Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir have candlelight dinner

Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ayesha ends call. Zara comes there. Ayesha says it was your mother’s call, I said you are fine but.. Zara says you have helped me a lot, I want your prayers only, Kabir can be nice but your daughter is nicest, I will handle it, Ayesha blesses her.

Zara comes to Kabir and asks if divorce is the last path or first? Kabir says last. Zara says then why did you choose last path first? you could have talked to me. Kabir says talked to you? we did. Zara says where are you going? He says I am going to Kanpur. Zara says you are packing too much stuff. He says I need it for work. Zara holds his hand, he recalls their moments. Kabir says I have work, he jerks her hand away. Zara says are you scared to give me second divorce? or will you send it over message? Kabir says I am scared

of giving you divorce? I did one time. Zara says you are scared of yourself, staying with me scares you, you are scared to believe that we are equal and I am better than you. Kabir says this is rubbish. zara says then why dont you spend 30 days here with me or are you scared that you will lose from me in the darkness of night. Kabir recalls their late night moments, Kabir says I am not scared of anything. Zara says then give me my right, stay with me in this room. Kabir says okay I will stay with you as a husband in this room for 30 days and then I will divorce you. zara says you will really divorce me? we have only 60 days together, lets make memories in them, lets spend them together, 30 days as per your will and 30 days we will spend as per my will, what do you say? Kabir says fine, I agree. Zara says dont forget it. Kabir says I am Kabir Ahmed, I will never back away from my words, you know that, he leaves. Zara smiles.

Kabir comes to Miraj and says I cant go with you. Miraj asks why? zara says I have stopped him. Miraj says then I will stay back too. Police comes there and sys who is Kabir Ahmed? Kabir says I am. Inspector says we have got complaint from you, you have given triple divorce to your wife, we have to arrest you. Kabir says who filed it? Inspector says some women, they will take you to court. Shahbaz says whats the proof? Inspector says every news channel is talking about it. Zara says you are working on news basis now? I am here and we are not divorced. Inspector says we will want your statement and court will have to accept your affidavit, he leaves. Zeenat says wow Zara, you start fire in media and police and then do this, Kabir glares at Zara and leaves. Alina asks Zara why she didnt answer Zeenat back? Zara says when you have a destination to reach then you shouldnt be scared of the hurdles and dont waste time in fighting with them.

Miraj says to Kabir that Zara saved you from jail today and trust me, you wont get bail in this case thats why I wanted you to come with me to Kanpur. Kabir says I dont want to run from my problems, I will find a way to make Zara leave this project.

Door bell rings, Salma opens door and finds Shahbaz there. Shahbaz says I came to meet Irfan. Irfan greets him. Shahbaz asks how is he? you should take care of yourself. He says to Salma that you should have told me, we can pray for him, Irfan is important for us. He says I am getting late for somewhere. He starts to leave. He says to Salma that doctor told me that Irfan should take rest, he should not worry about sharia board, nothing is above his health, I have an idea, he tells her something and leaves. Salma says to Irfan that if you resign on basis of your illness then Kabir will become head priest. Irfan says so he wanted to make Kabir head thats why he came here, if I make Kabir head then Shahbaz will make sure that Zara gets divorced, Salma says whats the solution? Irfan says if this divorce doesnt discard till second divorce then Shahbaz will be tensed too because Kabir wont have head position till then.

Scene 2
Zeenat is serving dinner to Shahbaz. Shahbaz asks how is Ruksaar? we havent heard from her. Zeenat says I have been trying to call her but she is not picking up, I am worried. Shahbaz says everything must be fine. Zara comes there. Shahbaz says if Zara’s stay is fixed? I dont want my daughter in law to have any trouble. Zeenat says no we dont have place for her till now. Zara says you dont need to find a place for me, I have talked to Kabir, I will stay in my room only. Zeenat says religion allows that? Zara says yes Quran allows it and even suggest it, she takes dinner and leaves from there. Shahbaz and Zeenat looks at each other.

Zara is decorating room with candles. Kabir comes there. Zara says should I pack your bag? you lost on first day. Kabir says thats why you are doing all this? Zara says my part of 30 days will be spent like this. Kabir sits with her. Zara tries to feed him food, he glares at her, she says my part of 30 days? He starts eating food from her hand, Zara shares spoon and plate with him, ishq subhanallah plays, Zara holds his hand. Kabir says are you done? stop this drama. He blows off candle. Zara gets sad. Kabir says you thought I would melt with these candles? broken hearts dont mend this easily, you have to do something big. Zara says what do you want from me? Kabir says you want to see me happy? she nods. Kabir says I want you to leave my project, give resignation from it. Zara is stunned.

PRECAP- Kabir asks Zara if she thought about giving resignation? Zara says I will do as you say, I am ready to give resignation, Kabir is surprised. Kabir brings papers and says read them carefully and then sign them. Zara says I will sign them but I have two conditions. Kabir glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ugh I hate Kabir nowadays. He is just being a douchebag and only cares for himself. Seriously, Zara is better off without him. He is so narrow minded. Even trusting Miraj over his own friend these days… Plus I hope that Zara get some support because everyone is turning against her now.

  2. Nina

    Yesterday I had watched and worried for Zara in the hard episode. But the little hope appears for Zara today. If speaking in the football language, Zara’s advantage was let her made the score.

  3. It would be good for Zara to resign from the project, let Kabir face the music and I know he’s going to pay dearly for taking Miraj into his business dealings, after all, Miraj is Siraj’s brother and Miraj wants nothing more than getting his revenge for his brother’s death. Kabir will need his wife’s help soon, Miraj’s identity won’t be hidden for long but I hope this facade cracks only after Zara resigns. Zeenat is detestable, the same way she subtly insults Zara, it’s the same thing she does with Ayesha, no wonder Zara is the favorite bahu, women have noses to smell when conniving women are around them. I’m so sorry for Zara and I admire her conviction to keep her husband by her side but I can’t bear to see her grovel for his love, attention and night escapades…but she trying so that her marriage stays intact.

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