Ishq Subhan Allah 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir gets angry at Zara again

Ishq Subhan Allah 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Irfan asks Zara to start meeting. Zara thinks Kabir your dream will fulfill, she says this meeting is important, I want to present a project to you all. Kabir says I want to talk to you Zara. One member says this is board meeting, she is not your wife but board member too, let her talk. Irfan says lets listen her. Zara says this project is about kids who follow our religion and spread Islam’s message but they dont flourish economically, this project will make them stand on their feet. Member asks if its her project? she says its Kabir’s project, my husband and vice priest. Khalid says I understand your intention, how much money you want? your father is a head priest and you are member of board so he will pass this project for his son in law. Zara is stunned. Kabir fumes in anger. Kabir says I am sorry you all for wasting time, I didnt want to present this project here. Khalid says this is sharia board Zara, you should have atleast talk as husband and wife. Irfan says all are board members here, you dont have right to behave like this. Kabir says I agree with Khalid, this is sharia board not some relative’s gathering, I want to take this project back, thank you, Irfan ends meeting. Kabir leaves. Zara runs behind him.
Zara stops Kabir, she says one man kept blaming your wife for cheating and you remained silent? Kabir says you are member of sharia board, you became part of this board by cheating with your father, I was always against you being part of this board, why did you present my project to board? Zara says I just wanted to help. Kabir says when girls like you start going to out of house to help husbands then this happen, I am a fool, you know thoughts of these members, you dont know anything about project. Zara says I just wanted to help you, I read everything about that project, if you had taken my side then we would have succeeded, Kabir says I despise your thinking, it made me and your father get insulted infront of all, he holds her shoulders and says I am telling you last time, I dont need your support for work, he leaves. Zara cries and says I just wanted to help him succeed his project. Kabir drives away. Zara thinks Kabir left me without even thinking a second? She cries and looks around. She hires a cab and leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir comes home, Shahbaz asks where is your wife? Kabir is tensed. Shahbaz says she went with you? Zara comes there and says I am here. Ayesha says to Kabir that Hamdan is coming, we should prepare, Kabir says yes dont worry. Shahbaz asks what happened in sharia board meeting? Kabir glares at Zara and leaves. Ayesha says to Zara that I called Hamdan as you said. Zara says now Ruksaar will get married respectfully.

Ruksaar gets ready, Zeenat comes to her. Ruksaar says you know how much Kabir insulted Zara outside board? Zeenat says and you are getting ready? you have to remember that Hamdan is coming to see you. Ruksaar says dont forget that I will be seen to Kabir too and me and Zara will be seen together, we have to make Kabir see that I am better daughter in law than Zara for my thinking for this house.

Kabir comes to Ayesha and asks where is Hamdan? Ayesha says he is sitting with you father. Kabir nods and leaves. Zara looks on. Ruksaar comes there all dressed. Zara thinks why Ruksaar is following us today? Kabir looks at Ruksaar. Ruksaar thinks today my magic will work on Kabir. Ayesha says girl and boy should talk alone. Zara says there is should be someone else with them as our religion says that. Ayesha asks Zara to go with them. Kabir says no she cant go with them, she is stranger to Hamdan. Zara says but I can go with my husband right? Kabir looks on. Ayesha asks Kabir and zara to go with them.

They start walking to room. Zara says to Kabir that I am ashamed of what happened in sharia board. Kabir says its not time for all that, lets do our responsibility. Zara says lets do our duties together, she gives him her hand, Kabir holds her hand, Zara smiles, they go hand in hand. Ruksaar sees them holding hands and thinks I wont let Zara succeed.

Ruksaar comes to Hamdan. Kabir and Zara sit with them. Zara sits closely with them. Ruksaar says you both look good together. Kabir asks Hamdan about himself, he says I am an engineer and works in Dubai. He asks Ruksaar what you think about women who go out of house and work? Ruksaar says I think wife’s life should be around her husband, wives shouldnt go out but sit at home to handle things. Zara says but Ruksaar is very modern, she brings new ideas and she can work out of house too. Ruksaar says no, trust is I dont want to work outside house, my husband and house is my life, I have learned that making husband proud is what wives should focus on. Kabir nods and is impressed. Zara glares at her and thinks Ruksaar I wont let you come inbetween me and Kabir.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. First of all, you are an idiot kabir. Zara was right to go to the board.
    The reason I say this is because, kabir has no understanding of his own project.
    You might say to me, but why sister, you should have realised this. Because you told us yesterday, that kabir went to ruksaar of all people. For business advice.
    Yes I should have realised this.

