Ishq Subhan Allah 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir shows his dream project to Zara

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Ishq Subhan Allah 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In morning, Kabir wakes up with Zara sleeping beside him. He gets up and sees his file near headboard, he takes it. He sees Zara holding a note. He recalls how he asked Zara to close his files last night when he went to sleep. He checks his other files and sees more notes, he recalls how Zara said she will take part in sharia board work with him, they will work as a couple. He gets missed and crumples her notes. He throws them dustbin and shakes her. He asks her to wake up. Zara wakes up and asks where did sharia board members go? Kabir says they went home. Zara realizes she was murmuring in sleep. She sits up. Kabir says members went home, come out of dreaming, its time for namaz, go to bathroom. Zara laughs and nods. They start getting ready. Zara says you are going to meeting early? Kabir says I am not going alone, you are coming with me. Zara is surprised and says what? Kabir says get ready fast, she says yes I am coming, she leaves.

Kabir and Zara are in car going to meeting. Zara says this way dont go to board, where are we going? Kabir says just wait a little and you will know, Zara looks on. Kabir stops car at some street. Kabir and Zara comes out of car, its some construction site. Zara says you wanted to show me this place? he nods and says Shahbaz gave me this place sometime back in gift and I want to build my dream project here. Zara smiles and looks around, she says congrats for your step towards this project. Kabir says I am doing all this for people who cant earn, I will make an institution where people who take education from madarsa will learn skills here, they will be able to earn after they come here. Zara thinks I will help him in this project. She says you are doing all this for others, I am proud of you. Kabir says thank you but I feel there are only problems in this project, I dont have money for this project, he angrily throws stones around and says I dont have anything, people who invest here will try to look for their benefits, I tried to tell them this is for betterment of nation but they dont listen. Zara says your intentions are pious, God will help you. Kabir says leave all this. Zara says it will be so fun to work on this project, we will both work for betterment of our nation. Kabir thinks no Zara you cant work with me, your thinking is different from me. Zara is mesmerized by him, ishq tera plays. Zara cant stop smiling, she recalls their moments together. Kabir opens car door for her, she smiles broadly at him and sits inside. Kabir sits beside her. Zara says I have to go to market too, you drop me there and go for meeting.

Zara comes to market. Ayesha calls her and asks where are you? Zara says I am just in market, I am coming, Ayesha says okay daughter, she ends call. Zara looks at papers in her hand, she looks at receipt, she thinks Kabir I have deposited 1crore cheque of Mehar in my account, now my priest’s dream will come true.

Ayaan is playing game. Zara comes home and asks if he saw Kabir? he says no. Zara thinks where are you Kabir? I have to give you happy news. Ayaan says can you teach me this game? Zara says oh this one. She puts her bank deposit slip on table and starts helping Ayaan out. ruksaar comes there and sees slip there. Ruksaar checks receipt of cheque and looks on. Kabir comes home. Zara stops him and is about to talk to him but Ruksaar comes there and says Shahbaz is calling you. Kabir says okay, he gives file to Zara and leaves. Zara thinks I have a happy news for you Kabir.

At night, Kabir comes to his room. Zara sees him tensed and gives him water, he thanks her and says why did father call you? Kabir says he wanted to ask about something about project. Zara says what happened with investor Imran brought? Kabir says that investor.. his thinking is so small, he said that if he invest in my project then there will no return, not even interest, I dont understand why people dont understand that interest on money is not legal, if I had my own money then I would have invested it all. Zara says I have money, that too 1crore rupees, we can use that. Kabir stares at her and moves away. He goes to wash his face, Zara looks on. He says can I ask you something? she nods. Kabir says if I ask something from you, will you give it? Zara says whats mine is yours too. Kabir smiles and makes her sit down. He says that mehar cheque.. people give mehar as much as they can afford right? she nods. Kabir says our religion says that we should decide mehar mutually, she says yes. Kabir holds her hand and says you can ask anything from me which I can afford, I will give it all but return that cheque. Zara is stunned. Kabir says that cheque is burden for me because it has Shahbaz’s sign on it not mine. Zara says uhm.. actually.. servant comes there and says food is ready, she leaves. Kabir says thank you, we will talk later, he leaves. Zara is tensed.

Scene 2
All come in lounge for dinner. Kabir greets Shahbaz and says I and Zara have taken a decision, we both want that mehar should be returned to you, all look on. Ruksaar thinks cheque is already deposited in bank, how will they return? it will be fun now. Shahbaz says why its her right to get mehar? Kabir says yes but husband should give mehar as he can afford, I want to give her mehar from my side which I can afford. Shahbaz says mehar is given at time of nikah which is already done. Kabir says no husband wife mutually decide mehar and can change it if they didnt decide it so me and Zara have decided to change our mehar. Ruksaar says to Kabir that I salute your thinking and also Zara’s guts too that she is ready to give up her 1 crore which is her right. Kabir says its not about guts but rules. He asks Zara to bring cheque, Zara thinks but I deposited cheque in bank. Ruksaar says Zara why should we wait to do nice work, go and bring cheque Zara. Zara gets tensed. Zeenat looks on. Ruksaar says go and bring cheque Zara, Ayesha smiles at her but Shahbaz is not happy. Zara goes to bring it.

Zara comes to her room and is tensed, she recalls how Kabir requested her to return that cheque. Ruksaar comes there and smirks. Zara glares at her. Ruksaar says the cheque which is deposited in bank, how will you give it to Shahbaz? let me help you out, she shows her deposit slip. Zara recalls how she left it in lounge when she was helping Ayaan. Ruksaar says lets go and give this slip to Kabir, she leaves. Zara looks on.

