Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara apologize to each other

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Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar takes her laptop and hides behind table. Kabir is approaching her but Zara calls him, he leaves.

Ruksaar comes to room and sees Zara sitting on floor with food set. He asks what is all this? Zara says this is food that everyone eats. Kabir says you wanted to eat in restaurants. Zara says lets eat, I am hungry. They sit down and eat together. He says you did all this, I am surprised. Kabir offers her dishes. Zara says what is the difference between Sunnat and Faraz in Islam? I know but I want to ask you. Kabir says faraz is which cant be avoided, it has to be followed to all the time and we can leave sunnat, Zara says we dont become sinner when we leave sunnat, we can tell God that we are leaving his sunnat to make someone happy, right? Kabir glances at her, he puts food on table. Zara says I am sorry if you felt bad. Kabir asks her to sit down, she sits on chair. Kabir sits on chair and says lets eat? Zara is surprised and smiles, they eat together. Ruksaar peeks in room and fumes in anger.

At night, Zara puts light curtain between them, its net cloth so they can see each other. Zara says heavy curtain fell so I used this today. Kabir is trying to sleep but cant. Zara says you cant sleep with lights on? he says I am trying. Zara gives him eye mask and says wear it, I got it in flight. He thanks her.
Ruksaar is angry and says this night is last night of Zara as I will kill her tomorrow.

In morning, Zara wakes up and sees her foot tangled with Kabir’s.. she pulls Kabir’s foot away. He wakes up and asks what are you doing? she says what you were doing yesterday. Kabir lies down and smiles, he says leave my foot now. Zara jerks back and looks away. Zara’s net curtain gets draped around Kabir. Zara laughs, Kabir says help me out. Zara tries to pull curtain away from him, they both fall down on bed with Zara under him and curtain falls over him. They share eyelock. Kabir moves away and says you cant tie one curtain tightly? I will tie it tonight.
Kabir comes to bathroom, he says what I am doing? I am a priest, what will she think about me? no she wont think anything, she knows me.

Scene 2
Ruksaar meets driver of Kabir and Zara, she says I want you to do my work against Zara and Kabir. She gives him money, he says what do you want? Ruksaar says you have to give me location of them whole time and if someone gets died then dont get panicked.

Kabir says I am sorry for what happened in morning, Zara says it was just an incident. Kabir says I am sorry for that. Zara says I am sorry for that too for throwing food packet in river, I wanted you to eat with me in restaurant, I am sorry. Kabir says you shouldnt waste food, she says sorry Good. Kabir is trying to button up his sherwani. Zara says let me do it. She buttons it. She turns to leave but Kabir gives her her bag, she thanks him.

Ruksaar messages Sirag as fake Zara. She says I want to live in these valleys even if I die here. Siraj says no, I wont let you die, we have to write our love story here, give me your location. Ruksaar says just wait for sometime, I will give you signal on right time. Ruksaar says Zara will die now.

Scene 3
Zara and Kabir are enjoying views. Kabir says its raining, lets go back. Zara says its so beautiful here, I am not leaving. Kabir says you seem too happy, Zara says you are jealous? its heaven here so lets enjoy. driver keeps giving Ruksaar updates.

Zara and Kabir enjoys view, cable lift and other spots. They come to a ski spot. Ruksaar comes there and thinks if Zara falls from those mountains then she will die and it will look like accident. Ruksaar asks driver to take Zara to high mountains.
Kabir rides motor ski on snow. Zara sits behind him and enjoys. Hawaian plays, Zara rides it too. Zara throws stone at Kabir. Kabir throws at her too. Zara says I want to do skating, he asks if she knows it? she says I did in childhood, he says but.. Zara runs. She wears skates. Kabir keeps holding her and asks her to be careful. Zara says I am fine. She skates and slips but Kabir holds her in his arms. They look in each others eyes. Ruksaar thinks soon you will die Zara. Zara moves back, Kabir laughs and says this is your skating skills. Zara glares at them. Driver brings tea for them. Driver asks if they want to go to high mountain for photos? Kabir says photos are against islam, Zara says I am photo taking muslim, take me. She leaves with driver.
Zara is taking pictures of view from high mountain. Ruksaar comes from behind and thinks tomorrow’s news will be some girl fell from mountains. Ruksaar pushes Zara fro mountains. Zara rolls over and skids towards end of cliff. Zara screams Kabir save me.