    Kabir wants to open an orphanage, also teach these kids. So when they grow up, they can get a job or start a business.

    What kabir needs to understand, how is he going to get income. How is he going to look after theses kids. Who is going to make sure that these kids are feed. What if a child want to become a doctor, or an carpenter. Who is going to train them.
    How many children can he take in.
    Well he needs staff. How many staff well he need. Also what type of staff well he need.
    For example if a child is sick over night, well he need to employ a doctor. How is he going to pay for his staff.
    Where is he going to get the money from.
    For kabir projects, he well need continuous income. Because children well need to be feed, clothes, and many other stuff.
    His project, is a charity. So he can’t make money.
    Zara went to the right place!
    Because of his ego, oh I can’t wait when he realised that he was wrong. Kabir has to go back begging this time.

    I don’t want to tell everything, but the organization that I work for.
    This person came wanted investment for a project.
    My boss, said that this person has a good heart.
    But need to rethink. Yes my boss can help the person to build the building. That part is easy. But the rest is difficult.
    Poor Zara, I feel so sorry for you.
    Kabir has no understanding how the world works. Why should he, he never had a job. All kabir did all his life is what is Islamic and not Islamic.

    Yes it is easy to dream, I can dream to have an house in the sky. But how to get it up there. Is going to be hard.

    1. Sister, in your country, this mehar issue, is it handled the same as in this serial or differently? Where I live, it’s up to the wives to do whatever she wants with it. Here I see Zeenat gloating and preening about her still having her mehar gift which is incidentally a cheque as well. After so many years she’s married and she’s still kept the cheque? For what, I don’t understand. Maybe she sleeps with it, framed it on the wall or looks at it everyday like a trophy, I just don’t understand why she still has it with her and didn’t deposit it and thinks she did the best thing!! What’s your take on it???

    2. No, I didn’t get my mehar, that duty was up to my ex.
      He promised me, that he well pay over time. My marriage only lasted 5 mouth.
      That well be his sin to bear. In Islam, whether the marriage last or not. Mehar has to be paid.
      It doesn’t matter who pay for the mehar. As long it is paid.
      If a cheque was giving on the of the wedding day. Then wife has the right to deposit in her bank account.

      Yes it is funny, why zeenet didn’t just do that.
      I do know that some of my friends husband. Have given their mehar over time.
      Kabir had a helping hand he should have taken it.
      The way he is behaving, there is no way. He well be able to pay Zara mehar.

  2. After kashmir episodes, What makers did with this serial…. the way kabir’s character is shaping up, it’s really disappointing. No religion permits a man to behave with her wife like this….he always misbehave with zara…. his character is full of ego, stubbornness, dualness and have no respect for his wife.
    Plz show some sweet moments between the lead actors…

  3. One more time we have seen a misunderstanding between the spouses. Probably the script series intends to go to that direction and to show the divorce of the heroes.Yeah, here there is a law of the genre. I so like Zara’s mother-in-law because she is wise and good-natured. Ruksaar’s groom is a handsome young man the girl was lucky.

  4. leisa s morris

    I feel ruksaar intented fiance would prefer a wrkin class woman who can help her husband and not just rely on him for everyting. A modern woman who doesnt need to bow ti society snd whose husband has no problem with her belping him b successful. At least i hope so so dat kabir can realize how wrong he has been. Afterall a wife helpin her husband does not make him weak but lets him kno he has someone to give him strenght wen he needs it

    1. I really hope your prediction comes true, nothing like a modern thinking man to rub Kabir’s nose in some dirt….just for treating Zara the way he did…too rude and egotistical.

