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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)



Shivay’s meeting took late to get over and the clock lazily stroke 5:25 when it finally got over. He checked the time and remembered what all Anika asked for. “This Anika is so weird, now Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi will go to the chat stall to buy chat for her, I mean… what all am I getting to do after this girl came to my life? Pheww… Khanna… Khanna” he called Khanna aloud and his loyal good wisher came running to his cabin “yes, yes sir” he said panting. “Wo… I want to ask that… that… chat… do you know where chat stall in Mumbai is?” he awkwardly asked stopping in between and looking down in embarrassment. The great Shivay Singh Oberoi who knows history of almost every place of Mumbai is asking the address of chat stall from his staff…this embarrassed him more. Khanna couldn’t help but smile and soft laugh played over his lips and he had to hide it as soon as he could “yeah… yes… yes sir” he said. “Hmmm… good, you will drive my car now and will take me to that place” Shivay said and got up. “Okay… okay sir” Khanna soon ran out. They soon reached in front of a chat stall. Shivay looked at the crowded stall and muttered “what the wuck… this not now… Khanna clear the crowd soon” Shivay ordered the last words. “Yes sir” Khanna said and soon he was on his foot. After some moments he managed to make the stall less crowded but still some people were there waiting for their order to get ready.

Shivay got down and moved forward. His eye fell on the vast names of chats. “Which one should I buy? There are so many?” he muttered looking confused at the menu board. “Any problem sir?” Khanna asked. “No… I am…” he was saying just then he thought “no… I should not let him know that I am confused about what should I get, or else he might think me an idiot” he said aloud “no… no problem” he looked back at the menu and thought “I should ask for the aloo tikki papri chaat… it’s expensive as compared to the others. Hey… hey Mr.” he called aloud the man who was frying the tikkis. The man looked at Shivay and then back at his Tawa (big frying pan). “Ohh Mr. I am calling you” Shivay repeated and then the man understood that it was him who was being called. “Haan… haan bhau” he replied smiling widely. “Bhau… means bhaiyaa… from which angle am I his bhaiyaa… he looks much older than me… I am young handsome, so what I am married? But bhaiyaa?” Shivay thought analyzing the man narrowing his eyes. “Sir… sir” Khanna jerked Shivay who was lost in his thoughts. “Yeah… yeah yes… yes” Shivay’s trance broke.

“Sir he is calling you” Khanna pointed at the man and Shivay remembered that he has called the man. “Kya chahiye aapko bhau? (what do you want bhaiyaa?)” the man asked very politely. “Wo… that, aloo tikki papri chat… 1… yeah 1 plate” Shivay replied checking the menu list and then at the man. “Okay okay bhau” the man replied and started frying the tikkis. Shivay’s eyes widened looking at the amount of oil he has put on the tawa. “Ohhhh hello… fry those in olive oil” immediately came out from his mouth leaving everyone in shock. “Bhau… olive oil is used for body massage… olive oil se khana?” the man kept looking confusedly towards Shivay. “No… what kind of cook is this?” Shivay turned back at Khanna and asked. “Don’t know sir” Khanna replied trying hard not to smile. “Listen if you don’t have olive oil then use less oil and fresh oil from the sealed bottle kept there” he said pointing at the sunflower oil bottle kept at one side of the cart. The man looked at Khanna. “Ohh hello… listen my wife is pregnant and I don’t want her to get sick by having the tikkis made by already used oil and why are you looking at Khanna?” he replied. “Bhau aapki biwi pet se hai?” the man asked innocently smiling widely. Shivay then realized that he has referred Anika as his wife in front of the outer world though only few people were present there who were busy in their own world. “Yeah… No… whatever… you just follow my instructions and make the tikkis from the oil from sealed bottle.

