Ishq Subhan Allah 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara tries to convince Kabir

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Ishq Subhan Allah 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara asks Ayesha to forgive Kabir. She says he doesnt regret his mistake so I cant forgive him.
Zeenat comes home and ask guards to open door. Kashan asks her to calm down. Zeenat says you are lying with Zara. Kashan says I have sent all guards on off. Zara comes near gate from inside and says to Zeenat that I am on otherside of door this time. Zeenat says open door before I call police. Zara opens door. Zeenat says I will call police. Zara says I opened door for Kashan. Zeenat tries to slap her but Zara says I came here for Ayesha, she asks Kashan to take care of her and leaves. zeenat is angry.

A man comes to Kabir and says some girl came here to meet you, says she is Ayesha’s daughter. Kabir says Alina came here? He comes out of mosque and puts hand on eyes of girl. Girl turns and its Zara. Kabir is stunned. Zara says dont make Ayesha angry, go back home. Kabir says you went to meet her? Zara says yes, she was broken. Kabir says you said that our relation ended and you went to meet her? Zara says she is my mother too. Kabir says you had relation with my family because of me, our relation broke so your broke with them too. Zara says relations dont break like this, she was my mother and will remain so. Kabir says why dont you move on? Zara offers him tea and says I dont care about you anymore, I came here for Ayesha. Kabir says if you go near Ayesha then I will not go home, he glares at her. Zara says my mother will celebrate eid and with her son and daughter. I promise you. She leaves from there. Kabir looks on.

Kabir calls Shahbaz and says Zara came here and promised to celebrate eid with Ayesha, why she is doing this? Make her remain away from me as otherwise everything I did will be for nothing.

Shahbaz thinks Zara is trying to comeback in Kabir’s life through Ayesha. Shahbaz comes to Ayesha and shouts at her that why she is throwing Zara at Kabir? He doesnt want her, you have to stop this Zara’s drama. Kashan comes there and says I called Zara here, she was worried for her and asked to meet Ayesha so I helped her. Zeenat says he lied to me. Shahbaz says you are working behind me? listen to me carefully, that girl should not be here anymore. He tells servants that Zara should not be seen here anymore otherwise you will lose your job. He says I dont want Zara’s shadow near Kabir.

Scene 2
Nussu says to Zara that I am missing Amaan and his mother doesnt want him to talk to me. Zara says God will make you play with him soon. Nussu gets happy.

Zeenat comes to Zara and shouts at Salma for sending her daughter to her house. Zara says talk to me, Zeenat says you are shameless, you keep coming to our house, Shahbaz had a fight with Ayesha because of you. Think about Kabir only, you made his life hell, you came to our house without invite, you have no respect. Zara says I am daughter of that house. Zeenat says that is my house, I will see how you enter that house again. She leaves from there. Irfan is tensed. Zara tells Irfan that Zeenat is like this only, dont worry. Irfan says till when you will keep getting insulted by going there? This should end here. Salma says you should end this relation. Azra asks her to forget Kabir. Mina says you need counseling again, you are just getting pain. Zara says my own family doesnt understand me, I cant break hearts of my own people, we have feelings, Ayesha have relation with us, I got separated from Kabir but I have relation with that house, I am part of that house, I dont want sadness in that house on eid. Irfan says I agree with you, reunite Kabir and Ayesha.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    How Zara? Pray tell, how you are still related to that house? How are you still Ayesha’s daughter? SERIOUSLY?? There is a better way to settle this! Meet Ayesha outside the house! Call her on her phone! People do that all the time!! What do you think will happen should you succeed in getting Kabir home? You think he’s gonna thank you? No! Cause of his stupid weird vow he wouldn’t! But ofcourse these writers just wanna get a rise outta me! Dammit Zara!!!? Stay away from that family already!!

  2. Really writers are Zara God is she some kind of peacemaker doesn’t she have any self-respect no relation in this world will allow a grown ass woman to withstand all that kind of insult stop portraying women as needy, low self-esteem, weak and dependent beings…she’s insulted by her husband his dad and her sister-in-law and yet she still shows her face to those people….it don’t matter what Kabir reason is he treats her like she’s inferior to him because she’s a woman come on now we’re in 2019 now women are independently strong we don’t need a man to define us time to stop living in caveman days writers time to evolve and show things to encourage the young minds that watch this show….i really hope for a saving grace in Zara life

  3. Seriously I really don’t understand Zara this time. Why did she think that she is still the daughter of the family? Shabhaz didn’t say that. Unless all the family member still think she is the daughter of their family, she can’t call herself that…..It just seems that she has no self-respect on a such level.
    After seeing zara doing all the drama about taking care of kabeer’s mother, I sadly think that she doesn’t move on like she said, she still care for kabeer after what he said. I mean….come on …Yes ,we know that you are a kind ,warm girl. But move on in your life ,and don’t care about what is happening in that house doesn’t mean that you are heartless. You have to be strong and move on by yourself. Zara, kabeer and Ayesha are mother and son, they are family, they surely will mend up their relation somehow sometime. Why don’t understand that? Going to that house ,you want to make Ayesha happy and forgive, But what about your own family,and the humility they get from zeenat and shabhaz ?When they humiliate your family, all you do is telling them don’t get upset because they have always been like this. why don’t you stop letting your own family face this humility they shouldn’t face by keeping away from that house.
    Just stop saying that you are a part of that family, Cause shabhaz and zeenat don’t think that way.Writers pleaaaaasse let zara start a new life for real.Let kabeer regret.

  4. I really don’t understand she really so humble. why does the writer make her so ridiculous. she really loves her husband so much?? she’s just getting weak day by day. my god, my god i can’t stand those big eyes zeenat at all. she’s sooo ugly. kashan is just an a*sh*le. he’s so scared of those big eyes. where does this show really bring us.

  5. Writer is making Zara daughter in law of old movies getting insulted crying begging in laws and husband Show Zara girl who has self respect with modern education and become strong and move in life

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    A blessed Eid Mubarak ?? to Atiba and All on this Forum ?

  7. the CV’s spoil Zara character whenthey make her out to be suck a peacemaker,Kabeer publicilty humiliated her and her family, why are they writing this trash no self respecting woman would be doing this for a husband family not after that very vocaland public humliation of her self and father

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