Ishq Subhan Allah 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara gives resignation for Kabir

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Ishq Subhan Allah 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zara that I fulfilled your conditions so its time for you to resign from your position in project. Zara signs on resignation papers and gives it to kabir, He thanks her. She says its a good project and will help our nation. Kabir says yes. Zara says I have you happy by resigning, now you tell me how you will make my remaining 28 days full of happiness? she gives him pen, smiles and leaves. Kabir looks on.

Miraj comes to kabir’s house. miraj gives invitation cards to everyone. shahbaz asks what is this? Miraj says tomorrow is our project’s inauguration, Kabir asks Shahbaz to have a look if there is something missing. Zeenat says this card doesnt have zara’s name and she is a partner in this project. All look on. Ayesha asks Kabir why there is not zara’s name in it? Kabir looks on. Zara says because I have resigned from this project. Ayesha says why? Zara says I wanted to make kabir happy and his happiness was in this. Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says you did a nice thing, i was against this project but now I feel this project is important for kabir and this nation, my son is doing a big thing. Kabir thanks him. Zara says work is nice but it has many problems, i am happy that Shahbaz you like it but truth that if you dont help then this project wont be able to go on longer. kabir says no, Zara you have left this project so you shouldnt be talking about it. zara says everyone has heard about your dreams but I have seen your dreams in your eyes, people sleep to dream but I have seen you not sleeping because of your dream. Ayesha asks what she wants to say? Zara says even with miraj’s help, this project can stop because of money. Miraj says we are working on that. Zeenat says Zara you have mahar money so you can help too. Zara says relations are more important than money to me. Ayesha says Zara is right, parents should help their kids then Shahbaz why dont you help? Shahbaz says i know my duties and I know what i have to do for my son so I want to announce that the amount which was used to start this project, I will put that same amount in this project now. All are happy to hear it. Kabir thanks him and is elated. Miraj is tensed. Zara smiles seeing him smile.

Kabir comes to room and thanks Zara. Zara comes closer and says you are forgetting that you have given me one divorce and will give me other two divorces in some days.. She tries to turn but strikes with him, she says you have been thanking me a lot today, its bad, I mean if you become habituated to it then how will you divorce me? kabir laughs and says you say weird things. Zara says will you take me to project inauguration? Kabir says anyone can come. Zara says I mean will you take me with you? I left this project for you, then not as a project partner, you can take me as a wife? like you and me go together? Kabir says okay. She is stunned and says really? he nods. Zara says then you have to behave like a husband there with me, he says okay. She asks promise? He holds her hand and says promise. Zara hugs him without realizing, he moves away. Zara smiles and thinks he made my 3rd day special too.

Zara goes to lie on couch. Kabir says you wont get sleep here. Zara says we will alternate days, today i will sleep on it. Kabir says no.. Zara lies on sofa. He glares at her and says you dont listen even when I say something nice for you, you wont be getting sleep here, I will sleep peacefully. He sits on bed. Zara smiles at him. Kabir says I am looking, she keeps glancing at him lovingly.

Scene 2
Miraj comes to his room and recalls how Zara got money for the project. He beats his pillow in anger. Nilofar comes there and says so much anger? I heard that zara took happiness from you? Zara destroyed your whole plan and all money is gone too. Miraj says there is no treatment for this zara, I have to finish her. Nilofar says no, zara have a lot of money and you know where there is money, there is a show, I was thinking tha I should play from Zara’s team too sometimes. Miraj puts a knife on her neck and glares at her. Nilofar smirks and winks at him, she points knife at him too, Miraj puts his knife down, Nilofar leaves.

Shahbaz is in thoughts, Miraj comes to him and says you called me here? Shahbaz asks him to sit down and says tomorrow after inauguration, I want you to tell finances of the project to kashan. Miraj says you dont have to invest in this project. Shahbaz says its my need, I never invested in a bad deal but I have to now because Zara asked for help infront of all and Ayesha said that she will sell her jewelry if I dont invest but I want you to do something in inauguration? Miraj asks what? Shahbaz says a blast which will not be good for irfan. Miraj says but Irfan is ill these days. shahaz says i will convince him to come to the function, you prepare for the blast.

