Ishq Subhan Allah 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar is back

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector asks Zara why you gave poison to Ruksaar? you have to come with us to police station, prove there that you are innocent. He starts taking Zara but Zeenat stops inspector and says Zara is innocent. She recalls how she asked Ruksaar to not do anything crazy but Ruksaar brushed her off. Zeenat says Ruksaar tried to do suicide earlier too, she tends to get crazy, there are FIRs against her too, she was extreme and could take drastic actions and this Zara.. she and Kabir saved her from Dubai execution so why would she kill her? I am telling you as her sister, inspector says okay Zara doesnt have to come, he leaves. All smile proudly at Zeenat. Ayesha hugs Zeenat and says you proved that you are this house’s daughter. Shahbaz thanks her for saving their honor.


stops Zeenat and thanks her for proving that truth always wins. Zeenat says I should thank you both for saving Ruksaar. Kabir says what? Zeenat says if Zara’s love didnt bring Kabir out of Ruksaar’s room then she would have died with Kabir as she has mixes poison in juice but Zara saved her as Kabir came out so Ruksaar drank that poison and came out, we all saw her dizzy and she fell down, we could take her to hospital and your love saved her again so thanks, its my prayer that you both remain together and grow your love.. she thinks that I pray Ruksaar get her rights too, she leaves. Zara smiles at Kabir.

Kabir and Zara comes to their room. Kabir looks at Zara. Bolna plays, Kabir takes off his coat and gives it to Zara.. They imagines tending to each other. They imagine Zara making Kabir drink water and he coming closer to her. Kabir looks at Zara. Zara looks down, she says goodbye and goes to her room. Kabir nods and leaves.

In morning, Zeenat calls Irfan home and says you said one time that all are your daughters so I came here to discuss a matter with my sister. All family members are there. Kabir says Ruksaar is in coma and doctor said that her health is not improving. Zeenat says there is a question, tell me as per religion, a married woman’s responsibility is whose? her family’s or husband’s? my sister doesnt have any family or kids, she has only me and her so called husband Kabir, who should take her responsibility? Irfan says married woman’s responsibility is on husband only. Zeenat asks Kabir did he listen? its decided that Ruksaar’s responsibility is yours for how many days or years it takes, you will take care of her, you will make her eat and drink, give her wet bath, give her medicines, stay with her, fulfill your responsibilities as husband. Ayesha says I am sorry to say but why Kabir have to do all that? we can hire a nurse. Zeenat says we need a nurse when patient is alone but our Ruksaar have her husband. She says to Kabir that I know this is God’s test, Ruksaar is still your wife, she might not have right on your love but she is your duty, so till she is not out of coma, you will take her responsibility as your duty so tell me are you ready to fulfill this duty? Zara is tensed. Kabir says I have fulfilled all my duties so I will fulfill this duty too, I have to. Zara is hurt. Kabir leaves from there.

Scene 2
Zara recalls how Ruksaar demanded a night with Kabir, how Kabir accepted it and accident with Ruksaar, how Zeenat told that Ruksaar planned to kill herself and Kabir. Zara says I should have understood that Ruksaar cant be a human, she can never leave Kabir, the woman who can do suicide can do anything for Kabir then how did I believe that she would leave Kabir after a night? She recalls how Zeenat demanded Kabir to tend to Ruksaar.

Kabir bring Ruksaar home in his arms. He says to Ayesha that doctors discharged her. Ayesha says take her to my room. Kabir says no that would be wrong, I will take her to her room. Zara looks at Ruksaar’s face and sees her winking at her. She is stunned.

Kabir brings Ruksaar to her room and makes her lie in bed. He covers her with sheet and takes off her robe while looking away. He starts cleaning her with wet towel. He looks away.. Ruksaar gets up and grabs him, he is stunned and moves away. She grabs him. Ruksaar says to Kabir that you have to fulfill your duty.. duty of loving me unconditionally, I wont let you go to Zara. She says I wont let you go Zara. She pulls him on bed and lies on him.
Zara is siting in her room and feels worried, she hears Ruksaar laughing and saying that she played Zara to get Kabir.. Zara runs from there. Zara is running to her room and opens door… She turns to see Kabir there and asks where is Ruksaar? Kabir says Ruksaar is in hospital. Zara says I saw you with Ruksaar and… Ayesha calls out to Kabir, he leaves.

