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Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Finally the most awaited day of Tianshi’s birthday arrived. Everyone were happy. A grand party was organised on the behalf of the little soul. She was looking around at the decoration. Her mother was busy arranging her clothes for the evening party and her father was busy checking out the last moment works. She got hold of a balloon and held it firmly and looked at her mother and when she found her mother busy she put the balloon into her mouth to taste her new found toy but alas before she could have touched her tongue her mother snatched away that soft thing from her hand.

“Anshu… how many times I have told you not to put anything in your mouth, be a good girl at least for today so that I do not get to scold you” she was saying but Tianshi’s attention was completely on the balloon and she was extending her hand to reach to the balloon but every time she is failing. Lastly she had only one way to get her toy and she started to cry. “Arre… naughty girl, this trick not gonna work on me, stop crying… you are not getting this” Anika said and got up with the balloon. Tianshi stopped looked at her mother and again started to cry. Anika gave that balloon to someone’s hand and came back and put up Tianshi over her lap while sitting on the bed.

“Okay tell me, which dress you wanna wear?” Anika asked Tianshi showing her three new dresses, Tiamshi’s cries instantly stopped looking at the glittering material of the dresses and she again extended her hands to touch the glitters. But the moment Anika slid in one dress, Tianshi started to cry as the material was pricking on her soft skin. She tried the three dresses but the problem was same, at last she took out another normal comfy dress and made Tianshi wear it. Tianshi was comfortable in it and Anika finalised that dress.

“Ohh mrs momma… look at us also, we were your babies once” Sahil said showing an angry face. Soumya and Ishana was standing behind him and smiling. “You three came?” she asked getting up placing Tianshi at the middle of the bed. “No… Sahil’s ghost came, My chudail came and Ishana di’s monster came” Soumya replied and walked in. “Stop it my naughty children, Tianshi is enough to trouble me” Anika replied hitting Soumya’s hand. “But we missed you so much” Ishana said and the siblings hugged. Sahil jumped close to Tianshi and started to play with her.

The evening came, the entire Oberoi Mansion was decorated with orchids and roses. Balloons and ribbons were adding more glory and shine to the decoration. After all it’s Shivay Singh Oberoi’s daughter’s first birthday, well without any doubt it’s sure that he will celebrate his daughter’s birthday grandly every year following. Tianshi’s maasi, Miss. Soumya and Sahil went down along with Tianshi. Anika got ready wearing a red saaree in her own different style, simple make up and the necklace she got as her gift from Pinky after Tianshi’s birth an year back. She looked at herself and got mesmerised by seeing the different her, she getting reflected from the mirror. She had everything she wanted in her life, a caring husband, a child and a supporting family. She smiled and tied her nuptial chain very carefully adorning her neck and applied vermillion on her hair partition and blushed looking at the wife, the mother and the daughter-in-law in the mirror.

She closed her eyes and gathered courage for what she was preparing since the time she realised that she is in love. Shivay walked in when she was smiling closing her eyes. “What are you smiling at Anika?” Shivay asked her. She opened her eyes and looked at him and again looked away as her cheeks grew warm and red. “Why are you smiling unnecessarily Anika?” Shivay asked again going close to her. “Shivay…” she said very softly turning towards him. “Yes say” he answered back. “I want to… I want to say something” Anika bowed her head down while saying and here he just hummed waiting for her to complete so that they get to go down and start the birthday party of their daughter. “Say Anika” Anika gathered strength and murmured. She looked into his eyes and spoke ” I don’t know, how you will react after listening to what i say now, but ever since I realised i was preparing to say this to you, finally today i have gathered every bit of my courage to let you know , and after i say i can’t wait to know your response” she took a pause and a deep breathe. Shivaay anticipated where this was going to and though he wanted to hear, he prayed within himself that she shouldn’t say anything. He was thinking of a way to stop her but , “I LOVE YOU SHIVAY” Anika said and Shivaay heard.

All the blood from his face drenched down, a sudden shiver ran down his spine and a feeling of pain fluttered his heart. Butterflies formed in his stomach and his feet became numb. She was looking into his eyes with a smile and excitement, he was looking back into her eyes, a part of him wanted him to hug her instantly but the other part stopped him. He walked back and walked out of the room without once turning back. Anika expected an answer but when she just got silence, she decided to ask him again. “He is a person who fails to show his emotion, maybe that’s why he did not react or say anything, koi nahi Anika… we will ask again” her heart said and she again blushed and went down.