Zeenat comes to Zara’s room. Zara says Kabir is not here. Zeenat says I have brought this tea for you, I thought you have limited days here so I should serve you, are you coming for the inauguration? I thought Kabir threw you out so you would have shame to not come there. Zara says I am not the partner anymore but its a huge moment for my husband so I will proudly go there hand in hand with my husband to cheer on him. Zeenat says you have too much ego but you have less time and it will end in 28 days. Zara holds her hand and kisses it, she thanks her for the tea, Zeenat glares at her and leaves.

Miraj gives money to some people and says do my work as I said, the one who does nice work will get bonus too.

Irfan gets ready, Salma says you should be resting. Shahbaz is there too. irfan says I am fine, this is a big day for Kabir and we have to be there for our kids. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will take care of him all the time. Salma says one minute, she prays for Irfan. Irfan and Shahbaz leaves.

inauguration ceremony starts. Shahbaz enters there. Kabir and zara get down from car, Zara sets his sherwani and says congrats, you got the day you have been waiting for, hope you set example for everyone. zara’s earring falls, Kabir gets it for her. Kabir recalls how zara asked him to be a husband with her there. kabir says you wanted to walk with me right. He holds her hand, Zara pins her arm in his arm. Kabir and Zara enters inauguration center hand-in-hand. Miraj enters behind them and smirk. Ayesha smiles seeing them coming inside together. zeenat glares at zara. All guests and reporters are there. They see them. One man says that our priest divorced this girl so why are they coming together, one woman says this is so insulting, there is no limit to shamelessness, one says if I knew I would be seeing such cheap things then I wouldnt have come. Kabir and zara looks on.

PRECAP- Zara says to guests that our divorce is not completed, Kabir and I are still husband and wife. One guest says that divorce happened and they are still married? what joke is this? Shahbaz says to kabir that if you want to end this insult then decide if you want to be on your wife’s side which you have divorced or on your dream project’s side/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is Miraj attracted to Zara? I think Miraj has a weakness for women. At first, he told Rukhsaar that he had an ex-girlfriend. Then he flirts with Rukhsaar. After that he literally tries to move closer to Zeenat when Rukhsar asks both of them to hide behind the curtain. In yesterday’s episode, he caught Zara in his arms. But in today’s episode, he says that he should finish Zara.

    1. Lol he might be bipolar or psycho just like his brother siraj. He has plans for kabir an zara. Get them divorced then as a good friend of kabir propose to marry zara to permit their remarriage then refuse to divorce zara or blackmail her to stay with him if she doesn’t want kabir’s ruin

  2. I watched todays episode aftr a week i think n sadly nothing Has changed, everything is still.d same as a week back, but im feeling very good that i could stay away from watching it aNd todays Episode just made me more determined to stop, n I can see that mny people have quit watching, atleast mny have stopped writing here in this forum, as u can see by d number of comments after every updatw. So more power to us who managed to boycott this ridiculous outdated serial. They like to think that its a progressive serial but its really not, plus if they really claim to showcase reality in d muslim families then sorry i dont agree. They have zara doing exactly what other countless women have done bfr her in other serials to save her marriage. U really think a man would wnt to marry d same wife after she has married another man in real life, it never happens n nor would a woman go bk to d Same guy Whom she left, like many here would vouch. Muslims dont keep mentioning their prophet n his teachings every two mins. Nobody talks about family private affairs in front of guests or strangers…but here they all go blah blah in front of miraj n niloufer who r actually just strangers. Look at zeenat, she has no issuea with miraj who threatened her with her sons life but she has a huge problem with zara who actually saved both ruksar n her son when they were in danger. And this woman is allowed to have her say at evey opportunity to insult zara whn she herself got off easy whn she n her sister tried killing zara n her own son. Why do ppl even let her talk. Kabir, well, doesnt deserve a single word even if his intentions r actually good n maybe its his plan to protect zara, Like some ppl mentioned here. Coz he is giving her heartache at every step n zaras dad could even die of a heart attack n not to mention all d insults she gets from her own family n outsiders. She might win kabir bk in d end but at what cost wld that be., loss of her own dignity, maybe loss of her dad. Whats d point. And what d hell is Shahbaz upto, first he blackmails kabir into marrying zara n then he grows fond of her n then again now he wants her out of his house, they apparently have no room for her in this big house but have rooms for nilofer n miraj whom they dont even know … Haha.. Just hilarious, clearly d writers r clueless how to portray shahbaz and Ayesha has alrdy forgiven kabir!! Each one is a masterpiece in this family!!! Change begins with oneself, so people who r addicted to this serial, please respect urself as a viewer n todays woman, thats whn these writers wld respect us n give us good content….some wld say atlst its not d naagins n makkhis which is right n i rly thank u for that atlst… Haha

