Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir threatens to kill Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar says to Zeenat that I dont know what magic Zara did on you. Zeenat says when I got to know about you, I was about to die but Zara saved me, Kabir and Zara saved you too, you should be thankful to her. Ruksaar says no my Kabir saved me, all my belongings are for Kabir only, my life is for him only. Zeenat says okay, I have to go to prepare for Kabir and Zara’s second marriage. Ruksaar says whats the matter? Zeenat says Kabir divorced Zara, only 3rd divorce time is pending, their love is exemplary, they will get married and be together for life like it should be. Ruksaar hugs her and says you gave me peace.

Ruksaar is sleeping. Zara brings tea and wakes her up. She asks if she slept? Ruksaar says I slept like I am in my home. Zara asks her to have tea. Ruksaar

thinks that soon Kabir will bring bed tea for me. Ruksaar says why are you doing all this for me? Zara says you should rest for somedays, Hamdan’s family have kept peace prayers, we are going so you should come too. Ruksaar says no, I want to forget Hamdan like a bad dream and never look back. Zara nods and leaves.

Hamdan’s family have arranged peace prayers. Kabir and Zara comes there. Kabir says I will be with you for all arrangements, I will be your son and Zara will be your daugher in law, Zara says we will never leave you. Zara serves juice to guests. Hamdan’s mother prays that they remain safe and always together. Kabir says let me know for anything as a son.

Zara and Kabir comes home, function starts. Reema tries to take Zara away from Kabir, he says its my Zara. All laugh. Ruksaar comes there all dressed up. Zara asks her to sit. Ayesha says to Ruksaar that I am sorry, I know all are celebrating but mourning wife cant wear colorful clothes, you have to wear simple clothes, Ruksaar looks at Kabir and says tell me should I wear simple clothes to show my husband dead or wear colorful clothes? Kabir gets tensed, Zara says why are you asking him? Ruksaar says he is a priest so can advise me. Zara says I can answer that, we dont have to follow tradition that are not in religion, she says to Ayesha that Islam doesnt ask widow to wear simple clothes so Ruksaar can wear what she wants, right Kabir? Kabir nods and glares at Ruksaar.

Kabir calls Ruksaar to balcony. Ruksaar says I knew you cant stay away from me. Kabir says enough, what do you want? Ruksaar says I want you tell everyone that we got married, I have right on you. Kabir says you will remain silent till my wedding with Zara. Ruksaar says what if I dont agree? I have right on you, I can tease you, I can have moments with you, I can touch you. She puts hands around his neck but Kabir moves back and says you wont tell anything to anyone. Ruksaar says I could have told everyone but I dont want you half. Kabir says you said it at time of dying but you said that you would irritate Zara if you got saved and you are doing it again? last time when you irritated her, I was with Zara as my duty but now I love Zara, I love her more than anything, she is my lover, if you try to break my love relation with Zara and try to tell you got married to me then remember that Kabir who married you to save your life will take your life for destroying and hurting his love. Ruksaar is stunned, Kabir angrily leaves from there.

In morning, Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara prays that she offer all namaz with Kabir and no problem should come inbetween them.

Ruksaar calls her friend Rumana. Rumana asks if she is fine? Ruksaar says I was feeling tensed, Rumana says you can call me at anytime, Ruksaar says you gave me shelter for 3 months, can you send my marriage certificate with Kabir and deliver it here? Rumana says I will send it, Ruksaar says this is about my life and death, Rumana says okay and ends call. Ruksaar says Kabir you can threaten me but I am witch that wont go down without a fight, tomorrow will be blast in wedding but I have to scare Kabir with firecrackers first.

Zara asks Kabir if he wants tea? Kabir says how will my day start without it? Zara says I will bring it, she opens door to see Ruksaar standing there with tea. Kabir gets tensed. Ruksaar recalls how Kabir denied her offering namaz with him. Zara says you here early? Ruksaar says I thought to have tea with you both. Kabir says I am going to refresh. Ruksaar says please drink tea. Kabir says I only drink Zara’s hands tea, he leaves, Ruksaar is hurt. Zara says I will offer namaz for thanking. Ruksaar says I offered it too in jail and I got something so precious. Kabir coughs. Zara says what you got? Ruksaar says I got something that I never even imagined, you wont believe what God gave me. Zara says what? Kabir goes to washroom and thinks that this Ruksaar is weird, I saved her life and she is making my life hell, I wont let her do it. He comes out. Ruksaar says I got biryani and AC in jail, Zara is confused. Ruksaar leaves from there. Kabir asks Zara to bring tea and leaves.

Kabir is in washroom, he looks at his alter image and says why are you here? what you want? Image says you have changed, old Kabir was follower of justice, you are selfish. Kabir says I am selfish for Zara and love, this marriage has been what Zara was waiting for and you want me to destroy her dreams by telling her? I will tell her when wedding is complete and divorce dates end, God knows that I will tell everyone that I married Ruksaar to save her. Zara knocks on washroom and comes inside. Zara says you took time. Zara says to Kabir that today is your turban wearing ritual for wedding, I waited for this day so much. Kabir hugs her and says I know, he says I promise to do everything today that will make you happy. Zara smiles.

PRECAP- Kabir and Zara sits for wedding. Imran says Alina is not here to make Kabir wear turban so who will do it? Ayesha says Ruksaar is here so she will do it. Ruksaar brings turban and is about to make him wear it but Kabir says stop, you cant make me wear it. Ruksaar says why not? Kabir gets angry and shouts that you are not my sister but my wife. All are stunned. Zara is in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope the Precap for tomorrow with Kabir announcing Ruksaar is his wife was just an imagination.
    Its cruel to blurt something that painful in front of a crowd for everyone to see Zara’s raw emotions.
    That’s something Kabir needed to discuss privately with Zara in detailed and to emphasise THAT HE WAS FORCED TO MARRY RUKSAAR TO SAVE HER LIFE AND RUKSAAR KNOWS that too. Ruksaar will pull every trick to get Kabir to sleep with her and to get Zara divorced for real.

    1. No The divorce was always hanging over Zara, this time she needs to divorce him and leave him and move on with her life and make his life hell. Love or no love.

  2. What is so difficult for kabir to divorce the witch???

    1. That is the same thing that I am wondering. In fact they should not even be considered as legally married. When Zara was arguing Abina’s case, was it not made clear that a marriage made with the intent to divorce is invalid under the Law. Kabir should know that since he had no intention of staying married and intended to divorce Rukhsar that the marriage was not valid to begin with.

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