Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


“Anika beta” Anika’s mom called twice but got no response …finally she held Anika’s hand to bring her out of thoughts.
“Haa…haan maa…were you saying something?” Anika asked trying to hide her thoughts and the pain attached with it.
” is everything fine? What did Shivaay beta say? You just brought me out without saying a word..i am anxious beta…tell me is everything fine?” Anika’s mom asked anxiously
“Maa…maa…don’t worry…everything’s is fine..Shivaay has agreed to keep the baby…so relax…see i am also fine” Anika spoke hiding her tears
“Thank God…they are really very good people Anika..may God bless them and give them much more happiness ” Anika’s mom blessed the Oberoi’s
“Yes mom…everyone is good except Shivaay Singh Oberoi …you will never know how he behaved with me…I don’t want to put you all in stress by saying all that…” Anika again slipped into thoughts
“Go beta …now rest …you need to take good care of yours …go to your room , while i will prepare sonething chatpata to eat” Anika’s mom left relaxed
Anika left to her room and cried silently standing against the closed door

—————Oberoi Mansion

Dadi ” what happened that Billu got ready to marry Anika ? Isn’t it a very quick and sudden decision?”
Om” even i am thinking the same Dadi. We must find the reason ”
Rudra “shall i call Anika didi’s sister Sumo and ask did Anika didi say something to her?”
Om ” for the first time you gave a sensible idea..go ahead”
Rudra called Sumo and asked about Anika…Sumo replied that Anika is fine and not at all stressed , she is normal.
Dadi ” may be they both took this decision for the child to be born”

Om ” Right dadi…i am also thinking the same else, Anika is not a person to bear any nonsense ”
Rudra ” whatever it is..i am happy Anika dii will come and stay with us here in OM forever as my bhabhi…you see how good our bhabhi-devar relationship will be”
Dadi ” I sympathise with whatever happened with Tia , but Anika will fill in that space and give new life to my billu…she is very nice gal”
Rudra ” so when will we be going to their house?”
“Tomorrow ” a voice was heard and OmRu Dadi looked towards the direction …Shivaay stood there
“Billu …Kal? Itni jaldi? Lagta hain tumhe shaadi karne ki bahut jaldi hain ?” Dadi said teasing
“Haan..yes dadi…i want to get married very fast” he spoke out ….” because i have to make her suffer too” he spoke to himself.

Pinky came there and listened to Shivaay’s decision and said “shivaay..Tia’s death has happened just a week before and now you have decided to marry that road side girl…are you in your senses? What will the society say …what will you answer Tia’s parents? Have you thought?”

“Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t make decisions without thinking …so i want you all to just do what i am asking..and if you have any problem..i will alone go ahead and talk to Anika’s family…but this marriage will happen…by hook or crook” Shivaay spoke determined

None could utter a word against Shivaay. The day passed and next day arrived. OF members started and reached Anika’s home.

Anika’s baba opened the door and was appalled to see entire OF standing infront of him…he composed himself and invited them in….it was a small house and was sufficient for Anika’s family , but could not accommodate OF members though…all the elders seated while youngsters stood…

Anika’s parents were in dilemma to start the conversation as they had no idea as to why OF was there…pinky looked at surroundings and spoke “OMM, this is where you live…please don’t minds but our servant quarters are more bigger than your house and”
She was cut off by Shivaay seeing the embarrassing faces of Anika’s parents….
Anika’s baba finally spoke ” we are happy that you all came here..but didn’t understand the reason”

Pinky tried to say something but Shivaay gave her no chance …he started
” i have the habit of speaking everything without any other talks let me come to the point…” shivaay spoke looking at Anika and then changing his stare towards Anika’s baba he continued ” i have come here to say that I HAVE DECIDED TO MARRY ANIKA”
Anika’s family stood in shock while Anika’s eyes widened and she started taking steps backwards murmuring “shaadi …he wants to marry me? But why? What is he planning to do with my life? This can’t happen ..I don’t want to marry”
She closed the room doors with a thud grabbing the attention of everyone present there

“Anika dii, Anika, Anika beta” everyone started calling her ..she cried inside….that’s when Shivaay sent her a message

Anika read it and wiping her tears came out….which let everyone more shocked

PRECAP- SHIVIKA’S MARRIAGE….. what was the message friends?? Well stay tuned to know how the story unfolds.

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