Ishq Subhan Allah 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir asks to be freed from Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir breaks Zara’s room door and rushes inside, he is shocked to see Zara lying unconscious there. All rush to Zara.
Doctor checks Zara. Ayesha asks doctor if she is fine? Doctor says she just took tension, she will be fine. All leave. Kabir turns to leave, Zara sadly looks at him. Kabir turns to her, she smiles. Kabir takes a chair and sits infront of her. Zara extends her hand but he puts it down. Kabir says I have taken a decision to follow a path where I am not scared of anyone, I will go alone there, I will follow it with my thoughts, you might think I am selfish but I am, I only care about how I want to live, Zara says will it have your happiness? Kabir says I just want peace. Zara says you are free from my side, you will definitely get happiness, follow what

your heart says.

Zara finds glass in her room and says I can clean it but what about my life? Zeenat brings soup for her. Zara thanks her. Zeenat says what happened shouldnt have happened. Zara says I just took anger on my room. Zeenat says you know Kabir was in Ruksaar’s room, he made her sleep and remained with her, she told it to everyone, I was embarrassed, dont worry my sister is a kid but handle your husband to not become a kid with her. Zara says Ruksaar is a kid, you shouldnt have told me all this, dont drag a kid in all this, Kabir can fight with me but I know his character is clean, I dont care if he stayed with her. Zeenat says if you trust him so much then you wouldnt be breaking all these things. Zara says I got angry that Ruksaar came inbetween our fight as she is a kid. Ayesha stops Zeenat.

Imran asks Kabir to end fight with Zara. Kabir says I am not, you have to choose me or Zara. Imran says it has gone to that level? Kabir says dont talk about my house problems.

Ayesha says to Zara that I am worried about Kabir and Ruksaar, she might be kid from heart but she is a young girl.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir and hugs him, Imran looks on.

Zara says to Ayesha that Kabir is not listening to her, he said he will do what makes him happy.
Ruksaar asks Kabir if he will tell her a story and make her sleep? Kabir nods.

Ayesha says to Zara that you have to stop Kabir, what if Ruksaar wakes up? then it will be a trouble for you. Zara says I will try to mend things with him.

Scene 2
Kabir is in a meeting. Kabir gets Zara’s call but he cuts it. Zara says how to talk to him? She calls again. Imran tries to answer but Kabir stops him. Manager notices it. Kabir gets her call again. Zara says he doesnt talk to me at all.

Imran says to Kabir that he rejected our ideas. Kabir says we have to find a nice idea. Kabir says he was eyeing my designer sherwani, we have to find an idea that is for everyone. He gets Zara’s call again but he cuts it. Imran says take it. Kabir says I told her that I will be happy with what I do but she doesnt listen.

Ruksaar comes to Zeenat and says Kabir promised to make me listen stories and make me sleep. Zeenat says then you should be ready for him, I will do your makeup. Ruksaar asks for a chocolate. Zeenat says just listen to me, go to Kabir and always smile, listen to him everytime. Ruksaar says you look nice while smiling. Zeenat thinks that I pray Zara and Kabir separates, I will use Ruksaar to break them up and make sure I separate them, maybe Zara will leave this house.

Zara is tensed and thinks that I have to stop all this, Kabir has to talk to me.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that I dont want to talk to you at all, I just want to think about my gain. Zara says if you dont talk to me then you will not talk to Ruksaar at all too.
Kabir asks Ruksaar what she remembers? Ruksaar says I remember you, I was about to get engaged to you, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why can’t they keep Zeenat as grey character instead of evil? Kabir is enough on his own to create problems in their marital life. Why does an educated and independent lady has to run behind husband, just let him go for both their well being .
    Kabir and zara are not compatible, he needs a women who says “yes” to his demands, follow him blindly and never go against him while she needs someone who listens to her, share her opinion and stand by her. Both would be better without each other.
    I like zara’s strong spirit but can’t understand why she has to be so desperate to keep relation with a man who just repeat the same mistakes over and over. Why begging a man who’s ego is bigger than his every relation.
    If a women with supportive parents, good education, financial stability, career stability beg her husband what are other girls from more disadvantageous background, with less support are supposed to do?!

    1. Pia: you nailed it and I totally agree with you. Kabir’s character is enough of an evil and Zeenat creates more issue because of Rukhsar, this is all their plan to break Zabeer.

      1. Frankly that marriage should have never happened. Both of them expressed their refusal but their parents stubbornness lead to a relation where both parties are hurt. Marriage requires both side’s genuine consent, it is one thing to not have love but without understanding, respect and trust it is domed to failure. One of them should stand up and end this unhealthy relation otherwise every week there is another clash of ego

  2. This is really frustrating to see… Does Zara have any self respect left in her? Why does she always pander to Kabir? This is what I’ve been saying for the longest time now, why can’t Zara move on in her life? She’s educated and has parental support, so she should stop kissing Kabir’s ass and get a life!! It isn’t hard to see that she’s jealous of Kabir’s proximity to the pretensive Rukhsar, of course that’s a sign of love but SMH…why does she make herself look so pathetic by begging for his love, his loyalty, his understanding…why why why!! If someone isn’t happy in their marriage, why stay there and bear so much insults and mental torture?? Kabir would realize Zara’s importance to him if there is a potential man in her life, he needs to feel jealous too and we all know that men are unable to bear the thought of the woman he cares about, being with another man!! Isn’t that how he felt when Miraj was in the picture!! Right now he’s pretty complacent in his marital life, no competition….we all know that he knows Rukhsar always wanted him for herself, maybe he’s aroused in a way with that knowledge, when a man knows that a woman wants them, it can go to their heads, he purports to be religious to the hilt but he’s a man after all… If he’s true to Zara’s love, he would banish all advances from Rukhsar… Meanwhile, the meddlesome Zeenat… I did say unequivocally that she can never change…is achieving what she secretly wanted all along, to separate Zara and Kabir and join her sister to him… Zeenat is a nasty wretch, she doesn’t deserve Kashan as her husband…

    1. You guys are so correct Zara need to leave Kabeer, let him have the happiness that he so desire that Zara cannot provide him with. She can become the head of the Sharia board and even build her school for girls and women to learn to not stoop to the stupidity of foolish men and husbands

      1. Maureen, this is what my problem is with Indian serials.. Usually the leads fall in love with each other and get married and face a rocky road and try to make it till the end BUT in ISA, Zara and Kabir didn’t want to marry each other, this marriage was a union born for political convenience, Shabaaz was the mastermind of you remember.. Guaranteed Zara and Kabir met each other on their own but from day one, they clashed! Coincidentally Zara turned our to be Irfan’s daughter… From day one Zara was determined to make it with Kabir, she didn’t want to shame her parents so she put up with all that Kabir did to her, all in the name of the love she discovered she had grown for him, but Kabir’s ego is so huge, he couldn’t even see the sacrifices Zara made for him and his family…..what an ungrateful husband!! I hope that the creative team could dare to be different from the other serials and give Zara a chance to realize her potential as a young and vibrant educated woman who could make a difference in society..maybe if she isn’t in Kabir’s life as his wife, he’d see her true worth!!

  3. This moment they are professing so much love for each other, the next moment… just a little dent… and it’s like they ‘ve never been love birds! Why is he taking it out on Zara?! Kabeer seems to be suffering from, not only overbloated ego but porous memory. Very soon, he would come back to his senses, I only pray it’d not be too late then.

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