    1. Wow u have just summarized this stupid serial in a page I wonder y the directors are still continuing with it as they are very contradictory

    2. You nailed it. Zara is being portrayed as helpless women in this marriage with Kabir so dominating her, my way or i am divorcing you. Strangers leaving in the house and controlling their finances, weird.

    3. I would really like to post this to the write on twitter it’s beautiful all what u said here is so right.

  3. Well said, Sree, this serial is totally ridiculous now. Kabeer is too weak and Zara too lovestruck. Apparently Kabeer can only appear strong only when he’s insulting Zara I wish she would give him a dose of his own medicine and slam him and his father right down to earth. I really wish the writers would give us a twist and that is that Nilofer would surprise us and be on Zara’s side. Also Kabeer is waiting for Zara to make a big sacrifice for him but should she do that at the price of her self respect. After Zara’s humiliation at the inauguration, he’s the one who should do all the pacifying, after all he will choose his project, his family and even the society over Zara by asking her to leave and then have the gall to celebrate after she left.

    1. your perfectly right topaz.
      kabir is insensitive and a weakling. he does not deserve zara.
      who will watch such a negative show.
      what began well…. is moving so sadly ….. we will only be watching controversy and insult and hatred.
      no love … no ishq…. no ishq subhan allah

  4. Shabaz is an evil demented skunk who don’t care about the emotions of others. He wants his son to be the head priest by destroying the head priest and his family. Kabir will have to decide what’s best; his wife respect and honour or his father’s ego and greed.

  5. Nina

    At first the majority of them kind and nice, and then they lie, suppress evidence and attempt to smear and intimidate Zara. I wait Zara comes forward to expose the scandal.

  6. thought would write today after reading the review and all the comments.
    i too have stopped watching this show and so thankful i dont belong to this faith which treat women so badly, give talaq anywhere and anytime and then despise the women. just got to know all this from the show. People will start disliking the religion and will loose faith in love.
    tomorrow in anger any man can just pronounce divorce. difference in thinking is a wrong reason to divorce. it has to be worked upon. instead of showcasing a positive way out, the makers just showed divorce. even in the interviews, Adnan speaks that he is right & eisha wrong.
    so what do we expect from Kabir. he is the biggest villian of the show.
    earlier i just loved this jodi, and kept voting from them. i have stopped it all and even stopped watching.
    i just follow up the reviews with a hope that they get together.
    But kabir is adamant, stubborn himself – so how can he accuse of zara of being stubborn.
    so insensitive and in human behaviour of kabir. i pity zara. she is fighting alone with a mere shallow support from ayesha. lost all hope in Kabir. he is a puppet, he has no mind of himself, he is seriously a slave.
    poor zara fighting for a coward. this is going from bad to worse. the whole family is insulting and humiliating her. is kabir blind … stone hearted. zara was only stubborn and did things innocently and was fighting for the women’s right.
    she did not do anything so wrong that it deserved a divorce. what are the makers showing. they are just encouraging people to go for talaq.
    first time i have seen someone pray for their marriage and love…. and it is unanswered and headed straight to talaq.
    God is love and God is good. but here makers have shown that their God is with evil planners.
    there is no ishq…… so where is ishq subhan allah.
    for sometime it may be in the first 10 TRP. ishq subhan allah will soon move out.

  7. just like other shows I don’t understand how a family allows a guest (Nilofer and Miraj) to live with them for months on end. Very unrealistic. No family, no matter what their financial background would allow guests to live with them for months.

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