Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir helps Zara

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Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara offers prayers and calls Kashan. She says I want to meet Ayesha and I need your help. Kashan says you still care for her. Zara says its between me and Kabir but that doesnt change our relation. Kashan says she wanted to talk to you but was embarrassed. Zara says I will make her feel better. Kashan says she was affected a lot, Zara says Zeenat is at home? Kashan says I will handle her. Zara says watchman doesnt let me inside. Kashan says dont worry about anything, only Ayesha will be in house when you come. Zara thanks him. Kashan thinks get ready Ayesha, she is coming.

Kabir is working in mosque. He goes to distribute clothes in poor in market. Zara comes in market to buy sacred items for Ayesha. Someone tries to snatch Zara’s purse from her. She screams. Kabir runs to her but thief leaves. Zara goes behind thief. Kabir goes behind her. Zara and Kabir follow thief on cycle. Kabir asks her to go back, its dangerous. Zara says I dont need you, Kabir says I am pleading you to go back. Zara says leave me alone. Kabir says I am not leaving you, I will help any girl in need. Zara says thief ranaway. She goes behind him in jungle. Kabir finds him and beats him. Zara says leave him. Thief runs away. Kabir gives purse to Zara.

Zara and Kabir are on cycle. Zara says I dont need you to follow me. Kabir says you cant win in cycle race from me. Zara recalls how they used to go for cycling and enjoy together.. tere sang yara plays. Kabir and Zara stop at a signal. Zara says stop following me. Police-woman comes there and asks Zara if he is eve-teasing you? Kabir says I am her husband. Officer asks if he is lying? Tell me and I will put him in jail. Zara recalls Kabir’s harsh words and says I dont have a relation with him, I dont know him but he didnt misbehave with me. Officer says okay and leaves. Kabir looks on. Zara leaves from there.

Scene 2
Salma is tensed recalling that Zara wants to go to Kabir’s house. Mina comes there and says you are worried about Zara? Salma says why is this happening with Zara? She loves Kabir and family a lot but he did that with her, she cries and says Zara wont be able to love anyone now. Mina says we can think about new start in her life, a new light can light her life again.

Zara comes to Ayesha’s house.

Kashan brings Zeenat to market and says lets go to other market. Zeenat says you are in a good mood today. Zara calls Kashan but Zeenat takes call and puts on speaker. Zara says I came to house but I got late, is Zeenat with you? Zeenat says you are shameless that you are using my husband, we are coming home now.

Zara goes in Ayesha’s house and locks door.
Zara comes to Ayesha’s room and sees her hugging her photo. Zara greets her and wipes her tears. Ayesha is surprised to see her and hugs her. Zara says dont cry, both Kabir and Zara are close to your heart, she tears their photo and says we got separated but we both love you, he is a good son, forgive him. Ayesha says no, he didnt respect my promise, he insulted you and your family, he is not a good person. Zara says Kabir forced me to leave this relation but I dont want you be away from your son, call Kabir back, Eid is here, dont make God angry, forgive him. Ayesha hugs her and says I cant forgive Kabir, he thinks he did the right thing. Zara says dont cry, I brought some things for you. She shows her water from Makkah. Zara hugs her and says I will come later. Zara thinks that Kabir has to say sorry to Ayesha for her to forgive him, I will make sure of it.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ok i understand ayesha’s point of view but being childish won’t solve anything allow zara to be independent encourage her if she so care but don’t do the emotional drama to make her feel obligated…they need to bring a new suitor for zara to knock kabeer a few inches down and have him groveling for zara he needs to be a man and grow some [email protected]!!$ and get from under his dad influence

  2. Leisa s morris

    I so want zara to find out bout zeenats truth to keep her in line but unfortunately evil never let gd get d upper hand in these serials. All dst has happened is only zara dst has suffered while witch zeenat who tried to destroy d whole family is left unscaled. We got a peak at her wrong doing but nothing came off it. She gladly helped zara get a divorce I wonder how she will deal with it if kashan was to ask for a divorce? I just want her to know for once how it feels when ur marriage is.ripped apart

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    so happy to see Kashan bhai helping his dutiful sister Zara, by keeping the family at bay so that she can meet with Ayesha in peace ?

    am glad too that Zara and Kabeer met by coincidence and not by love-struck Zara deliberately pursuing Kabeer ? I was also thrilled to see Zara oppose Kabeer by looking after herself without his aide ?? (? at least Zara was truthful to herself when the officers approached them and she gave statement so as not to vindicate Kabeer ?)

    Now I wish Salma would support Zara, the way Qazi Irfan does and not think beyond the moment ?

    The end result of this episode is what I loved most of all… pray and leave everything to Allah… Zara may love Kabeer too much and take abuse beyond our belief… but remember we too hv made mistakes beyond measures, and sometimes go back and make those mistakes again and again and again… and with each mistake, we ask for forgiveness from Allah… over and over and over again… and what does he do… YES, Allah forgives us over and over and over again… so let Zara continue to make her mistakes (after all she is human) but she knows that with pray and patience… Allah will always forgive her mistakes ??

    Eid Mubarak my friends and I hope everyone gains success with their honest prayers during Laylatul Qadr ?

  4. No comments as yet? At least Friday’s episode garnered 9 interesting comments… Sigh! Tsk tsk tsk… Zeenat is as b*t*hy as ever… She’s so touchy about Zara, it’s not funny anymore… Wonder if she’ll ever get her just dues… As for Zara, I don’t think I’ll ever understand this character…for one, I dislike her sucking up to Kabir…..always eager to placate him as if he’s a little boy…

  5. I heard that rukhsar is coming back !!!!!why???????I really don’t like this character. And I think it will mess the situation more than unite zara and kabeer. Even though I really want to see kabeer suffer more and beg zara to get back this time, and zara shouldn’t let kabeer back so easily. But I do love to see them get back together. I am scared that rukhsar might be the reason they can’t be together.
    I reaaaaally don’t understand the writers of the show. Why they let rukhsar come back to the show once again??? Why can’t zara have the one who is madly in love with her ,cares for her, understands her and supports her everytime? There has been too many actresses in the show .And Azra and mina and nusu, there has been 3 new girls.Please let a new guy come into the show , let kabeer maulvi jealous ,I really wanna see his reaction .

    1. i also would like to see new males in this serial!!! especially who will pursue Zara and give Kabeer a run for all the monies he does not have!!! what i would hate happen is the return of Ruksar,i personally think her character has run its time out on the serial!!! anymore of her would be repeatitive but uknow the CV’s,the people with one sense would bringher back!!!

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