Zara comes in kitchen and sees Zeenat working there. She asks how is Ruksaar? Zeenat says she is in ICU but will be shifted to wardroom soon. She asks Zara what are you thinking? tell it. Zara says you shouldnt have done it, you say you are parent for Ruksaar, you should have taken Ruksaar’s responsibility. Zara says to Zeenat that you did everything in my and Kabir’s wedding because you wanted to see me and Kabir happy, you gave your sister’s responsibility to Kabir and took it, why? Zeenat says I stood by you when you remarried Kabir, you both are my sisters, I wont let injustice happen with you and Ruksaar. Zara thinks if my dream was true that these sisters are fooling me?

PRECAP- Zara and Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s wardroom and sees Ruksaar facing towards TV. She says to Kabir that see she is watching TV, she is faking being in coma. Kabir says she is not looking at TV, she is in coma. Zara says I will prove if she is or not now. She moves closer to Ruksaar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I can see clearly wat is goin to happen…zara is goin to keep insisting dat ruksaar is faking,zeenat will get angry and ask wat else she want and kabir will be filled with guilt and taking ruksaar responsibililty will drive a bigger wedge between dem. Only ting I can see zara doin is taking up d responsibility of ruksaar and keeping kabir away since zeenat is playing games to have kabir do so and get him close to ruksaar while keeping he and zara apart. Zara is right zeenat kept saying dst ruksaar is her redponsibility now all of a sudden shes saying ruksaar has noone. If she was really concerned about kabir and zaras marriage she would’ve accepted ruksaar responsibility instead of putting it on kabir. She said she wanted her.sis to get her rights and by forcing kabir to csre for ruksaar she believes she will get it. Crazy ass sisters.

  2. I think that I know what is going on in this picture now I am beginning to understand as we all have been commenting on this forum its all a plan and it have been since kabir and zara decide to remarry… I must say the writers are good because I really thought that zeenat was coming around but infact zeenat and her sister was in on this plot from day one which is so sad but I have faith in zara she would get to the truth and unmasked ruksaar and her sister. so people keep watching this picture is about to become very interesting ……

  3. If someone tried to kill their husband isn’t that grounds for divorce? Can no one read that Ruksaar has a dangerous obsession for Kabir? In the USA if you attempt to commit sucide and try to do it again to yourself and husband…. that’s grounds enough to be shipped off to a Mental Hospital!! All evidence is in Ruksaar’s honeymoon room.

    1. We have the same law in Germany…..the Person who attempt to commit sucide has to be shipped off to a Mental Hospital!
      The Topic Rukhsar make me sick………….she gets a lot of importance in this soap

  4. Writers, please do not draw out this crap for too long, let’s get the truth quickly, don’t keep going in circles like KKB, PLEASE get to the point

  5. So irritating with these two mentally derange sisters wanting to have Kabir tied to their apron strings. Qazi Irfan should give him a whole work load to do, so Ayesha can get someone to take care of that she devil Ruksar. I really don’t know why Shabaaz is being so quiet about everything, i can’t believe he would want his son to do this for an unwanted wife. I won’t consider this a good deed.

  6. Well….. I’ve been saying this for a while, I didn’t trust Zeenat and I knew she couldn’t change, how a person is in character, don’t expect then to change , they never do… I knew that there was more to Zeenat than what was meeting the eyes …and she proved the suspicions to be correct. I hope Zara finds a credible way to unmask this female Houdini, I feel naseaous looking at her…and this time ,writers need to get her psychiatric help, Rukhsar’s antics aren’t funny by a long shot . I must add that Zara is a big fool, trick me once, shame on you but trick me twice, them shame on me…so Zara is to blame for her marital problems at the moment… She needs to teach Rukhsar a lesson…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes naz and d best way to do dat is to fix a camera in d room before dey bring ruksaar home without zeenat or any one for dat matter knowing then zara should take on ruksaar responsibilties herself and keep kabir out of it and away from ruksaar and zeenat should have no complaints as technically zara is ruksaars family,sisters in marriage so to speak dat alone will drive ruksaar crazy cause right now she longs for kabirs hands on her and tinking dat once he starts taking care of her he will start caring for her,stueps. Then zara and kabir should have many romantic moments infront of ruksaar to irritate d hell out of her after all how long can she pretend while d lovebirds r romancing infront of her.

  7. In Canada Ruskhar will be commited to a mental institution already!!! The writers thinks the people are fools. We need out Kabeer and Zara back together to expose those two evils sisters.

  8. Kabeer is the cause of what’s happening now, if he had not full of such ego he and Zara would not have gotten divorce in the first place, Zara should not be fighting her love, she had proved herself by giving up certain morals for Kabeer , it’s now his time to prove himself DIVORCE the nutcase let she go kill herself and Zeenat

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