Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zara and Kabir argue over funds for New syllabus for girls studying under Sharia board. Ruksar arrives with the plea to share with friends. She asks Zara to share her husband with her. Kabir gets infuriated. He shouts at Ruksar. Zara asks what he’s doing, she’s a child. He shouts at Zara too. Zara explains to Ruksar that sharing is done with things not humans. Ruksar apologizes to Kabir.

Kabir n Zara soon patch up. Zara agrees to watch cartoons with Ruksar n Amaan. They stop her from leaving n ask her to play games with them.

Zara manages to free herself from the two n reaches her room. Kabir is angry with Zara for not accompanying him at dinner n while going to bed. Kabir and Zara get into another argument over her delay.

Zara tries to appease angry Kabir

again. Zara gets romantic with Kabir n he too gets into the mood.

Next day at office, Kabir and Zara have a cute moment sharing lunch. Kabir leaves for some work. Karim saab comes n scolds Zara that her cheque had bounced. He had cancelled her contract n complained to sharia board. Zara is angry that Kabir had not transferred any amount into the girls fund account.

Next day, At sharia board, Pir sahab is in the chair as All members have gathered. Qazi sahab too is there. Kabir and zara are asked to present their points before they arrive at a decision.

Zara says they all gave up old phones to use Mobile why not teach the kids new syllabus with new features? Kabir says their innocent children needed old syllabus. That’s why he did not release funds. Kabir and Zara argue… Both have their points before the sharia board.

Pir sahab asks the members to vote n they will take a decision after that.

Voting takes place … its a tie…qazi sahab asks Pir sahab to vote for the tie breaker. Pir Sahab… After prolonged tense moments… Gives his opinion that decision will be taken after interviewing two children.. One from Girls school,…one who started schooling young with modern syllabus…one from boy’s madrasa who started schooling late. Then they will take a decision.

Precap: Zara asks Kabir that of Madrasas were so good why only Kabir was sent there why not Kashan n Alina? Why were they educated at english medium schools and why was Amaan going to English medium school now? Kabir angrily accuses Zara of taunting him.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Good 👍 i liked how Zara handled Kabeer today, set the tables straight 👏👏👏 … seems only he was given opportunity to further his schooling and not the others… Zara has great argument against Kabeer for educating women further than is allowed, the current rules do not allow women to excel further than the men (what nonsense) therefore I agree with Zara … let the men help wash the dishes and iron the clothes sometimes 😁 woman power 💪 Kabeer is too backward in his way of thinking

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