Ishq Subhan Allah 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara goes missing in Kashmir

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Ishq Subhan Allah 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is taking pictures on high mountain. Ruksaar hits her from behind. Zara falls and rolls down towards cliff. Zara screams Kabir save me. Kabir sees her rolling from mountain towards end of cliff. He is stunned and runs to save her. Ruksaar sees Kabir running to her and says no, Kabir stop. Kabir glides and run towards Zara. Zara is approaching the cliff and if about to falls over but Kabir rushes to her and slips infront of her, he holds her in his arms tightly. Ruksaar fumes in anger seeing it. Kabir looks at her and is worried, he hugs her tightly. Ruksaar thinks Zara cant even die easily. Kabir lifts Zara and supports her weight. He takes her from there. He asks if she is fine? He brushes her clothes from snow. Driver comes there and says thank God you saved her. Zara says my clothes are wet. Kabir asks if there is a shop nearby? Driver Bashir takes them to shop.

Kabir is waiting for Zara in shop. Zara comes wearing burqa. Kabir avoids her. Zara checks perfume in shop and moves towards Kabir, he doesnt recognize her and jerks away. Zara keeps coming in his path, he asks woman what are you doing? Zara takes off her veil and laughs, Kabir smiles surprised that it was her, he says MashaAllah you wore burqa, I like women wearing burqa, they are pure and innocent, you like to wear burqa to show to your mother then why today? Zara says I wanted to wear it so I wore it. Kabir asks did you wear it for me? Zara looks at him in surprise and then shies away, she says shall we go? they both feel awkward moving. Zara and Kabir leaves. Another woman comes in shop, she sprays same perfume which Zara wore, she wears burqa and leaves.

Kabir and Zara are enjoying view, Zara roams around excitedly. Kabir grabs her hand and pulls her to him. They feed pigeons. Zara runs around them happily. Kabir gives money to guy who gave food for pigeons. A woman comes to Kabir in burqa, Kabir says you like perfumes, lets go check them in shop, he holds her hand. Woman jerks away and says what are you doing? she takes off her veil and its that same woman who wore similar perfume as Zara. She says arent you ashamed to harass girls? Kabir says sorry I thought its Zara. He looks around for Zara and says where are you? He sees many women in burqas but cant find Zara, he gets worried and asks people if they saw his wife? she was here in burqa, man says there are many women in burqa here, your wife knows hotel address right? he says yes, man says then she will reach hotel. Kabir thanks him and leaves.

Scene 2
Salma is sleeping but wakes up with a shriek, she is crying and says Zara? She goes to Irfan and says I feel our Zara is in danger, she was surrounded by fire. Irfan says you saw a bad dream and day dreams are not real. Salma says please call Kabir and Zara. Irfan calls Zara but its not reachable. He calls Kabir but he is not picking up. Irfan says dont worry, he will call back. Salma prays for their safety.

Kabir comes back to hotel room and calls out for Zara. He looks around in room. Ruksaar is hiding in room and sees Kabir searching for Zara. Kabir is tensed. TV turns on. Kabir sees reporter saying that they found a girl’s deadbody in market, she was wearing a burqa but couldnt recognize her, police thinks it might be some tourist. Kabir is stunned to hear it. Ruksaar looks on.

Kabir comes to city hospital of Kashmir. He comes to morgue with inspector in daze. Kabir recalls Zara excited for Kashmir, their mornings, their friendship, their dayouts, food sharing, he is in tears. Inspector stops near a deadbody and says we found this in Saddar market. Kabir reluctantly moves towards it and tears fall from his eyes, Kabir moves sheet away from face of the body and is relieved to see its someone else. He says this is not my wife. Inspector asks him to file missing report, Kabir nods and leaves with him. Ruksaar comes to morgue and sees face of deadbody, she is stunned to see its not Zara but someone else. She says then where is Zara?

Some man in his mansion is shown, he comes out of his room, servants make him wear a shawl. Man is Siraj. He comes to room where Zara is sleeping in bed. Flashback shows when Zara was in market, some women dragged her away from Kabir and gave her flowers, woman said that Mister sent flowers for you, Zara thought Kabir sent it, she sniffs it and faints. Flashback ends. Siraj looks at sleeping Zara and asks how she is? doctor says she will wake up in few minutes. Siraj says I want this room filled with flowers, I want Zara to be surrounded by flowers fragrance when she wakes up, decorate this house like a queen, we are going to get married, servants leave. Siraj says to Zara that you wanted to live in Kashmir, now this Kashmir is all yours, just make me yours once. He sits closer to her and leans in near her lips but moves away. He says I want to come closer to you but not without your permission, you are more beautiful than my thoughts, like rose, I am sorry I took time to save you from your husband but I promise no one will be able to take you from me now.

Kabir is asking inspector to search for Zara, inspector asks if he has her photo, Kabir says I dont have it, please find her. Shahbaz calls him and asks where is Zara? her mom is worried about her, let me talk to her. Kabir says I am out and Zara is in room and I am out. Inspector says if Zara is in your room then why you are lying that she is missing? Shahbaz asks what is happening? Kabir ends call. Inspector says we cant find her without photos.

