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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)




The surrogacy process took place smoothly

“Anika how are you?” Tia asked over the phone. “I am fine Tia and don’t worry the baby is fine too” Anika smilingly replied. She caressed her womb.

“Maa… I want achaar(pickle) and and yeah something chatpata” Anika shouted after keeping down the phone. She intended to Run but Soumya held her back and asked her to be careful. “Didi have you decided any name for this baby?” Soumya asked being excited. “Soumya its not my baby it’s Tia’s and Shivay’s baby. Whatever name they give will be the best.” Anika answered with a smile on her face. “Do you know something?” Soumya asked looking at her face. “What?” Anika asked with a confused look. “You are glowing much after this surrogacy procedure.” Soumya answered an Anika blushed at this comment. “Yeah that’s because it pregnancy glow” their mother answered and gave her the food items she asked for. Soumya took away the plate from her and started running and teasing her. Anika was running behind her. Their mother is trying to stop them but Anika’s leg slipped. “Anikaaa..” her mother screamed.

But before landing down she was in someone’s arms. “How much careless can you be?” Shivay shouted at her and made her stand. “I knew from the beginning that you won’t take care of our baby and now look at you running here and there” Shivay frowned at her. Yes it was Anika’s mistake so she opted to keep quite. “Listen its only not about our baby, you can harm yourself too if you run like this and fall.” Shivay said with a cool tone as compared to before. “Okay I won’t run like that again… I promise… pinky promise” Anika answered extending her pinky finger. “What is this Pinky promise now?” Shivay asked looking confused at her finger. “Okay forget it, aunty ji these are the medicines of her Tia has sent and asked me to give them to her, please take care of her and our baby” Shivay said and went away.

Anika looked towards the way Shivaay left and was stunned…..she couldn’t believe Shivaay spoke so coolly…Shivaay also on the other hand was shocked that Anika didn’t retort to him .. Both brushed off their thoughts thinking that the other behaved so because of the pregnancy and mood swings. Shivaay received Tia’s call asking about handing over medicines to Anika as well as about Anika’s health. Shivaay explained Tia about everything that happened. Tia was about to say something when Shivaay disconnected the call. Tia was much worried about the baby in Anika’s womb..she didn’t want anything to happen to Anika and inturn their baby…so she decided to bring Anika to OM where she can personally take care of every need of Anika.

PRECAP- WILL ANIKA AGREE TO COME AND STAY IN OBEROI MANSION?……. will Shivay agree to bring her to Oberoi Mansion?? Will Anika agree to that?? Stay tuned friends to know what happens next.

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