Ishq Subhan Allah 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksar fails to stop Kabir-Zara marriage

Ishq Subhan Allah 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruksar confirms with Rumana that marriage certificate is sent. She gets happy hearing positive news. Zeenat’s husband asks her what has happened to Ruksar? Why she is smiling and all after such a big tragedy in her life? Zeenat tells him to leave her and asks him to take out car. He asks her to bring Ruksar with her.

Zara tells Reema that she always wished to get a guy who only loves her and Kabir is just like that. She loves him a lot. Kabir is only hers and she belongs to Kabir only. She will never let anyone come in between them. Reema asks what about her? Zara says she loves her as well.

Zeenat takes Ruksar with her. Ruksar says she needs to change her sandals and asks her to go. She calls and finds out that package has already reached and gets happy. Kabir comes to his

car and finds Ruksar there. He asks her to leave as that’s his mother’s seat. Ruksar says she left already.

Aayesha comes to wedding venue. Zara’s parents ask where is barrat. Aayesha says she is going to attend wedding from bride’s side. Zara and her parents are very happy.

Kabir tells Ruksar that he is very happy because today he is going to get married to Zara. He’s going to spoil his happiness by arguing with her. He says he will come in a different car, but Imran closes door saying they are too late and drives the car. Ruksar touches Kabir and teases him.

Aayesha gives gifts to Zara and also gives her something asking her to keep with her until marriage is done. She says that will stop any trouble coming to her/wedding.

Barrat arrives. Zara’s family welcome Kabir and his family. Everyone is puzzled seeing Ruksar coming out of Kabir’s car. She stands besides Kabir. Zeenat comes in between and takes Kabir inside.

Courier guy calls Ruksar saying no one is at home. Ruksar asks him to bring package to wedding.

Zara is smiling thinking Kabir will soon be hers. Ruksar comes and says she looks very beautiful. Zara wishes happiness for Ruksar as well. Ruksar says her happiness are with Kabir. Zara gets confused. Ruksar says she meant Kabir saved her life in end. She then says she is going to give her a special gift which she got from Dubai. They take selfies. Zeenat comes and asks Ruksar what she’s doing there. Ruksar says she came to meet Zara. Zeenat tells Zara she looks very beautiful and asks her to come and see her Kabir. She wishes Kabir and Zara always stay happy. Ruksar is not happy hearing this. Zeenat takes Zara with her. Ruksar thinks certificate is going to come soon and no one’s blessings is going to save this marriage.

Zara’s mom gets worried seeing Zeenat bringing Zara. Aayesha tells her not to worry. Zeenat has changed a lot.

Zara and Kabir see each other. Kabir is stunned seeing beautiful Zara. They stand opposite each other. Ruksar is anxiously waiting for courier guy. Qazi announces Kabir and Zara still didn’t have third divorce and they are re-marrying to make their relationship stronger. Courier guy arrives and searches for Ruksar. Ruksar gets happy. Kabir asks whether he can ask one question to Zara. Qazi says for sure. Kabir asks Zara whether she will marry him and stay with him for life time. Before Zara answers, courier guy asks who is Ruksar, she has a package. Kabir gets nervous. Zara says “qubool hai” three times before Ruksar can open the package. Everyone is happy for Zara and Kabir.

Now Zara asks Kabir whether he agrees to make her his wife. Ruksar quickly opens the package and is shocked to find some other certificate. Kabir says not only for this life, but for his every life, he has only one answer – qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai! Everyone claps and wishes mubarak to each other. Ruksar says she won’t give up. This marriage will only be complete when they spend a night together and she won’t let that happen no matter what.

Precap: Ruksar says to herself that Kabir agonized her by staying away on their wedding night. Today she will keep Zara away from him and agonize him.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Kabir family should send them straight to honeymoon at some secret exotic place where ruksaar doesnt have a clue. Zeenat should help in dat or atleast tie ruksaar in her room whole damn nite. Wicked witch

  2. Ruksaar is Nandini of silsila on colors. Such females should never be helped. They are poison to the family and society. They should be left with their condition and let destiny decide for them. They kill their own saviours.

    1. So true, Rukhsar is homewrecker across here while Nandini holds the fort there.. Women should be careful of the female friends they have around their husbands or significant other… Lessons from grandmothers…

  3. Well said guys. Same nonsense like abhi, pragya and tanu.

  4. I’m looking forward to a track where Zara is miffed at kabir. Since the start of the show kabir always finds some reason of sorts to show his arrogance to Zara for standing up to her own principles. However, given that kabir has done this stupid act of marrying ruksar and worst, hid it from Zara warrants Zara to be upset with him.

  5. Leisa, they should really go on a honeymoon, you know how romantic those two can be, we saw them but would it be a repeat of the trip to Kashmir?? With Rukhsar trying to sneak into a luggage this time? You’d think she’d be grateful to Zara and Kabir for saving her life but no..she wants to get into his pants, so to speak….what a wicked wretch and this time she’s moving solo, I’m really surprised that Zeenat wasn’t in on the plan all along. It’s good that Zara and Kabir were able to complete their marriage..again! Maybe the writers didn’t want to incur our wrath!! One other thing, if a Muslim man wants to take another wife..although in these times it’s not necessary because of the greater ratio of women to men in this world….he’s supposed to get her permission first but here we see Kabir screwing up the customory practice conveniently and marrying Rukhsar to save her and not even as much as take up a phone to ask Zara the question.. What double standard is this??

  6. Now I am in no way a advocate of violence especially against women. But I find myself constantly wishing that Kabir would just slap Rukhsar already and firmly put her in her place. I mean how many times does the man have to tell you that he wants nothing to do with you. I am really hoping that the spoliers are right because if they are, we can look forward to romance between Zara and Kabir like we have never seen before. I know I can’t wait to see things on a normal footing for those two.

    1. Leisa s morris

      One slap alone.allybrew? She needs several to shake her into.reality. She’s so pass crazy she mite actually like dat wei as atleast kabir will b touching her. If I was zeenat I’d sedate he ass right through. Now zeenat will have to b d protector of kabir and zara which will put her in crosshair with her crazy ass sister.

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