Ruksaar opens her chat, she reads Siraj”s message that today is win of my love, today I am going to get married to the love of my life. Ruksaar says Siraj kidnapped Zara? now I will get Kabir.

Zara wakes up in a strange room and sees it filled with flowers, she recalls how she fainted after smelling flowers, she says Kabir? and looks around. Siraj comes there and sees her awake. Zara is confused. Siraj says accept my greeting face to face for first time. Zara asks who are you? Siraj says remember I am the same person who you like to talk, with whom you wanted to spend life in Kashmir with, Zara says you are mistaken. Siraj says dont worry, I have plucked you away from that life, he will not come near you again.

Kabir comes to his room and looks around for any photos of Zara, he sees her dupatta and cries. Kabir checks her bag but cant find her photo. He breakdowns and thinks I have to find Zara at any cost.
Siraj takes jewelry and says to Zara accept my love’s first gift. Zara is confused and scared, he moves closer to make her wear it but Zara grabs it and throws it away, it breaks, she says what rubbish is this? who are you and why you are putting false allegations on me? Siraj shows her profile and says this is your profile right? Zara is stunned to see her photo and says this is not my profile, there is some misunderstanding, maybe you tried to know someone else, you are taking me as someone else. Siraj is stunned to hear it. Zara turns to leave but he grabs her arm and pulls her to him. Zara tries to break free. Siraj says if this is cheating then let be it because I want to get this beautiful cheating, this profile might be fake but you are whom I love, Zara says leave my hand. Siraj says I will leave your hand when I get you because now you will do nikah with me. Zara is stunned and pushes him away, she says I am already married. She turns to leave but Siraj laughs hysterically and says Siraj’s darling, that marriage is not a marriage where two bodies and hearts dont unite and you told me your whole story before then why you are pretending now? he moves closer to her and tries to cup her face but Zara pushes him away and says dont touch me. Siraj grabs her and calls his servant, he says this is our bride, remember to take care of her and dont let her have any complaint otherwise your husbands will die, he pushes Zara to women servants and says get ready for marriage. Siraj leaves.

PRECAP- Zara is dressed as bride and Siraj as groom. Zara asks priest if he is not scared of Allah? He says I am. Zara says then arent you ashamed to get an already married woman to forcefully marry a stranger? Siraj glares at her. Priest says this marriage cant happen, she has to take divorce from her husband. Siraj asks his men to bring the person who kept my Zara forcefully with him.
Kabir is searching for Zara in market. Siraj’s men comes to him and says we want to take you to your wife, Kabir is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Don’t worry, kabir well save Zara.
    Suraj is crazy as ruksaar, the sickening part when he was looking at zara.

    I don’t know where it is said, the part, it said that you have to, consummate the marriage. To be a marriage.
    If you believe that person is your partner. That is your marriage.
    Ruksaar is also the same, she always talks about consummate. Those two should be together.

  2. How Ruksar has selected Siraj to chat with…..just at random or does she know him previously…Anyways ,her intention was to create doubts in Kabir’s mind but Siraj went a step ahead and kidnapped Zara, which proved to be a blessing in disguise for Ruksar…and interestingly Kabir will be taken to Zara by Siraj’s men to give divorce to her….I must appreciate Zara’s presence of mind to remind the priest that a married woman can not be remarried without getting divorced……and the rest ,we can guess….Kabir becoming the typical hero to save his wife and handover the culprit to the police ……will it be the end of Siraj’s character????? It can not be so ,… what havoc he is going to create in Zara’s life,we have to wait and watch …..Coming to Kabir’s father,was his concern for Zara real ,….as I remember he just wants that religious post for his son….that’s why he had to force Kabir to marry Zara with the divorce plan already in place…Ofcourse all his plans will go for a toss when he comes to know that the unthinkable has happened and Zara ans Kabir love each other now ……lot of drama in store for us.

    1. Lakshmi, I think that Shabaaz realises that there’s nothing he could do now, maybe he’s hoping his son will take Zara’s father’s place on the board as he’s damad now…and I also think that he doesn’t care if his son consummate or not, but would hope they do because Zara might be coming across as icing on the cake for his son’s sake… However, what he isn’t bargaining for, is that Kabir would go back home as a man in love with his wife… This would be a remarkable happening… BTW… Have you noticed that Siraj’s name has Ahamad as surname??… As in Kabir Ahamad!! Wonder if that means anything..

  3. Welcome Chandna… I spelt your name just how I saw it previous day.. Anyways… Download the Desitvflix app… Zeetv / APAC Eng…/ select the date and watch, all serials are there but delayed by just one day during the week and during weekends, you will be able to see Friday’s episode on the Monday after the weekend… Hope this is helpful for you…

  4. It’s a horrible thing to lose a person. Poor Kabeer cried in the hospital so sincere. His severeness and coldness was changed on a desperate regret about loss a spouse

  5. Well if there was still any doubt then it’s clear now that Kabir is in love with his wife. His level of comfort – holding her hand while they were out and about not to mention his reaction to view what he initially took to be her dead body. I can’t wait to see him coming to her rescue soon.. but I also don’t think that this is the end of Suraj’s character but I’m not sure how he is going to affect the couple in the future. Maybe he and Ruksur will end up married to each other. And that’s another thing. Does Ruksur really think after watching Kabir save Zara and he will turn to her if something happens to Zara?