Shivay was at terrace remembering Anika’s smiling face, her blush and her confessing words. He smiled widely as a tear oozed out of his eyes. A feeling of completeness covered him, he felt as if he got the entire world. He was very happy but the next thought ceased all his smiles and all his butterflies in his stomach buried. “The time has come Shivay” he said and went down to join the party.

The cake cutting ceremony started. Anika was stealing his glances while he was Trying to avoid her. The birthday girl cut the cake while everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for her and clapped. The family got busy pampering the kid while Shivay went to talk to his guests and Anika was looking at him smilingly waiting for the moment to ask him again. He noticed her constant stare over him which broke his heart more. She walked up slowly to him and held his hand. He gasped and his business associates looked on. She took him at one corner and asked “do you love me?” ever so innocently. His heart threatened to loose it’s grip but he howled to pacify his heart as well as to silence the woman in front of her “how dare you ask this question to me?”

At the other side Omkara pulled Ishana to one corner. “Ishana… I… I… love you” he said holding Ishana’s hand in a firm grip. “Do you love me?” he asked looking into her eyes but before she could answer anything they heard Shivay’s howl and went towards Shivay-Anika to check the matter.

She was shocked at the sudden change of his behaviour. He continued “from the start of the party itself I am watching you, why the hell you are trying to come close to me?” he stopped. Hundred daggers stabbed his heart as tears ran down her eyes. Everyone were looking at them with shock. “At… at first you came into mine and Tia’s life and then, only… only because of you I lost my wife” he stopped, he knew that this sentence will make her hate him gradually. “Who is she Mr. Oberoi?” one guest asked. Shivay was silent. Anika hoped thinking that at least he would disclose their hidden relation in front of the world but he went silent. “Mr. Oberoi who is she?” another guest asked. The curiosity level among the guests was increasing gradually as Shivay’s silence was not breaking up.

“Billu bol de na… Anika kaun hai” daadi said. This time he had to open his mouth as he never wanted the outer world to know what relation Anika shared with him “the nanny of my daughter” he said directly looking into her eyes. The last thread of hope inside Anika’s heart also broke. “I… I am nanny of your daughter?” she asked with a broken, shaky voice. He had no answer and she jerked him when again he howled back “don’t touch me you gold-digger… I know the mentality of the middle class girls like you, you all try to impress rich men and marry them to enjoy the wealth they have, you all just… just trap high class men to live the entire life of yours comfortably and after sucking out everything you all just leave them” . she broke down more with his every word but the one who got broken down the most and who started to hate Shivay was he, himself.

“And yeah… how can I forget… you are an orphan, you don’t even know the name of your actual parents, you don’t know whose blood flows in your veins, who knows whose mistake is you…” he said when Anika’s mother interrupted silencing him “shut up you Mr. Oberoi, you have said enough… now just shut your mouth” Anika’s mother said and stood beside her daughter. Shivay succeeded in what he was wanting. After Shivay stopped …the guest started to rant the woman whom Shivay left broken by his words. “Ohhh god, look at this shameless girl she is still standing here after all her insult” one guest said pointing towards Anika. “Arre girls like these have no self respect, they only think and plan to get money… they only know how to earn money by selling their everything” another guest said but again Anika’s mother shouted back “stop it, no more words against my daughter… let’s go Anika” she said looking back at Anika then.

“No Maa… Anshu…” Anika could manage to say only this and she fell on the ground and started to cry bitterly. “Dare you take my daughter’s name from your mouth” Shivay said and Anika’s family have had enough. They pulled up Anika and started to walk away from the party. Anika was looking back at her daughter who was crying, she was also crying hard and tried to get freed from the hold of her mother but her mother pulled Anika along with her and started walking away. “Mmm…mmmm…maaa” Tianshi spoke for the first time pointing her finger towards Anika, Oberoi family was aghast with the hearbroken scene , while Anika and her family couldn’t hear the little one.


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  1. Hi why don’t u upload this ff on wattpad. Story is good

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      This FF is already there on wattpad dear and thank you so much 🙂

  2. Wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww fantastic……superb……no words………to explain…but plz dont separate shivika plzzzzz…plz update asap….?????????????

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much dear, separation is needed dear and the next part is posted

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Sad update

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yeah…. but exciting updates are awaiting

  4. Wow it’s tooooooo……. Good. Plz don’t separate Shivika.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Padma, separation is needed dear.

  5. Niriha

    Feeling bad for anika…pls don’t separate shivika

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niriha, separation is needed dear.

  6. Simply super yaar.i liked n loved this ff more n more as ib

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      Thank You so much Raji 🙂

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