Ishq Subhan Allah 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir threatens Zara

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Ishq Subhan Allah 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara comes to Shahbaz and family. Kabir asks her to give check. Zara panics but has some paper in her hand. Reksuaar thinks she deposited check in bank then what she is returning? Zara gives slip to Shahbaz, Shahbaz gives it to Kashan for depositing. Zeenat sees that its Zara’s bank check. She says this is not mahar check, it has your sign not Shahbaz’s sign. Kabir looks at her. Ruksaar thinks what game is this? She says is this bank deposit slip yours? I found it near table. Kabir says show me? He takes it and reads it. Zara says I deposited my check in bank. Zeenat says why you dont trust Shahbaz? I never deposited my check. Ayesha says it was Zara’s check and she had right to deposit it. Kabir says yes its her right but she should have informed me. Ruksaar says Zara might have needed money. Zeenat says that much money? Kabir says yes tell us. Zara says Kabir I deposited check for you, I wanted to help in your project, she leaves. Ruksaar says Kabir is it good to take support from your wife for work? Kabir says I dont need anyone’s support, my God is enough for me, he asks Kashan to deposit Zara’s check in Shahbaz’s account.

Zara is in her room and says he gets angry even when I do nice things, those sisters were so happy.. how did Ruksaar find deposit slip? does she spy on me? I should have thrown her out of house when I cameback from Kashmir. Kabir comes there, he glares at her and goes to washoom. He freshen up. Zara says you shouldnt have insulted me infront of all. Kabir says I insulted you? how could you even think that I will take your mehar money for my project? it was all your plot to show that you want to help me, my wife planned to help me with check and all and I didnt know all that? Zara says there is difference between plotting and helping and if a wife is helping her husband then whats wrong? Kabir says its wrong, the husband who takes help from wife doesnt have spine, husband have duty to take care of wife not vice versa, I have some rules which I wont break. Zara says but I think differently, wife can help her husband and there is nothing wrong in that. Kabir says its useless to talk to you. They both glare at each. Kabir lies on his side of bed. Zara lies on her side, they both look away from each other. Zara glances at them. They both sleep with back to each other.

In morning, Zara wakes up and sees Kabir missing, she thinks where did miffed priest go in morning?

Kabir comes to his site with an investor, he shows him site and stuff. He says to investor that my vision is that every kid in our religion have world books and religious books in their hands. Investor says God be with you.

Zara comes to kitchen, Ruksaar asks if she wants tea? Zara ignores her and asks Ayesha where is Kabir? she says some investor met Kabir so he went to show him the site, they will comeback home, you make servants tell what to make, we are going to guests so make sure you have everything for their welcome, she says priest sent that investor so he is religious. Ruksaar hears it and smirks.

Kabir and investor comes to house. Ruksaar comes to Kabir asks where was he? she sees investor and covers her face, she leaves. investor says to Kabir that I am religious, I am happy to see that they following covering. Kabir says we follow Islam fully. They go in house. Ruksaar thinks he being islamic will help me.

Zara comes to her room and takes kashmiri tea, she says my priest and investor will like this.

Zara comes to kitchen and asks servant if she put nuts in halwa? she nods. Ruksaar says we can put them in tea too. Zara says you have been living in such a big house and doesnt even know that nuts are put in juice not tea, I have brought Kashmir’s tea, use it, Kabir gave it as honeymoon gift. Ruksaar glares at her and makes tea. Zara says this tea made me remind Kashmir’s memories. Ruksaar says come out of memories. Servant starts taking tea but Ruksaar deliberately puts foot in her path, servant falls down. Ruksaar says cant you see what you are doing? Zara says its okay, I have more tea, I will take it, she leaves with tea pot. Ruksaar says plan is working.

Scene 2
Investor says to Kabir that without religion I cant fathom my life and you follow it thats why I am ready to invest my money in your project. Zara comes there and greets him. Investor is angry that she is not covering her face. Kabir says she is my wife Zara. Zara pours tea for him and offers him tea, he says I dont take things from namehram(other) women. Kabir takes tea from him and gives it to investor. Investor asks Kabir he doesnt ask his wife to cover her face? women shouldnt roam like this, we cant give them freedom like this. Zara is leaving but hears it. She stops and comes to him. She says to investor that I am sorry but my whole body is covered and that is not covering for you? he says your face is showing, you are priest’s wife, you shouldnt come without covering infront of a some other man. Ruksaar and Zeenat hears it. Zara says I am sorry but you are looking at some other woman’s face too, Quran asks you to keep your eyes lower too. Kabir mutters Zara! Zara says if men dont looks at other women then women wont have to cover themselves. Investor gets angry. Kabir says one minute. He asks Zara to go inside. Zara says to investor that you can try to cage us but you cant take freedom from us which Allah and Prophet gave us. Kabir shouts Zara, I am asking you to go inside. Zara angrily leaves from there. Kabir says sorry to investor, investor says I cant support this kind of thinking and I cant insult my religion, you have read religion, you are a priest, you should make your home first before making it good for nations, you can do projects later but I am not interested your project rightn now, he leaves. Kabir is angry and tensed, he recalls Zara’s argument with him. Ruksaar and Zeenat sees all this. Kabir angrily throws away his files and screams Zara. Zara comes there. Kabir glares at her and says you want to insult your husband infront of all? do it fully, why need to wear this dupatta? he takes off her dupatta? she puts it back and says I didnt like this thoughts so I told mine. Kabir shouts that only your thoughts are right? whole world and my thoughts are wrong except you? He grabs her shoulder and says if me, my family or this house get insulted because of your thoughts.. he whispers in her ear that would not be bearable by me. He digs his fingers in her shoulder. Zara is stunned.