  5. Can kabir puts his ego aside for 2 mins and listen to his wife. Women helps man in one way or another, either formally with work or informally: cooks for husbands, do chores for him, take care his children…if they can take their help informally why being ashmed to take it formally. If kabir has problem with zara’s help then he shouldn’t expect her to cook, clean, sew, do his laundry or respond to his any requests as these are help too and he doesn’t want any from a wife. If he thinks it is duty of wife to support and follow her husband then it is no where said it can be only with housework and not with job. In fact he forgot it is husband duty to protect wife which he did not during investors meeting. He could have scolded her in privacy but infront of other not allow anyone to disrespect his wife.
    Zara too is being stubborn, he already said he doesn’t want any help, let him face consequences of his own actions. Forcing will make him more angry and less interested, she doesn’t deserve to bear all this

    1. No dear! it’s not about husband don’t need wife’s help. In fact we know they need them for almost everything. It’s just about their blo*dy ego. They can’t handle anyone telling them that it’s their wife who helped them. They just can’t bear the idea women doing something men are supposed to do( according to their perspective). They want to control and rule over women coz they are ‘men’. Sadly Kabir is one of the typical men in our society with such a narrow mindset. Zara is a confident girl with good thoughts. But she’s being stupid n emotion nowadays. She don’t need to beg him to take her help. She have developed soft corner from the day Kabir helped her and this will make her weak and follow him. She needs to be strong and confident with her thoughts and fight for her rights.

    2. i meant, it is really hypocrite of men to except women to do husband chores but when it comes to other kind of stuff husband ego comes in between , because at that time wife will get credit and recognition for her hard work.

  6. I dislike the way Kabir’s character is shaping up too. I agree with your comment Suhani 100% and I wish something happens whether good or bad, to knock the smug smiles from vampy Rukhsar’s face, permanently. As with Zeenat, everytime I see her, I think of a cobra!!! She and her sister, peas in a pod and I don’t think Kashan deserves a conniving witch like her for a wife…he’s so good natured, so far!! As with these writers, they turn perfect characters into demons overnight!!!

  7. Hi everyone i read your comments and i agree with you all. I am supporting zara 100%. why cant a wife help her husband. in a marriage husband and wife are equal. I am so disgusted with the way kabir is treating zara.
    Naz long time no chat hows things, i to am disliking kabir’s character also, why are zee writer always portraying their lead actors to distrust their wife, look at what they did to prem and teja/raja and rani.
    and this rukshaad hate her the same way i hated preeti and this zeenat she really is a snake.
    Sister you are so right in your comment concerning kabir, he wants to help these kids but how is he going to take care of them, doesnt he realised that starting any project isnt materialized overnight. What is wrong with zara helping him money wise…we can see that she loves him wholeheartedly and she genuinely wants to help him..
    Naz i am really hoping that when kabir realises that he is wrong in treating zara this way that he has to beg for forgiveness. Really love that zara in laws like her and supporting her. especially kabirs mother

    1. Hi Seema, I’m doing well, thanks. Long time no chat indeed, you were AWOL… Hope you are doing just fine. The main problem with Kabir is EGO!!! It’s huge!! The thing is, he didn’t graduate from madrasa school with skills to equip him with the workforce, he was schooled in religious teachings. I wonder if he didn’t learn that pride is a sin!! Truth be told, men have a problem with women working for a higher salary, or when they climb the corporate ladder sooner or because of merit, before them. They still think we belong in the kitchen, taking care of the house, children, cooking and cleaning and the main reason…keeping the bed warm!! They are sadly mistaken here, it’s the reason why I made it a point to encourage my daughter of the importance of having an education and a job, work for your money ladies, it’s most satisfying and rewarding stimulation for the female psyche… No longer do women sit for men to buy them things, although some societies think that men should be the breadwinners…women are conquering everywhere and Zara jacket my support, she’s the progressive thinker. One of the reasons why she’s gone soft Seema, in my view, in reality, when a woman becomes intimate with her husband, it changes the dynamics of the entire relationship. Even it it’s the first time or not, women are ruled by the heart and this is what is our downfall, we tend to become emotional and our feminine side surrounds the masculine aura and he becomes ours and we want to bend backwards to accommodate him even though it would weaken our stance for independence. It really takes a woman with grit to separate her personal life with her husband from her professional one, because no matter where we are and what we are doing at the moment, thoughts of moments with them seep into our minds and render us repenting and apologetic…as with Zara! She loves Kabir but she has to learn to separate her thoughts.

    2. Loved ur comment Naz… it’s absolutely true but I feel loving someone is good but not on the verge of self respect….zara wants to be intimate with her husband bt kabir never takes the initiative. … in one of the particular scene when he grabbed her shoulder tightly, zara was crying but kabir was not affected wid her tears. N I saw the precap on YouTube. . It’s horrible…kabir threatened zara badly.

  8. Why there is no precap ?plz add

  9. Sorry for typo errors… One line up there should have read… Zara has my support.

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