Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Rudra Soumya very silently slipped off from their place getting unnoticed by Shivay. Anika was not there at the hall. They called Ishana and Omkara aside and explained everything they heard some moments before. Tears came out of Ishana’s eyes after listening to everything. Omkara held her shoulders and smiled. She composed and four of them went towards the elders. Sahil was playing with Tianshi. Omisha and Rumya called everyone at one side and left a deep sigh before they shared everything. Everyone’s happiness had no bounds but Omkara strictly asked everyone not to behave excited or else their mission Shivay-Anika milan might fail. Everyone blessed both Anika and Shivay and prayed to almighty that they get tied again forever.

Few weeks passed, Ishana and Omkara’s marriage preparation started. On the other side Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and EX Mrs. Shivay Singh Oberoi, present Ms. Anika got their divorce certificates. Shaadi was nearing and so were the different functions. Everyone was now ready to start the  Shivay-Anika milan mission. Shivay and Anika had met once or twice , but whenever Shivay tried to start a conversation Anika ignored or rather tried to ignore and she ensured she comes before Shivay very less . Shivay was allowed to spend time with Tianshi. None of the Oberoi family members behaved rudely with him however Daadi still calls him Shivay and not Billu. Shivay went down to the hall and noticed that everyone was present there and some important and serious discussion is going on. He felt bad as none bothered to call him for the discussion. He composed himself and tried to be a part of it, but as he went close to them and greeted a hello they all suddenly stopped the ongoing topic and started to discuss random topics. He turned back to go when daadi called him from behind “Shivay…” he turned towards Daadi and spoke sadly “yes dadi ” looking at her.Dadi said ”i need to talk something to you? do you have time?” Shivay looked at her and said ”dadi..why are you saying so? are you still so annoyed that you are asking my time that too for you, when you know i can just be sitting idle for you.” Daadi said ”fine then..come with me to my room” she left and Shivay followed.

 As soon as Shivay entered , Dadi asked to close the door and he did the same. Seeing Daadi’s behaviour strange, he curiously asked ”what happened Dadi? is everything fine? you usually speak anything to me before OmRu, but today you made me come to your room, it’s looking strange for me” Before he could say anything out of curiosity, Daadi spoke “do You want to get called Billu again Shivay… do you want to listen to the name Billu again from my mouth?” Daadi asked. Shivay’s eyes sparkled with joy and he immediately replied “yes, yes daadi.” Daadi looked at Shivay smilingly and asked another question “would you answer some of my questions for that, Shivay?” “Yes Daadi, I will do anything to listen that name from your mouth again, please ask whatever you want to” he assured daadi. ”No backing off after listening to my questions and all i need to know is the truth” Dadi laid her conditions. Shivay took a moment and replied ”I promise dadi , i will agree and answer to whatever you say and ask” he replied placing his hand over her hands, holding them tight.

”Shivay… why did you do all that on Tianshi’s birthday? I don’t know but yet I feel that you would have done this for some reason, am I right?”she paused a bit and then continued “do you seriously think of Anika being just as Tianshi’s nanny? Do you think Anika became the surrogate for the sake of money? Do you think Anika married you and came to this house only for money?” daadi paused after stabbing the questions and looked on, he closed his eyes and could assess where this was going on, yet he decided that today he should not back off from the word he gave to dadi, he left a deep sigh being in crux. “Shivay…” Daadi jerked him and he opened his eyes and let go of the tear droplet that he wanted to hold back. . He kept mum and looked down. “Don’t you think Anika as your wife? Don’t you think Anika as Tianshi’s mother?” daadi asked hitting the right spot inside the dark heart of Shivay.”Why did you take such big step  Billu?” daadi at last called him Billu and that was the last nail.