PRECAP- Zara says Kabir’s thinking might be wrong but his intentions are not wrong, this project is like new light for this nation, Kabir did so much hard work on this project, it shouldnt be stopped because of me, I have destroyed things so I will get them back on track, Kabir’s project will be completed. Otherside Kabir is punching bag angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Some might say this is drama, but girls this is reality.
    I know that there are bad in both men and women. I agree with this.
    But life is not a fairly tails. Prince don’t come in all charming. This is what men do.
    I saw my ex in him, I think I always did. But in real life, men are like this, but they all play it differently.
    Zara want to be a good wife, she wants this marriage to be a partnership. Kabir is old fashioned. He see wife should stay in the kitchen. Wife don’t speak out. It was alright for him to defend Zara from a goons. But not men like the investor, because it is these type of men he hangs around with.
    I am 100% with Zara. Today it was not her fault. Kabir should have told her, what type of friend he was bringing in.
    But his ego got the best of him.
    The way he threaten Zara, I well kick you out. Because she is a woman, woman are homeless!
    Reminded of my ex, he said the same words. Then he send me a letter that he divorced me.
    Then I sent him officially divorced paper’s. That is when his pants was on fire!
    On Friday I said that Zara should stay out of kabir projects. You know what, I hope that she get his project done. I want her to show him, even if he kick her out. Zara can live without kabir!
    Kabir got his dream because of Zara. Kabir got his job because of Zara!
    Then I like her to say to him, thank you for saving me from that goon.
    This is my repayment to you, have a nice life. You can marry ruksaar now.

    Men like to threaten women with divorce, but when women accept that fate. Men don’t like it.
    That is what I have realised, I realised maybe being homeless isn’t that bad after all. Homeless people have nothing to lose. But a lot to gain.
    Zara should call out on kabir threats.

  2. This episode was filled the strong emotions. Zara is trying to reassert her devotion Kabeer, but she has failed. Sweet is the silent mouth. Of course, the investor was too exacting could have tea quietly. Zara’s path can lead to a divorce. I suppose that a purpose of creators is building a plot of the same contradictions like in this episode.

    1. Drinking tea quietly, they are not design for that unfortunately.
      Men like the investor, has lusty eyes. They blame the wife of that family house for their lust. But do Muslim men, say to thst guy why are you looking at my wife. In my experiences no, they don’t. It becomes the wife fault. There is nothing that I or you can do about it.
      I some people are unhappy about this track. But I am glad that someone decided to bring it to the open. Sometimes, someone has to bring Muslim men to shame.
      I ask you Nina, is this fair?
      We become some stranger wife, we are in a stranger home.
      That stranger bring a friend, then that friend humility you. Because he has a lusty eyes.
      Then that stranger blame you for dishonest his family. Because you have to defend yourself.
      This is life my friend.

  3. Hi friends…. Zara has my support… 100%… Kabir is threatened by Zara’s decision and I believe her independent streak is threat to his male ego…good, men with thinking like Kabir’s, need to to come down from that high horse and work together with their wives for their own benefit. I do know of some men who have no problem with a woman coming into a marriage with influential backgrounds, I’ve seen it countless times. The icing on today’s episode was when Zara told the obviously female bias investor that men should lower their gaze too…LMAO….and it’s the plain truth, if these men avert or lower their eyes, they won’t know what the woman in front of them look like….this is a topic I didn’t want to get into but I’m a progressive thinking woman and I dislike when men hold this religiously prejudiced thought woman are less than them, when we were all created equal and religion doesn’t make them think less revolting thoughts than men who aren’t so religiously inclined, maybe they don’t trust themselves…so we women don’t need to cut our noses to fix their faces….

  4. Why didn’t Shabaaz tell his son to get a job before marriage and why didn’t Kabir tell his father that he wants to be self sufficient enough to take care of a wife before he could marry? Didn’t Kabir know as a learned Maulvi that he has to give his wife mehar at the time of marriage?? With a thinking like Kabir, Rukhsar would have been the perfect wife for him, this girl would bend backwards just to please Kabir, poor thing wouldn’t even have a single progressive thought in her head, after all..she has nothing of her own and marrying Kabir would have settled her for life, she and Zeenat would have ruled the roost!! So…the lesson here is for a man who thinks like Kabir, better find a sustainable job before you try settling down in marriage because……what’s her’s, providing that she works..belongs to her and what her husband works for, is also hers!!!! BTW friends…how did Kabir intend to feed, clothe and take care of his wife when he wants to do charitable work with his land, gifted by his father, instead of trying to earn a living?? He could have opened a business, paid for by Shabaaz (and he has a problem with Zara accepting mehar from his father, the nerve of him!!) and leave the philanthropy work to his father who already made a life for himself and his
    family… Just my views… Hope I didn’t offend anyone…

    1. 100%, agree with you Naz,
      Kabir should have found a job, before marrying Zara or anyone.

      That is why he couldn’t finish the task he was giving, on his first day of work.
      Zara had to help him out. Was kabir grateful no.

      His male ego got the best of him. The first time I had a job, I started with making tea, then slowly sorting out files. Kabir got the second in line of the kaji job. He shouldn’t have gotten that position. Because he never worked in his life.
      Now as also it’s the wife fault. I hope the program makers, well show how women suffer under men. I hope that Zara doesn’t change for kabir. Kabir should learn to defend his wife, just not from goons. Also people like his friends like the investors. Kabir well belittle his wife even more, because of his belief and his behaviour.

  5. Hi everyone. I recently started viewing this show. Very thought provoking serial. Also very interesting forum. Sister l do appreciate your honesty and sincerity of viewpoint. There is truth in your views.
    We are about 4 episodes behind in the serial so I rely on updates. My regards to all. I do enjoy reading your comments.

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