The man smiled and soon unsealed the bottle and made fresh tikkis as ordered by Shivay. He prepared the chat “ye lo bhau (take this bhaiyaa)” passing the chat to Shivay. “Aur bhau… may your child be healthy and happy always” he blessed the child and unknowingly smile embellished Shivay’s lips. “Hmm…” he muttered softly and went inside the car. Khanna paid and sat on the driver’s seat and drove to the pav bhaji stall from where they got the chaupati style pav bhaji and then Shivay went back to Oberoi Mansion staring at the street foods, smiling within himself.

He entered and found his family sitting in the hall gossiping and discussing about something very serious. “Hello everyone… good evening” he greeted drawing everyone’s attention towards him. “Lo aa gaya Shivay (see Shivay has come)” Pinky said smilingly. “Puttar aa” Daadi called Shivay towards him. He looked at Anika who was sitting silently and trying to steal glances. “What… what’s happening?” he asked looking at everyone’s face one by one. “Wo… we were discussing about the name of the baby… we are getting confused… what should be baby’s name?” Pinky asked with an expression of thinking. “Tianshi… if a girl and Tishaan… if a boy” Shivay said fixing his eye at Anika whose eyes shot up to meet his as soon she heard the names. Shivay went to his room without saying anything further. “Wow… such nice names… Tianshi and Tishaan sounds so amazing and unique” Om said smilingly. “Ohhh balle balle… ohhh shawa shawa…” Rudra started dancing. “Anika beta… you go to your room now and take some rest” Pinky said ruffling her hand through Anika’s hair. Anika nodded her head and went to her room. She noticed Shivay sitting over the bed lost in his thoughts. “Ummhhuumm” she faked cough to grab Shivay’s attention.

“Haan… Anika your’s chatpata and all are kept there” Shivay pointed at the packets kept on the bed side table getting up from bed. “You brought everything I asked?” Anika’s eyes sparkled with joy and she soon went towards Shivay. “Yes…” Shivay replied smilingly. She soon without any thought hugged Shivay. He stood stiff as all his thoughts and emotions got jumbled up. He was totally confused about how to react and respond at that moment. “Ahhh…” Anika softly said smiling widely holding her stomach as the baby kicked breaking their trance. “Wo… wahan rakha hai kha lo (foods are kept there… have it)” Shivay replied awkwardly looking here and there. “Haan…” Anika said realising in which position they stood and went out with those packets.

Shivay sat back on the bed. “Am I taking correct decision?” he thought. “Oh god… what should I do? I… why am I getting this much attached to her. Why is this happening when something else is planned for us? Why you always do this with me? What have I done? At first you snatched away Tia from me and now…” he left a deep sigh and stared out side through the window. Soft breeze touched his cheeks. He closed his eyes. “No Shivay you know why you are doing this. You can’t back-off now. Just remember whatever you are doing this is for good. Be strong Shivay Singh Oberoi” he thought and opened his eyes.


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Please update soon

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much di, next parts are posted

  2. Superb……..very interesting…….plz update asap….cant wait……

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      Thank You so much dear

  3. Superb……..very interesting…….plz update asap….cant wait……fantadtic update……..the way sso reacted at chat stall……?????plz update asap

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      Thanks a lot again, next parts are posted dear 🙂

  4. Niriha

    Superb…loved it waiting for next part update soon

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      Thank You so much Niriha, next parts are posted 🙂

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    the great SSO in chat stall…Loved it…will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..Pyaar tum..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hahahaha…. and I love ki tu phir se story padh rahi hai 😛
      Kitna patience hai tujhme, aha aha aha
      Pyaar tum and thank you

  6. Excellent n quality story.very much fallen with this caring shivaay towards his bachhi ki maa pyaari Anika keep lots.i think he has forgotten every rules in the relation n attracted n fallen for Hona hi tha.shivaay Singh Oberoi tho pyaari pyaari writers love you sooo much.keep writing like this

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji. Awwwwwww thanks a lot yaar for supporting and loving.
      No, he still has his promises and conditions in his head which will get revealed later.
      Awwww thank you re, innnaaaaa sara pyaar dene ke liye.
      Love you too

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