He badly broke down and held Daadi’s hand over his heart. “Daadi… daadi do you… do you think your Billu can,  insult… no hurt someone like the way I did that day… Daadi… do you… do you think I am that bad to play with a woman’s respect in front of the whole world, do you think daadi I will insult Anika… the girl… that woman who gave so much to this family, who gave happiness to this family, without any reason… no daadi… I am… I agree that I am bad… but not that much… believe me daadi, those words were from the tip of my tongue but not from my heart. You… you know daadi, when she confessed her love that day… I was… I was the happiest person of this world, I was… I was proud that a selfless woman like Anika loves me… Anika …Anika loves me… I was on the ninth cloud. But I backed off… backed off from confessing my feelings, backed off from showing my happiness. I came out in front of everyone after killing my heart that day. All those words… those words I spoke that day… were necessary… they were necessary” Shivay said all these, sobbing.

“Necessary? What… what do you mean Billu?” daadi asked. “Daadi… I… I love her… I love her a lot” he paused and looked down and after composing himself, he again initiated  “but daadi, if I would have confessed my love for her that day… then it would have been wrong”. ”Wrong?” Daadi spoke in between.

“Yes daadi wrong,  it is true I loved her and still i love her… but daadi she wasn’t that first woman in my life… daadi she is much younger to me… moreover, she had her dreams… she always wanted to fulfil those, but her responsibility towards Tianshi, towards me, my family compelled her to sacrifice everything. I was always scared… I was scared to go close to her, one thought always held me from back and that was… what will the society think of her when they will get to know about her being my second wife… what will the society think of her when they will come to know that she was five months pregnant when I married her… what will the society think of her when they will come to know that I married her almost just after Tia’s death… daadi this society can blame a girl very easily, they will never allow the surrogacy matter to be in positive lime light, they could have called her relation with me as an extramarital affair without even knowing the entire truth, they can… they can even throw blames at her for Tia’s death and I never wanted all those. What I simply wanted was Anika’s happiness, her respect and thus I wanted her to go away… from me, from my life, from everyone of us. I wanted her to live her own life, I wanted her to fulfil her dreams and then get married to a man in whose life she will be the first woman, she will be everything” Shivay stopped after speaking out everything that was eating up his heart until the moment.

“Billu… you did all these for her… and we thought…” Dadi was about to apologise when Shivaay continued “No daadi, you all did everything on the basis of what you saw… none of you are at fault… please daadi, don’t even try to apologise” Dadi cupped his face and kissed his forehead while letting her tears out and feeling pride. He made her sit and rested his head on her lap, while she ruffled her hair. After a few minutes , he sat straight and spoke “Daadi, I want to confess one more thing” he said. Dadi looked on while he continued

“Do you remember daadi that day when we all went to Anika’s house for talking about my and Anika’s marriage ,  initially she refused and locked herself in her room but later she agreed?” he asked. “Yes puttar” daadi answered. “Daadi have you ever wondered that why suddenly she agreed?” Shivay asked to which she looked at him confused and surprised. “No puttar… why?” Daadi asked not able to figure out anything. “Daadi that was also because of me… just one single message from me” Shivay said and took out his phone. “Message?” Daadi asked. He opened that message and handed it to daadi. “Read it daadi and you will get all your answers:-

THE MESSAGE READ:- ”Anika this is my helplessness that I am here to propose our marriage. Because… I have promised Tia few minutes before her death, that I will not let our baby to grow without a mother… so for that reason I am here. This marriage will be just namesake, no feelings or relation being husband and wife would be there between us if this marriage happens. You will be just my baby’s mother and not my wife ever. Anika… if you deny to marry me then baby will not be able to get the name of his/her father . Moreover I will never get a chance to be called as a father. I will bear all the expenses of the baby if you agree or disagree to marriage, but you will be a single mother and when the baby grows up, she has to face the society and even you. So Anika think ten times before you take any decision . And if you agree then I am sorry to repeat that we will be together but not the way a husband and wife lives, as for me this relation will never grow”

