Ishq Subhan Allah 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nilofar is dead

Ishq Subhan Allah 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Reporter says that police found a girl on road injured, she was stabbed by a knife. All watch news in Kabir’s house and sees its Nilofar. All are stunned.
Zara cries and thinks how could I be so careless?
In hospital, Zeenat says to Zara that if you had think about Nilofar then this wouldnt have happened, I am ashamed to even call you human. Zara is hurt hearing that.
Irfan says to Kabir that I want your suggestion on Zara’s resgination. Kabir says what can I say? its your decision. Khalid says to one member of board that Zara didnt care about Irfan and others respect, she does not care for Khalid, he might divorce her. Kabir asks Khalid what he is saying? Khalid says all people are talking about Zara leaving Nilofar to die to come here and win the case so people can praise her, she didnt even care for a person dying on road. Kabir pounces at him and asks what he is saying? Irfan stops Kabir and says it doesnt suite him. Khalid says your sister in law said that to Zeenat, he shows her video of hospital in which Zeenat says to Zara that she left Nilofar to die so she could help Abida and win case. Kabir is stunned to see it, he asks everyone to leave. He says to Irfan that it must be a conspiracy against Zara. He leaves.

Zara recalls how Nilofar kept pleading her to leave her and go win case for Abida, how she forced her to leave. Zara says I shouldnt have left Nilofar, how could I? I should have taken her to hospital. Kabir comes there. Zara hugs him and says yo were right, I am selfish, I didnt care about Nilofar, I was not like this, what just happened, what if Nilofar doesnt wake up? its my fault. Kabir says calm down, I dont know what happened but I am with you, Zara is stunned adn says you will be with me? Kabir says yes, you are my wife and I will be with you on every step, its my duty, I will stand by you, dont be scared. Zara hugs him.

Hashmi says to his man that its time to drag the issues, make this a big problem, man says we can make it a big issue to destroy Zara but it can hurt Kabir’s image too. Hashmi says driver doesnt care about people falling down from bus.

Wasim says to Miraj that you should leave this city, Nilofar can wake up any moment. Miraj gets angry and says I wont leave till I get my revenge, I will destroy Kabir and Zara.

Shahbaz says to Zeenat that you shouldnt have made an issue in hospital, now everyone knows. Zeenat says I am sorry but I got worried for Nilofar. Kabir comes there after making Zara sleep. Kabir says I will handle media. Ayesha asks Shahbaz to stop Kabir. Shahbaz says let him go, he is next head priest so he should know how to handle situations. Kabir comes out of house and talks to media, media asks why Nilofar was living with them? Kabir says yes she was in this house. Zara comes there too. Kabir says Zara went to meet her but this time we should only pray for Nilofar’s health and dont forget that you people are talking about Zara, Zara is a kind of person who would remain hungry for others, Zara can never do such an act, moon can stop shining but Zara can never stop spreading helpfulness, girl like Zara can never do such an act, stop blaming her. Zara hears all that and thinks Zara has this place in his heart for me? She runs from there.
Zara hides under blanket. Kabir comes to their room, he sees her hiding and hides behind her. Zara takes a peek and doesnt see him, she makes a face. Kabir pokes her from behind, Zara grabs his ear and pulls him on bed, she hides under blanket. Kabir says come out, I want to talk to you. Zara says no, dont do what yo uare thinking of doing. Kabir comes under blanket, she covers her face with her hands. Kabir turns on LED light and says what are you doing? he looks at her face and says if you did something else then tell me? Zara says I am ready to sacrifice my all for you. Kabir is surprised and says what you want to sacrifice? Zara says you wanted me to lose morals for you, change myself for you, I am ready, she holds his hand and says I am ready to do anything for you, I know I said that morals are my life but.. you are my life, I will truly change my thoughts, my ways for you, I can do anything for you. Kabir is stunned and says if you did it then I will be the most lucky person this world, if that happens then it will be you, me and happiness only. Zara smiles at him. Kabir takes off blanket and pulls Zara down on bed. He leans in towards her but Zara covers her face with her dupatta, paniyon sa plays. Kabir laughs at her playfullness and tries to remove it.

Scene 2
A person in abaya is going to Nilofar’s wardroom. Person fills injection and mixes it in Nilofar’s IV fluids.
Nurse comes to Nilofar’s room and sees her heart monitor showing straight line, she calls doctor. He checks her and tries to revive her but line is dead.

Kabir moves in closer to Zara and pins her to bed, he smiles at her and is about to kiss her, Zara leans to him but he gets call. Zara moves away. Kabir says this is last time, I will keep phone on silent from next time. He takes call, Zara puts her arms around him. Kabir is stunned. Zara asks what happened? Kabir murmurs that Nilofar is dead. Zara shocked and breakdowns. Kabir hugs her and consoles her. Zara tells Kabir everything, she tells him how Nilofar helped her and asked her to leave. Zara says how will we tell people? Kabir says dont worry, I will handle everyone, Zara says I will go with you, I want to see her face one last time. Kabir says okay but there will be media there so you have to cover your face.

