Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara leaves her nikkah for Ayesha

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Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The doctor calls for an ambulance and says on the phone that her family thinks she was killed. Kabir runs and comes to her room, he is shocked to see her lying dead there. He says no.. no.. I will wake her up, he says I am back mother, wake up. Kashan says the doctor has said no. Kabir shouts at the doctor and asks him to give her medicine. Ruksaar is tensed. Kabir shows medicine to the doctor and says she was taking these. The doctor says she was totally fine but we think she died because of a heart attack, we will know for sure after the postmortem report. Ruksaar thinks I hope she died because of a heart attack then I will be safe. Kabir slaps himself and asks her to wake up.

Salma tells Irfan that we have to go to Ayesha. Shaina asks where they are going? Salma says our

relationship with that house is very strong, we have to go. Shaina says I know that it’s sad but we are here for a nikkah, we don’t know if it will be completed. Irfan says Ayesha was Zara’s mother in law but loved her like a mom, we have a death in the house so I can’t answer you, he leaves with Salma.

Ruksaar tells Shahbaaz that I saw Ayesha in pain, I can’t believe she left us, she was so pious and you want postmortem on her? It will pain her so much, ask the doctor to not use knives on her body. Zara comes there running and says Ammi.. Shahbaz stops her and says what are you doing here? Zara says I am Ayesha’s daughter, please don’t stop me. Shahbaz says if you don’t go then it will be bad for you. Zara says I won’t go anywhere if you don’t let me see her then nothing will be bad than me. Zain is with her as well. Zara runs to Ayesha’s room and sees her lying there. Kabir is crying, Zara sits and holds his hand. She recalls her moments with her. She cries and says your daughter is here, wake up. She asks Kabir why he is reciting dua.. this is all my fault, I knew about her condition and I didn’t do anything. How will I live without her? She got sad because of my nikkah, God can’t take my mom from me. She was taking Zara and Kabir’s name, she wanted me back with Kabir, I didn’t want her to know about my nikkah but I was not successful. Kabir cries and is in shock. Zara asks Ruksaar if she told her about her nikkah? Tell me to know who told her? Shahbaz asks her to have shame and complete her nikkah, we don’t want to hear from you. Zain is leaving the house when Irfan and Salma enter there. Shahbaz comes to them and says we will bring Ayesha for her last rituals down, you can see her then. Salma and Irfan leave. Zara and Kabir hold Ayesha’s hand. Zeenat hugs Zara and says its time for her to leave. Zeenat cries and pulls Zara back. Kashan hugs Kabir and takes Ayesha from there. Zara tries to go behind her but Kabir stops her and says your nikkah? I accept your nikkah. Zara is surprised. Kabir says be happy in your life. Zara stops him but Kabir says I accept your nikkah with Zain, be happy in your new life. Zara breaks down and cries.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina aka Yolande

    Lol… I thought eisha was the one leaving the show

  2. This chudial Ruksaar seems to be the star of this serial. Appalling.

  3. I am very sorry that Kabir and Zara are only experiencing problems. why is it always a problem to let husband and wife come together. they always suffer because of a lot of family problems.
    I cannot see that Kabir and Zara hurt each other.
    I hope somebody also puts poison for rukshar. She is very dangerous and evil.

  4. I am soooooo fed up of all these unnecessary killing going on in all these serials ……why did that old witch rukshar had to kill a nice person like Ayesha and for what just to separate kabeer and zare hey but they are all ready separated so what was the use of that baseless killing my gosh is there no end to all these murders taking place in the serials and those evil b*t*hes just go scotch free without being caught and brought to justice…. you ZTV Writers please for the sake of humanity and goodness stop portraying all these criminal acts in the serials and if so please let the perpertrators to be caught and punished rukshar is fighting a loosing battle kabeer wants no part of her yet she so damn EVIL …..she up in his and zaras business and only reaping havoc among the both families….it is about time that rukshar accept her defeat and be put in a Mental Institution for evaluation and then thrown in Prison Noooooo Possibility of a parole and please to make this punishment stick just throw the key to hell away in the Ocean…. Ah Done Talk

  5. with no possibility of a parole

  6. hey man why the hell ruksha did not kill Shabaz kabeers father instead….he is the one that deserves to be poisoned not ayesha ….. all he is doing is causing mischief for zara and kabeer too … he break them apart and he still not satisfied all he is doing is endangering his sons life by hiring Goons to kidnap him and lock him away for his own gain now what father who loves his son will commit such a cruel act …..I dont like him at all he too is Evil and should get what is coming to him and that is going to jail man it is long overdue

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