Ruksaar comes to family. Kabir is waiting for Zara and says I will check on her, he turns to leave but Zara comes there. Kabir asks where is cheque? Zara avoids him and comes to Shahbaz. Kabir looks on.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that how did you even think that I would use your mehar money for my project, it was all your plan to show off that you wanted to return it. Zara says I was not planning anything, I was just helping out my husband and its not wrong. Kabir says its wrong, the person who doesnt have backbone takes help from his wife, I have some rules which I follow. Zara says my my thinking is different. Kabir glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So kabir want a wife to stay at home.
    Since he doesn’t want Zara to be part of his project. Zara should stay out of his way.
    But I believe if Zara want to have a job. She should have that right. Zara has Dream too.
    Ruksaar was right, when she said she understand kabir more.
    Kabir is threatened by Zara smart. Kabir couldn’t finish the file in one day. Zara finished for him.
    Zara see this marriage as a partnership. Kabir see this marriage as a husband go to work, wife stay in the kitchen.
    When I saw the anger ib his face, it’s like wow kabir.
    Kabir does have a ego problems. kabir is jealous of Zara, that is bad. If kabir can’t see Zara worth. Then Zara can’t do anything about.
    Zara should stay out of his way, but she shouldn’t give up her job. Just to please kabir. That was my mistake.
    I think I understand what happened when that investor come.
    Oh Zara, you made the mistake of coming forward, just to say hello. Then you get humility. When that happened to me, I was called to come forward.
    Kabir lose the investment, he end up blaming you.
    Like I said girls are born homeless. Father says get out, husband can say get out.
    Oh Zara you poor thing.

  2. If kabir want to stay married to Zara. He needs to accept that she is more smarter than him.
    Yes Zara made the mistake of coming forward say hello. When kabir told her not to.
    But for me, Zara is still kabir wife. He should have defended her.
    Zara needs to accept that kabir is old fashioned. If she wants to stay married to him. She knew his view from the beginning.
    But I don’t want Zara to lose herself. Just to please kabir all the time. Zara is in love with kabir. She wants to be a good wife. Like I said yesterday, it take two to make the marriage work. Zara shouldn’t do all the hard work.
    Sometimes Zara should think like ruksaar. Not the crazy side of her. Ruksaar is cunning, but also she can keep things close to her heart, without letting anyone knowing what she is up.

  3. Zara is damaged by excessive self-confidence. In vain she solves financial questions independently. She actually doesn’t know her husband. Zara put her handbag and the important documents on the table and forgot about them. Ruksaar skillfully uses the any slight Zara’s mistake. In fact, Puksaar should be an outsider observer in this family, but she stubbornly intervenes in the family.

    1. Hi Nina,
      I do understand that Zara doesn’t kabir.
      Yes Ruksaar well use any little mistake that Zara well make.
      But I also think kabir doesn’t understand Zara. There nothing wrong being self confidence. Zara was only trying to help her husband. But if husband don’t understand why wife is helping him out. Than in my point of view, he doesn’t deserve her.
      It was okay for kabir to accept the money from a man, who insulted his wife. But it not acceptable for him to get help from his smarter wife.
      I agree that Zara should stay out of his project. Kabir is stubborn in that, Zara should have understood this.
      It is her mistake, but kabir needs to accept that, just because he is a man. Doesn’t mean he should be the one that does do all the decision. He well make mistake, just as Zara does. If Zara can apologise to kabir for her mistake. Kabir should do the same.
      Kabir needs to understand, what type of smartness that he wants. Does he wants Zara smartness, who can solve his problem. Or ruksaar cunning ness, who can kill someone, without a care in the world.
      Ruksaar would have been the type of wife that would have pleased kabir. Because she knows how to act dumb. But she is dangerous.

  4. Kabir is so conservative, orthodox and narrow minded.

    1. One way, yes I agree.
      But in the real world all men are like that.
      Doesn’t matter where in the world that you live in. What language you speak. Men are threatened by women.
      That is why women should find her way in the world. Pleasing men all the time, won’t give them the happiness that she deserves. Women shouldn’t relay on men. That is why I hope the program makers, well show that Zara can make her own way, without relaying on kabir.

  5. Here comes the male ego…. As you’ve said Sister, men are threatened by women’s success all over the world and its a fact that the male ego takes a big blow when in a marriage, the wife is more financially capable of holding her own and the prospect of a wife wanting to help her husband is somewhat embarrassing to him, so that becomes the reason of some of the friction between them. As with this story and it is a reality because this actually happens here.. I know of a multitude of men whose family placed much more emphasis on the religious studies of their sons, sent them to Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan to learn and further their knowledge on Islamic and Hindu studies but when they come back home here, they have a hard time finding a suitable job to sustain themselves because they had neglected to further the other side to their academic studies. This is what is happening to Kabir now, he’s unable to set himself up financially to see his dream project come to fruition because I’m sure his studies was wholly of that being the Qazi in his community but it hasn’t rounded him to be a skilled worker in the wider society so his frustration is understandable. I’m glad to see this subject being addressed, even I’m interested to see how this is handled in this serial because this is happening as we speak. However, I wish that Kabir accept his wife’s help, he can see by now that she is good at heart and wants what’s best for him, if they work together, they can achieve twice as much BUT he has to work through this ego issue..

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