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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


OmRu happily went to Shivika’s room and noticed Shivay and Anika lost in each other. “Ahem…ahem” they faked cough and started looking here and there when Shivay-Anika’s trance broke. “Bhaiyaa… we came to inform something” Rudra said hugging his brother again. “Rudra…doctor” Om said pressing his smile. “What happened to Rudra… why doctor… hey Rudy… you are fine right?” Shivay asked pulling out from the hug checking Rudra’s temperature. “Shut up Om” Rudra said frowning while Om couldn’t control his laughter more. “Will anyone bother to explain what is going on… and why doctor?” Shivay asked looking confused. Om explained the actual reason for laughter as how Pinky said Rudra needs doctor because he hugs his brothers anytime. Shivay and Anika too started laughing listening to Om. “Bhaiyaa…bhabhi you also?” Rudra asked making sad face and looking down. Anika controlled her laugh and went to Rudra and rubbed his back “no one will tease my Rudy” she said. Rudra looked at her and smiled broadly. “I love you bhabhi” he said and hugged Anika. “Hey careful” Shivay said going forward a step. After having a fun chat ShivOmRu left Anika to relax and they went away.

“Shivay… we need to say something” Om said stopping Shivay at the door step of his room. “Yeah… say na… what is the problem?” Shivay said. “We are planning to perform God Bharai of Anika bhabhi” Om said. “Yes… another small sa chotu sa member will come to our house… I will also get to call someone as chotu” Rudra exclaimed excitedly with twinkling eyes. But Om noticed Shivay lost in thoughts. He jerked him and asked “what happened Shivay? Are you not happy with this decision?” “Om… I have something to share please ask everyone to join me in the hall after ten minutes. Shivay went inside his room and closed the door. OmRu as advised went and informed everyone and went to hall.

Ten minutes passed by. Everyone came down, only Anika wasn’t informed as they wanted to give Anika surprise. But the words that Shivay said the very next moment made everyone sad. “Daadi… I want only our family and Anika’s family to take part in this god bharai rasam… no one else… and this is my condition for this rasam.” He said. “But puttar…” Daadi tried to say something but Shivay cut her in middle and continued “Daadi you believe me right? So please have faith in me… I am not doing anything wrong” Shivay said. “Shivay… we all know that… but why are you doing this everytime? On your marriage too you just wanted no one but these too families and now also… is there anything you are hiding from us?” Om asked. “No Om… nothing of that sort but it is my decision. If you all agree then only go ahead with the function or else I would suggest please drop the idea. Though unwillingly but everyone agreed.

Shivay went back to his room and tried to resume his works but somehow he felt the urge to visit Anika. He tried to resist a lot but could not help and went to her room. She was leaning on the pillow staring at the coloured wall in front of her and smiling. Automatically smile appeared on Shivay’s face seeing her smiling. After sometime Anika’s eyes fell on Shivay “hey come in… why are you standing at the door step?” she asked. “No I was just passing… thought to check you… are you fine or not” he said trying to build up a story but miserably failed due to his stammering. “Okay… okay no need to build a story now… you came to check me… so why not simply accept it?” she asked raising her eyebrows. “No nothing like that… I am not building any story” Shivay answered and went in.

He went close and sat on a chair beside her bed. “Shivay…will you answer a single question of mine?” Anika asked. “Yeah sure” he answered. “You used to love Tia a lot right?” she asked. His expressions changed. He got lost in some thought. “Hey Shivay” Anika jerked him. Shivaay looked at her and continued ” hmm…yes i loved her a lot…but I don’t love her anymore…she left me and went away.” Anika didn’t speak anything else. Shivaay too left from there. She kept on looking while he went out of the room without turning back. Something broke inside her heart as tears formed in her eyes. She managed to stop them from flowing down and looked at her tummy. “I don’t know Shivay… what will be the last chapter of our relationship but as I have promised Prinku… I would try to take care of you as Tia used to do” a tear rolled down.

Days passed and the day od god bharai arrived. Anika was at loss looking at the decoration of Oberoi Mansion. Daadi came to her “puttar… this was surprise for you…today is your god bharai… you have to wear this and take these jwelleries” Daadi said handing her a a dress and some ethnic ornaments. Her eyes moistened and she could not help and happy tears rolled down. “Puttar… aaj ke din nahi rote… this rasam is done for the sake of mother and child so that both of them stays alright. And if you cry like this my grandchild will also become sad na… so no crying” Daadi said wiping away Anika’s tears. Anika’s family joined her and took her to her room to make her ready for the rasam.

PRECAP- PINKY’S GIFT TO ANIKA….. stay tuned friends. We won’t disappoint you.

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