  6. if the next episode turns into a farce, then the story will go down hill…seems to be predictable what next is going to happen

  7. You are right Naz,this guy Siraj’s surname is also Ahmad… never know ,he might even turn out to be Kabir’s sibling….not much about him was revealed in this episode..seems to be a well to do guy but a shady character and Ofcourse a psycho.. ..with regard to his future role,I am sure Kabir will come across the chat details and suspect Zara..every man is possessive ,at the slightest hint ,he doesn’t hesitate to suspect his wife or girl friend…Raja did that ,(ofcourse it was the fault of Rani),and Prem ,my god ,the way he tortured Teja…basically men are insecure and Kabir won’t be an exception ,,,the serial has n’t even reached its 50 th episode….egos, misunderstandings ,and most probably a temporary seperation will be imminent to spice up the things. but some limits should be drawn so as to not get distracted from the main theme …..let us only hope that it won’t become another ETRETR or ADDN…..

  8. Naz,having said that that men are insecure ,there is one man and his love story that I adore the most….Ofcourse he is your favourite also….Jalal Ud din mohd Akbar and his sweet heart Jodha….simply loved every moment of the entire serial..never felt a moment of boredom …inspite of many controversies surrounding the authenticity of the story,I regard it as a perfect love story…very disappointed that it was pulled off unceremoniously…the complete story should have been shown….

    1. I don’t know how or why Lakshmi, but you and I communicate on a different level.. These past two weeks, the local TV channel here have started to air this same serial, I guess for those who don’t subscribe to cable service and your dear friend has been at it again..much to my daughter’s dismay. She says….but you saw it already, why watch it again?? Ohhh, I give up!!! ??….so I’m watching it all over again and it’s twice as nice.. Best best best love story…what a gem!!! I have a weird habit of finding myself too engrossed in fictional stories, ever since I’ve known myself reading and that’s since I knew about fairytales, right down to reading Barbara Taylor Bradford, Eric van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King novels..suffice it to say, after the end of Jodha Akbar, I searched the net on almost everything connected to this story, and would you believe that I almost believed that I lived back then and even witnessed it all… Yeah, I’m that crazy….in all of this, you’ve just reminded me of the potent love between this couple that grew from hate and became the best televised love story EVER!!! For all the bashing I gave to Ekta Kapoor on other serials, she deserves kudos for this elaborate love story which captured my ♥… One more thing…men are an egotistical specie and they are very insecure when it comes to the woman in his life. He could have many women in his life but when he knows that there’s potential admirers around, all the glass cases spring up… ?… One more thing, I also don’t care if JA was fully authentic or not…they made me believe that love is possible when it seems most impossible!!

      1. Dhanya

        In fact jodha akbar made us to understand that true love can overcome the toughest situations in life. Ruksaars character is similar to rukkaiya begum. But rukkaiya is more pleasant than ruksar

    2. … I wanted to see both of them die, that would have satisfied me but as it stands, I WISH it hadn’t ended the way it did… You remember the mausoleum? Where it was depicted that they were talking to each other at times… in that semi dark chamber… with the billowing shadows… strewn leaves kissing the marble stones of their graves ..the soft laughter between them…hmmmm, I cried and I cried and I cried!!!

  9. If Kabir comes there then he cannot divorce Zara by saying talaq three times, because Zara said that at her marriage that he cannot divorce her like that right? So if they want to divorce each other then they would have to arrange the papers. Zara’s decision that Kabir cannot divorce her by saying talaq will actually save them both from the situation i think.

    1. ….yep, and this may be when Kabir will thank his wife for her foresight….let’s see what happens next…

  10. Naz,I am extremely happy for you that you have got another oppertunity to relive that unforgettable experience of watching the blessed couple…..bless those tv channels….they have the good taste to remember and show this gem of a love story ….why only second time,If given an oppertunity,I can watch this eternal love story any number of times….Naz,,do you remember the first time Jalal ,disguised as a commoner goes to the kingdom of Amer ,much against the wishes of Bairam Khan and sees the lovely princess going for some pooja in a palenquin…that is the beginning of a nostalgic journey both for the couple and the viewers as well….later they get married ,fall in love with eachother, beget children but lose the twins ,raise Salim…..and how effortlessly the young Rajat Tokas and Parinidhi became parents to a young Salim….the royal couple had their equal share of joys and tribulations…their life was not a bed of roses .but the way they cherished each other till their last breath……,Naz,as you said it would have been a perfect ending had they been shown taking their last breath together..anyways ,I would prefer to believe that they are together in death also, whispering to each other in the stillness of the mausoleum … they say ,’together in love and together in death’..Friend ,sometimes it too surprises me how we communicate on a different level…..we are die hard romantics,share similar life experiences,emotional and sensitive and above all the very mention of love melts our hearts and brings tears to our eyes….what else is required to become best friends…and best friends communicate on a different level…don’t they?

  11. Ty.po.error ……together in life and together….

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