asked. “Ishana… my sister” Anika answered smilingly. “Ohhh so, do you have her measurements?” the designer asked. “Well no…” Anika answered sadly. ” Anika how will be buy now ?” Shivaay acted sad  to which , ” Ishana and I share our dresses… you can show joda of my size… I am sure that it will fit Ishana too” Anika gave the solution that Shivaay expected . The designer agreed and started to show some royal jodas. Anika’s eyes dazzled seeing each and every piece and she got confused. “Which one should I take for Ishu?” Anika asked confused looking at Shivay. Shivay was staring at a joda of strawberry pink with golden work. “This one…” he placed the joda over Anika. The designer smiled and said ”madam i haven’t seen the actual bride, but i can say that you would look like a gorgeous bride in this Joda”. Shivaay had the proudest smile while Anika smiled looking at her reflection and brushed her hand over the joda. “Ishana will look perfect” she said smilingly and locked that one. Shivay paid and they went back to Oberoi mansion. They went to their room, the joda is with Shivay who was jumping with joy as he got to spend time with Anika.

It was then midnight, Anika was fast asleep when someone tiptoed inside her room and went to her. He looked at her and smiled, he looked at her palm then which do not has his name written inside the mehendi. He went close to her face and was staring at her when Anika got the feeling that someone is in her room, so she sprung up and stood up and was about to shout when he held her waist and pressed her waist with his hand saying “shhh…” her voice died inside her throat as he pressed her waist more giving her pleasurely pain. He made her stand and took out the mehendi cone from his pocket. She kept on looking and blushing seeing at his antics. He sat down and brushed her exposed waist with his fingers and blew air over it. She closed her eyes and he started to write his name on her waist. After he completed, he got up and faced her towards him. “Now you would not have to hide your palm from everyone, my name is written over you… you are mine and I am yours” he said huskily and kissed her over her head and went back to his room.

She stood still for sometime and then all the moments got replayed inside her brain. She started to blush heavily and kept checking Shivay’s name continuously over her waist.


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