“Billu… tu…” Daadi stopped before completing her sentence. “Yes daadi I never wanted any relation to grow between us… that was the reason why, I married without any pomp. I assured media doesn’t get to know this. I kept this marriage a secret so that, except my and Anika’s family none would know that Anika is married to me. I ensured that when Tianshi grows up to a stage where she becomes less dependent, then I will free Anika from this enforced clutches. I was scared when I observed Anika developing feelings for me, somewhere i was also developing the same feelings. i had no other option except to make her hate me. i thought hundred times before doing that, and i died every minute after doing that..but as you say LOVE MAKES IT’S OWN WAY and see today, I have fallen in love… with the girl whom I once promised that no relation will grow between us… yes daadi I love her so much” he smiled and blushed.

Dadi had nothing left to say, all she could do was to fold her hands and apologise . Apologise for being so rude to him , for slapping him and for making him away from her for such a long time. She knew she had brought him up with such values and so she didn’t hesitate to apologise , she immediately  folded her hands and spoke ”I am sorry Billu, please maaf karde mujhe… please Billu” and bent her head down.

”Dadi please..please i request you don’t do this..your hatred is acceptable but not your apology. If anyone was in your place they would have done the same as you did. Everyone must hate me for what I did and it happened. But today, I must thank you for taking off the burden I had been bearing all these days. I am feeling light and feeling free that i had confided everything to you. Thank you Dadi. Thank you” he hugged her tight and she rubbed her back asking him to relax. They heard the knock on the door and Shivay opened the door and looked at everyone. Pinky asked ”mummy ji kya huan, aapke aankhon mein aasoon kyun?”

Dadi turned towards Shivay and said ”Billu, jo sach hain, woh sabke saamne aana hi chahiye. So let me tell everything to everyone present her and it is their right to know as we are one family” Shivay nodded in agreement. Dadi explained everything. Everyone came one by one to apologise , but Shivay just hugged being emotional and the hugs converted  into a family hug.After few moments everyone held back their emotions and broke the hug. “Chal puttar, now go and win my Anika back” daadi said smilingly. Shivay’s too smiled and blushed at daadi’s comment. Daadi kissed his forehead and was about to go when Shivay called her from back ”Dadi will she agree. I mean i have done so much and in her language, itna raita faila diya. Will she love me back?” Dadi being the ishqbaaazi teacher asked ”billu tu usse saccha pyaar karta haina?” Shivay without any hesitation immediately answered ”i love her dadi. I love her like crazy. I love her to tiffiny and back. I just love her.” “Hmm hmm… someone is using the word love a bit much today” Rudra teased. “Shut up Rudra” Shivay defended back. OmRu went towards him and hugged him tight.

”But what about my promise of not letting the relation grow, how can i win her back when it was me who said that there can never be a relation? I can’t do this”  Shivay said this bending his head down sitting on the bed. “Puttar…” Daadi called Shivay and Shivay looked at her  “Puttar… remember my words …everytime our mind isn’t correct and every time we should not listen to our mind… there are times when we should follow our heart, and its the time that you follow your heart now. And yeah… some promises are made to break only… so…” Daadi winked. Pinky and Jhanvi too went to their rooms. Tej and Shakthi too went to their work and started discussing about the upcoming happiness in their family. OmRu started teasing Shivay very badly. But after a lot of teasings Shivay went to his daughter, who was busy playing with her toys.

“Anshu beta… hello” he greeted chirpily. Tianshi looked up at him and smiled. He pulled up Tianshi in his hold and kissed her entire face to which she got a bit irritated but as her revenge she bit on Shivay’s cheeks. “Naughty girl… wait let mumma come, I will complaint about this” he said and started to tickle her belly and she started to laugh. “Maa…” Tianshi said. “Ohhh bahut ho gaya maa maa… now call papa… call papa…” Shivay said but Tianshi again repeated “Maa…” Shivay smiled and kissed her head and started to play with her.


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