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Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivay came from behind. “Daadi..wo… where is Anika?” he asked. “Puttar her mother and Soumya took her inside to make her ready for the ritual” Daadi said but before she could complete Shivay walked hurriedly towards Anika’s room. “Aunty…aunty” he called Anika’s mom from behind. “Yes beta” Anika’s mom replied looking at Shivay. “Wo…actually Daadi instructed me… me to… make… Anika ready” Anika started coughing as soon Shivay completed the sentence with constant stammer. Anika’s mother’s and Soumya’s eyes too popped out in shock. Their wide wide eyes became wider looking at Shivay blushing. “Yeah… sure… sure beta… let us makes her wear the lehenga and then you make her full ready” Anika’s mother said. Shivay nodded his head foolishly.

After sometime Anika’s mother and Soumya opened the door and called Shivay. Shivay who was waiting outside slipped infront of them soon from behind the pillar. “Yeah…yeah I am here” Shivay said. Anika’s mother and Soumya suppressed their smile and went away from there. He went in with baby steps and was amused to see Anika looking that much beautiful wearing the lehenga. “Beautiful…” came out from his mouth involuntarily but soon he composed and went close to her. Anika was looking elegant in the red coloured lehenga with golden work and embroidery on it.

“Shivay… which jhumka goes best with the lehenga?” Anika who was highly confused asked showing him infinite pairs of jhumkas. He got dazzled and confused by the shine and different colours of the jhumkas. “This one…” he said putting up one golden and white Jhumka but soon realized white is not the colour of her lehengs and then shifted to another one “… no this one” this time he said pointing a red and silver coloured one. But somehow he said no after sometime disliking it too. “No jhumkas suits the best with this lehenga…what should I wear now?” Anika said almost crying. “Hey… this will suit perfect” Shivay said taking one pair of Jhumkas out from his sherwani pocket. She turned and looked at them “wooww…” she could not help but admire the design and beauty of that pair. She looked at Shivay with twinkle in her teary eyes. “Thank You so much Shivay” she said while Shivay bent down touching the Jhumka to her ear. “For what?” Shivay asked. “For everything… for such a nice family… for so much love and specially for supporting me” she answered looking at Shivay’s eyes through the mirror.

“Now get your make up done soon or else Daadi will scold me for getting late” Shivay said finishing making her wear the Jhumkas. “Okay…” Anika wiped away her tears and started applying a base coat of moisturizer for makeup. After around twenty minutes or so she was completely done with a very minimal makeup. Shivay looked at her and his jaw dropped. She looked at him through the mirror and blushed. She took her mangalsutra in her hand to wear but Shivay came and took it in his hand. He made her wear it not breaking the eye contact with her through the mirror. He put p the vermillion box and applied a pinch of sindoor on her hair partition. She smiled through her tears. Involuntarily his hands went to wipe away her tears. When he realized he soon explained “do not cry or else all these would wipe away” he said pointing towards her makeup. “Hmm..” she replied smilingly.

The ritual started. Only Oberoi Family members and Anika’s family members were present. Pinky was instructed to bless Anika and the child in her womb. Anika thought Pinky won’t come forward to bless her and her child. She kept looking down. She soon felt a hand over her head and look up and to her surprise it was Pinky standing in front of her in happy tears. “Thank You beta for makings me grandma” Pinky said brushing her hand over Anika’s head. Tears went down Anika’s eyes. “No cry… why are you crying at this happy moment?” Pinky asked wiping off Anika’s tears. “Why…why are you crying then?” Anika asked wiping Pinky’s tears. Everyone got teary eyed looking them while smile appeared on Shivay’s face. “Okay… no more rona dhona… Pinky puttar… give her the gift” Daadi said. Pinky and Anika smiled looking at Daadi. “Yes mummy ji” Pinky said and brought a box kept on the gift table. She took out two pairs of ethnic kangans. Anika looked at Pinky after looking those. She couldn’t say a word and Pinky slipped those in her hands. “Mummy ji has given me this in my god bharai rasam… now I am giving this to my BAHU” Pinky said. Anika’s eyes again got filled up with tears. “Nahhh… itni choti si baat ke liye motiyan nahi bahaya karte” Pinky said wiping Anika’s tears and continued “I was waitings to to give this to my bahu… stays blessed always… may your child always stays blessed, happy and healthys… sada suhagan raho” Pinky blessed dropping a kiss over Anika’s head and kissing her both hands. Anika looked at Shivay who was looking at her in return and smiled. Other married women came forward and blessed Anika and her child.

“Prinku don’t you think this rasam is looking much dull without music and dance?” Soumya asked looking at Prinku. “Yeah Soumya” Prinku answered. “To hojaye?” Rudra asked looking at Om. “What… me and dance… no” Om said. “We are not asking O… we are ordering” Rudra answered. “Rudra… no” Om whispered. “Om… mere liye” (for me) Anika said looking pleadingly at Om. Om looked at her and nodded “aapke liye kuch bhi bhabhi” (for you anything bhabhi) he said and the music was played.

‘Wah…wah raam ji… Jodi kya banayi… bhaiyaa aur bhabhi ko… badhayi ho badhayi…” the song started playing and Rudra and Soumya started dancing on it. Their eyes locked many times while dancing and they swirled away with the lyrics. Everyone clapped after they finished. “Now O…” Rudra said and went to play another song.

‘Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum… ek dusre ke liye bekaraar hum…’ the song started playing. Om and Prinku started performing on it. Everyone clapped aloud while Om also had a huge smile. He went to his bhabhi and said “thank you so much bhabhi for everything… for our champ” he said looking at Rudra. Rudra came and held Om’s hand and nodded in agreement.

The rasam got over on a very beautiful note. “Billu… I have an announcement” Daadi said. “Yeah… Daadi please say na…” Shivay said holding daadi’s hand. “Think of it as my order…” Daadi said. “Daadi… aapki aagya sar aankho par… you just say” Shivay answered. “From today onwards Anika will stay in your room with you… she won’t stay alone in the guest room” Daadi ordered. Shivay Anika’s eyes fell on each other and as Anika knew he would say no so she looked away. “Okay Daadi… I said na aapki aagya sar aankho par… she will stay in my room with me from today” Shivay answered dropping a kiss over Daadi’s head. “I knew it… my billu won’t disobey my orders any time” Daadi said caressing Shivay’s back.


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