In morning, Shahbaz asks Kabir why he gave his number to hospital? Kabir says Nilofar was staying with us so I thought to help her. Shahbaz says you are a pious person but people tend to hurt people like you so please be carefule, Shahbaz says before another storm surrounds you, do Nilofar’s last rituals and end this matter, wish Nilofar wouldnt have to see death like this and we had to answer people. Zeenat says I am sorry but Nilofar died because of Zara, she is responsible for her death. Kabir says what are you saying? Zara is innocent. Ayesha says he is right, Zara is our daughter in law and you are saying such stuff for her? Zeenat says truth is always bitter and if you think that Zara didnt leave Nilofar there then say that on Quran. Kabir says dont bring religion in everything. Zeenat says you are a priest and taking her side? Kabir says priests take side of right and its my duty to stand with Zara because she is right, if she was responsible for Nilofar’s death then I wouldnt take her side but she didnt do anything wrong.
PRECAP- Shahbaz says to Hashmi that this news will bring a storm in Zara’s life.
Zara sees an online article which says that Zara is responsible for Nilofar’s death.
Doctor says to Zara that you shouldnt have done what you did, because of your carelessness, she died. Zara is stunned to hear it.
In function, Hashmi says to people that if a person let another person die and dont help them then they are murderer. Kabir looks on hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hi everyone, I have been really busy lately. I hope that everyone is happy and in good health. Firstly I like to thanks the writers, they are doing a great job. Especially on halala. Halala is banned in Bangladesh also.
    This show is the best show to come out from India. To discuss topics that every that is very touchy for some people, is very brave.

    I hope kabir well realised, because of Zara. She is the one that saved their marriage. Because she put it down in her marriage contract. Kabir still can call her wife.
    As for a parent to ask for their children to divorce their partner is wrong!
    No one has that right to do this.

    Yes we should listen to our parents, but it doesn’t mean that they are always right. Our parents are human to, they well make mistake.
    But for the unfortunate one among us. It’s sad some parents well never care for you. Always believe in compassion and love. Let that guide you thorough life. Allah loves theses people more.
    It is also important to understand what is best for you. Your happiness also matter. But never be selfish, always remember your surroundings.
    For example kabir he should do what is best for him, also what make him happy. Kabir wants Zara to give up her job and be the wife, that kabir want. But this well not make Zara happy. This is what I am talking about. With everything you have to find the middle.

    Nilofaf sacrifices herself, so Zara can win for women’s right. This types, of sacrifice is what well open heaven door for you. Not blowing yourself up and killing innocent people. I hope the writers well mentioned this, in the coming episode.

  2. Agree with you Sister on all points….Belief in the almighty is something different from religious bigotry…love and compassion are more important than any religious scriptures…and ofcourse human dignity….As you rightly said ,this serial stands out against inhuman practices involving women’s honour and dignity… we know the path to reforming age old practices is not that easy….but atleast the makers of ISA are doing a brilliant job in exposing the lacunae that are present in our religions due to which women are being taken advantage of…I congratulate the writers for creating this most pious character Zara who has a heart full of love and compassion….Yes,she should n’t have left a profusely bleeding Nilofar in the car..atleast she should have thought about her after coming back from Sharia Board….But mistakes do happen….and I can imagine Zara’s mental status now when Nilofar is dead…She certainly needs Kabir’s love to come out of the shock and depression…I am happy Kabir is doing what is expected of a loving husband…And what to say about Kabir’s father,Shahbaz…the most selfish individual who does n’t hesitate to sacrifice his son’s happiness for his ego and selfish ends…
    I do hope Kabir will keeps aside his male ego and allow Zara to fight for the cause of women…let us hope that he he won’t put her in a delicate situation where she will have to choose between her love and her ideals….Kabir should understand that everyone is entitled to have principles of his / her own …And if the principles are good and for a noble cause, like Zara’s ,she should be encouraged rather than imposing strictures on her freedom..

  3. Lakshmi… Sister…I couldn’t agree with you more on the points you both have made. Before I opened this page, as Allah is my witness, my mind crossed over to you Sister, as I hadn’t seen comments from you in a little while I was concerned hoping that you were OK out there, I’m happy to see that you were busy and all is well with you. I knew that coming from a sister of my own faith, I know I could count on you to give an unbiased view concerning the halala issue at hand. A few days ago, this topic was a raging issue and I was wondering if I was too strong in my views. As with this serial, I’m happy to see such a strong female lead fighting for women’s rights and there should be more Zaras out there …wonderful weekend to both of you…

  4. Nina

    It takes things for granted is considered irresponsible. Zara’s behavior generates a lot of conversation and disagreement. It’s high time Kabeer should make choices between Zara and all the others.

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