Ishq Subhan Allah 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir breaks Reema’s heart

Ishq Subhan Allah 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir sees Reema calling. Zara wipes her tears as Alina comes there. Alina says lets go, we are late. Kabir says um..

Reema says to Imran that I am worried something happened to Zara, I asked Alina to let me talk to Zara or Kabir but she is not picking up call too, Imran says I will go and check.

Alina asks Zara what happened? why are you crying? Zara says I will talk to you later, Reema invited you with love so go. Kabir says you are telling this to Alina but not understanding that? she is your friend and you are putting it on stake for me? Zara says you are putting our relation on stake for Reema? Kabir says dont be stubborn. Zara says you dont see anything infront of your stubborn thinkin, not even your wife. Kabir says I do what is right. Zara says fine then I

will do what I think is right, I will not go to Reema’s house to celebrate diwali. She takes off her earrings and leaves. Alina says brother.. Kabir says husband and wife fights like that, dont worry, you can go if you want. Alina says I really wanted to go but I will not go without you both, she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara recalls Kabir’s words that he cant go and how Reema was so excited to see them in party. She cries and hugs a pillar. Someone puts hand on her shoulder, she turns to see Imran there. She looks away. Imran asks what happened? did Kabir deny to go? Zara looks down. Imran says dont worry, you get ready, I will bring him. Zara says he wont agree, I did everything but he didnt agree, you will waste time. Imran says Reema and her parents are waiting for you both, what will I tell? Zara says tell them what is truth. She leaves.

In morning, Shahbaz comes for breakfast, Alina says Ayesha has gone out for some work. Zara is taking food for Kabir but Kabir comes there and sits on table. Zara says you will sit here? Kabir says I have to pacify someone. Zara looks away. Amaan brings firecrackers and says Reema brought them. Zeenat says keep them away, play outside, he leaves. Shahbaz says to Kabir that I got to know what happened, we might not have celebrated diwali but we have always celebrated with our friends so I think what you did was not right, you shouldnt have said no to Reema, you could have handled it in such a way that Reema wouldnt be miffed. Kabir says truth is that I never went to diwali parties, if you had taken me in childhood then this wouldnt have happened. Reema comes there and shouts Zara.. all look on. Reema is in tears and says you are my best friend, you gave me biggest happiness yesterday and also biggest pain, you called my parents here but after yesterday I thought why did you even call them? they wouldnt have seen me crying, they would keep believing that I have another home in this city, I celebrated eid with you, didnt I? you never missed diwali but what happened yesterday? I kept waiting for you? I thought you would come and hug me, wish me diwali but you didnt, I was wrong, yesterday and for many years, did religion come inbetween our relation and friendship? do you see me from religion mirror now? Zara says no. Reema says then what changed between us? it never happened before. Zara hugs her, Reema pushes her away and says answer me, what changed? Zara says I am married now, Kabir and my happiness and sadness are one now, its my helplessness to accept his decisions. Kabir looks on. Reema says to Shahbaz that Kabir not celebrating diwali means that some muslims wants to keep away from us? Shahbaz says its not like that, Reema says what happened was wrong. Kabir gets up and asks Reema to sit down, Reema sits down. Kabir says I am not against diwali, holi and I can never be against you, you and Alina are same for me, you are my friend, I would walk for you, I will be part of your happiness and sadness, if I was against diwali then would I take you for shopping for diwali? not coming to your party was not my personal decision, I could be part of if but for city I am vice president of sharia board, I have responsibility towards society and they might feel bad that I became part of your diwali party, I dont want people to start arguing thats why I didnt come. Reema says fine, you represent your society and leave this friendhip but remember that your, Zara, Imran and my friendship is more than two nations, she angrily leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zeenat brings ghujiya for Ruksaar and says wish you could see Zara arguing with Kabir, one side was her childhood friend Reema and otherside was her husband, she was stuck, I am sure their relationship will be strained till you wake up, I want that when you wake up, Kabir would not be able to divorce you.

Reema comes to Irfan’s house and cries. Reema says to Imran that you have experience of 30 years and Kabir have less experience but you never denied Zara to celebrate diwali with me, you were always part of it then why did Kabir not allow Zara or come with her? does it mean that Islam not let people celebrate happiness with others? Salma looks on.

Zara makes ghujia and says I used to send it to Reema every year but I dont know how to do it this time. Kabir comes there and says I am sorry, I feel like I am stuck in two boats, first it was Ruksaar and now this.. you know I cant see tears in your eyes and I am the reason for them now. Zara says I understand but how to make Reema listen? if I dont celebrate diwali with her then how will eid be happy for me without her? its not about friendship, its about relation that depends on happiness, my relation with Reema depends on happiness only which I might not get anymore. Kabir takes ghujia and says can I eat them? Zara says think its diwali sweets. Kabir eats it and says if I can drink poison from your hands then this.. he makes a face, Zara says is it not good? Kabir says its awesome. Irfan calls Kabir and says come to our house with Zara, he ends call. Kabir says I will have to answer a lot of questions.

Zara and Kabir comes to Irfan’s house. Irfan says I will not answer Reema, Kabir and Zara will give reasons. Irfan asks Kabir why did he not go to her party? Kabir says as a friend, I will always be with Reema but people follow me as vice president and if I celebrate diwali then it will start a debate. Zara says you are vice, if some people are behind you then there are a lot more muslims behind Irfan, he has far more experience but still he always sent me to Reema’s house, Reema just wants that like I always was part of her happiness, you become part of it and take this tradition ahead. Kabir looks on.

PRECAP- Zara says to Reema that I will celebrate bigger diwali function with you but I am sure Kabir will come with me, I have faith in my love.
Zara says to Kabir that if you loved me fully then you wouldnt break heart of my friend that is more than a sister, but you can make me happy by taking me to her function and become mind fully. Kabir looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is a very contentious topic, I’ve see this happening in my circle of people… I know exactly how Reema is feeling and her plight is a reality in conservative societies and no one can tell me that it’s not true. Zara is a liberal thinker, I know the mind of a liberal thinker because I’m one too and I can’t understand why people think the way Kabir does. How can there EVER be peace amongst humanity when a simple request like Reema’s ,has religious connotations added to it to give some degree of religious legitimacy? Religion is used as a disguise for religiously prejudiced thinkers who are of the opinion that the religion they believe in is superior to the belief of what other people believe in and that’s why we have so many incidents in the world today pertaining to religious wars between families, societies, clans, sects etc… There’s simply no religious tolerance at all… Like I’ve said, I know exactly what is in Kabir’s mind, I’m seeing it happening in and around me and I DO NOT subscribe to it in any way. While I think this topic is too controversial to handle for television , I’m glad that the writers have exposed it for what it really is…but they have all the time in soapland to explore the topic, if we can get so much of toxic Rukhsar then writers have all the time to handle this very complex and controversial topic. I’d like to see two important religions unite in this serial, the writers have much work to do… I know they won’t disappoint..

  2. Kabir has it wrong. What a great example to set to the council by going to the Diwali celebrations. Here is a golden opportunity to show how embracing and open-hearted he can be. And really isn’t it the same one God, whatever the name, that we all pray to?

  3. Cathy

    It’s hard for me to understand also Naz…Joy in any faith is to be celebrated.

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