Ishq Subhan Allah 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara’s painful separation

Ishq Subhan Allah 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara comes to her room and sees it decorated with flowers and lights. Kabir comes there and asks how is it? she says you did it? its very nice. He sits with her and says I cant take my words back but I want to find Nilofar’s killer and free you, but till then I want you to go back to your parents house, Zara says I can go there for 7 days but what if you cant prove it then you will have to divorce me? Kabir says I am Kabir, I can find a killer in 7 days. Kabir says look at our love pillow, we will fulfill our dream, when I have started loving you then fate is separating me from you. Zara says you dont look nice while sad, separation brings lovers close, I have told God to keep me with you if I get another birth, I want to live with you again.. just with some changes. He says what changes you want in me? Zara says you wont change so lets leave it. Kabir says fine. Zara says I dont want change in you, I want change in your eyes, they are so big and your snores are so big, anyone would be scared Kabir runs behind her and stops her. Kabir moves away and says I have given you one divorce, I shouldnt touch you. Zara says we already have difficulties, I have to go away from you, we have many restrictions, dont know where we will be in 7 days, you will be so busy in your work, please hug me. Kabir says I want to remove these restrictions but we have to remain away till then, they both sadly look at each other. Kabir moves away. Humari adhuri kahani plays, their souls hug each other.

In morning, Zara promises Kabir to tell her everything, I know you will do everything to catch killer, he says okay I promise to tell you if I find something. Zara starts packing and asks him to take care of his food, Kabir says I am not a kid, you know my wife is going to her parents house. Kabir says you are taking so many clothes? Zara says I might need them, you know I am not your wife anymore and we might have to get complete divorce. Kabir says anything can happen but we will be together. Alina comes there. Kabir hides Zara’s clothes so Alina wouldnt know they were together. Alina asks Zara why she is leaving? Kabir says she has to leave, Alina says you people keep talking about divorce, its not good, she doesnt have to go. Kabir shouts that she has to go, it will be a trouble, Alina cries and leaves. Zara says you shouldnt have shouted at her, Kabir says I get hurt to see tears in her eyes but you have build a good relation with her, when you comeback then it will more good.

Scene 2
Ayesha says to Shahbaz that we should stop Zara, Zara is our respect, if they have to live separately then she can live in another room. Shahbaz says I have taken my decision, people are talking rubbish so she has to leave. Kabir and Zara comes there. Kabir says I am dropping her. Alina asks her to not go. Kabir says its important for her to go. Ayesha says you didnt even tell me. Zara says I dont want to go but I have to. She says to Shahbaz that I am sorry for anything. Shahbaz says I am sad for you to leave but its important for Kabir, Zara says I wont hurt Kabir’s future. Zara hugs Ayesha. Ayesha cries and kisses her forehead. Zara hugs Alina. She hugs Kabir and cries. Kabir tries to control himself.

Man says to Hashmi that Kabir freed Zara from jail. Hashmi says Kabir have to leave Zara then we can tell people that a person who can leave his wife, he can do anything for his religion, we just have to prove in 7 days that Zara is killer.

Zara and Kabir comes to Zara’s house. Zara asks Kabir to not come inside as her parents will question you. Kabir looks on. Zara takes her baggage and goes inside.

Zara enters house, Irfan and Salma are stunned to see her. Salma hugs her and cries, she says what did happen? Zara hugs Irfan, Irfan says I am proud of you, you have become a target of politics and Hashmi is behind it and Kabir is part of this sin. Zara says no, Kabir is trying to prove me innocent. Irfan says no Kabir cant take his decisions, even his divorce decision is influenced by Shahbaz and he wont let him take it back but you dont have to remain silent, you are hope for many. Zara says I will not sit silently.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Imran that inspector said Zara went in ward and wardboy gave this statement, but if Zara didnt go there then who did?
One woman says to Zara how will we know who went in ward? Zara says wardboy gave statement for someone else for money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thanks Atiba clean, clear precise description.

  2. DannyComments

    Thank you for the update ?

  3. was a very sad episode yesterday. it brought tears. i cant watch sad shows.
    will quit watching for sometime, if kabir and zara get back together i will continue, else will discontinue watching the show. so much of negativity in the show.
    evil goes on and on and they are peaceful.
    good people do good and are separated.
    this discourages people from from doing good, and evil continues.
    just hope for the first time kabir will do his best to prove zara right and bring back her respect and dignity and also take this talaq out

    actually so fed up with the talaq track. and so even stop commenting.

    they should have named the show talaq instead of ishq subhan allah.
    while the show in in progress….. we need to see kabir and zara ishq subhan allah. then what is the use of the name ishq subhan allah.

    from fights to sadness ….there is no ishq there is no ishq subhan allah left in the show.
    how and when will kabir and zara prove their love to be subhan allah.
    at the end of the show,,,,, then it is of no use.

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