Ishq Sufiyana..Love Is Selfless.. PraNbir PriHaan ArHana AnuRhea(AnuVi SS Part 4

Ishq Sufiyana..Love is selfless.. Part 4

To celebrate the success of the music video Abhi arranged a party.

Abhi and Pragya welcomed the guests.

Abhi’s song was played.

Abhi-Pragya,Aryan-Shahana,Sunny-Priya,Purab-Disha and Ranbir-Prachi started dancing.

Hasta Rahta Hu
Tujhse Mil Kar Kyun Aajkal

Badle Badle Hai

Mere Tevar Kyun Aajkal

Mere Tevar Kyun Aajkal

Aankhe Meri Har Jagah

Dhundhe Tujhe Bewajah

Yeh Main Hu Ya Koyi Aur Hai
Meri Tarah

Kaise Huya, Kaise Huya

Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Huya

Kaise Huya, Kaise Huya
Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Huya

While dancing Sunny and Priya were lost in each other.

Main Barish Ki Boli
Samjhta Nahi Tha
Hawayo Se Main Yu
Ulajhta Nahi Tha
Hai Seene Mein Dil Bhi
Kaha Thi Mujhe Ye Khabar

Prachi felt a strange sensation while dancing with Ranbir.

Kahin Pe Ho Raate
Kahin Pe Sawere
Awargi Hi Rahi Saath Mere
Thehar Jaa, Thehar Jaa
Ye Kehti Hai Teri Najar

Prachi stopped dancing and caressed Ranbir’s face with pure love.

Suddenly she realized that it was her imagination.

Kya Hal Ho Gaya Hai Ye Mera
Aankhe Meri Har Jagah
Dhundhe Tujhe Bewajah
Yeh Main Hu Ya Koyi Aur Hai
Meri Tarah

Prachi thought:Oh no…What kind of weird imagination was this?How could I even think like this?Why I am feeling goose bumps when Ranbir dances with me?

Ranbir thought:Why did Prachi stop dancing with me?Did I make her uncomfortable?

Ranbir looked at her dull face.

Ranbir:What happened Prachi?


Ranbir noticed her empty ear.
Ranbir:Your earring is missing.

Prachi:Oh earring….

Suddenly Ranbir and Prachi saw the earring lying on the floor and bent down to pick it up from the floor.Ranbir and Prachi’s hands touched each others by mistake they looked at each other deeply.

Ranbir picked it up from the floor.

Ranbir took the earring and put it on her ear.As his finger touched her ear,she felt different.

Kya Hal Ho Gaya Hai Ye Mera
Aankhe Meri Har Jagah
Dhundhe Tujhe Bewajah
Yeh Main Hu Ya Koyi Aur Hai
Meri Tarah

Prachi ran out.Ranbir followed her and held her hand.

Ranbir:What happened Prachi?

She looked at him.

Prachi:I feel strange.I want to go home.Can you drop me home?

Ranbir:Yes sure.

They both got inside the car.

Ranbir started driving the car.

Ranbir:What happened to you Prachi?

Prachi blushed thinking of her dance with Ranbir.

Kaise Huya, Kaise Huya
Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Huya
Kaise Hua, Kaise Huya
Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Huya

Prachi held Ranbir’s hand and said:Nothing Ranbir.I feel that my life is taking a turning point.So I want to think well about it.


Prachi:I will let you know it soon Ranbir.

He smiled.

Kaise Hua, Kaise Huya
Tu Itna Zaruri Kaise Huya


(Kabir Singh).

After reaching home Prachi rested in her room thinking of Ranbir and blushed.

Prachi:Guess Rhea and Shahana are right.I also love Ranbir.

Sunny and Priya went to the lawn which was decorated for the party.

Priya:Rehaan,why did you bring me here?

Sunny became nervous.

Sunny:Because I want to tell you something alone without anyone’s knowledge.

Priya:Why you want to talk to me in private?

Sunny was silent.

Sunny:Actually…Pri…Priya..I…I think I love you.

Priya was shocked.


Sunny:Yes Priya.I fell in love with you without my own knowledge.

Priya felt very happy.But suddenly she became upset.

Priya lied:But I have not seen you that way Rehaan.So I think you should remove such feelings from your heart.

Sunny was shattered.

Sunny:I am sorry if I hurt you.

Priya:It’s ok Rehaan.Let us forget it.

Priya walked away.

Rehaan was very upset.


At home…

Priya cried thinking of how she lied to Sunny that she does not love me.

Priya:I am sorry Rehaan.I lied to you that I don’t love you because Maasi and Mausa will never approve of our relationship.They will never let us unite.So it’s better to end our feelings before they get stronger.Otherwise when our relationship breaks it will be hard for both of us.

Priya kept visiting Mehra Mansion to spend time with Pragya as she loved Pragya’s company.

Pragya oiled her hair.

Pragya:Your hair is so long Priya.You should take care of it very well.I tell this to Prachi and Rhea too.But they don’t listen to me.But you should listen to me.

Priya:I will not listen to you.


Priya:Because only then you will oil my hair with your hands.I want to get pampered by you.

Pragya smiled and hugged her.

Priya thought:Abhi uncle advises me like a father advises his daughter.Pragya aunty pampers me like a mother pampers her daughter.Why I feel a strong connection with her?

Pragya went to make tea.

Sunny passed by and saw Priya.

They looked at each other painfully.

Sunny thought:You don’t love me.But why your eyes say something else Priya?

Priya turned off her face.

She thought:I can’t look at his eyes.I won’t be able to control my feelings.

One month passed….

Sunny noticed that during rehearsals also Priya keeping a distance with him.

Sunny thought:Why she does not want to face me?Is it only because she knows that I love her?I feel that there is something more.I need to find it out.

Sunny:Priya!Why are you trying to avoid looking at my face?If it is because of my love confession just forget it.You don’t need to find it difficult to face me.

Priya bent her face and said:Nothing like that Rehaan.You simply feel like that.

Sunny went near her and said:No.I am not simply feeling like that.You are definitely hiding something.

Priya became nervous.


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