PRECAP- Kabir is looking for Zara all over the place, he asks people if they saw his wife. He gets tired and comes to room, he is tensed and puts on news. Reporter says police found a deadbody near mountains, they couldnt recognize her but she seems like a tourist. Kabir is stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice zara &kabir

  2. Today episode was great, I am proud of kabir. I just hope that he doesn’t let Zara down.
    Don’t worry Zara is okay!
    The new character is suraj. The one ruksaar pretending to be Zara. He well kidnapped zara, and try to force marriage her. He also well try to get kabir, to force divorce Zara. This well not happen!
    I gave you spoilers news on last Friday.
    There I said zara, well find out that, it is ruksaar doing. I also told you that she well make a promise to zeenat. To not to tell anyone.

    I think that this is a big mistake. Zara should tell kabir! Of what ruksaar did!
    Knowing the two evil sisters, they well use this against Zara. Sometimes you shouldn’t be to kind!
    I know kabir is changing for the better. I want those two get together. But I believe change doesn’t happen to quickly. Kabir has fallen in love with Zara.
    Knowing the two evil sisters, they well use this. Make something bad out of zara character. Which wouldn’t be true. Suraj is a new character, he is in love with Zara. He is just like ruksaar.
    I think suraj should marry ruksaar.
    Kabir needs to keep a cool head, being a hot head is bad for anyone.

    1. Sister, I too am proud of both Zara and Kabir. They have made a concious effort to put aside their differences and enjoy their time away form everything and everyone. I also loved to the little things they are doing for each other just like every married couple. I too have seen the spoiler videos and I much say things are taking and exciting turn. As I watched just like you I felt the Suraz should marry Ruksar. They would make the perfect couple. In fact I was Zara that is exactly what I would arrange. Kabir rescues Zara from Suraz but only after taking a bad beating. I think this will be the real turning point for Zara and Kabir’s relationship.

    2. Agree!
      I just hope that zara, tell someone at least.
      She can’t trust ruksaar and her sister, to keep their end of the bargain.

  3. This was a very good episode. I have liked sweetheart Zara confessed her gimmick of the sinking package. A scene of walking between the snowbanks it’s like a picture-postcard. Let me give a piece of advice to watch on YouTube short film “Bubble” by Hashmic house films with Adnan Khan.

  4. I am happy that Kabir has started to be flexible with rituals… is the clean and kind heart that the almighty wants….rituals just make us disciplined…I did want Kabir to catch Ruksar in the restaurant but the call from Zara saved the day for her…yes ,nice to see Zara accepting her fault….the most difficult thing in the world is realising and accepting one’s faults and asking for forgiveness….only a few can do that ….I feel that Kabir. Inspite of his inhibitions with photos ,selfies should not have sent Zara alone….I don’t know what the spoilers say but hope that this rather irritating and cheap drama of Ruksar comes to an end at the earliest…

  5. Good episode. I like the way Kabir and Zara are bonding, very sweet, cute and like a true married couple.. Everything looks so real in the serial so far, no illogical inconsistencies. Today I actually saw last episode on Desitvflix and what a physique!! Kabir is a hunk and a well defined one too!!! Listen ladies, I’m young at heart!!! I didn’t ask producers to show me that so what is a woman to do, not admire??? ??….Zara flouncing off when she’s upset, reminds me of myself so long ago. I appreciate their patching up, too cute, in any case they are setting a good foundation for their relationship. As for Rukhsar, I agree with you Sister, no room for mistakes when it comes to these two devious sisters. Zara shouldn’t keep anything from Kabir including this because it will come back to haunt her…. With this new entry, don’t like it but there must be some negativity to balance this relationship, this is how Kabir as well as Zara, would accept their love for each other.

  6. Ooshi…… Where are you? Want to keep you updated on the email address for the production company…the one you gave to me… OOSHI…… SOS…

  7. Cathy, did you get any problems today on the videos on Desitvflix?? Don’t understand why the feed kept dropping, thought it was either my tab or internet…

    1. Cathy

      Naz…seems okay, because my PC is rather old it stalls off and on so its hard to tell if there is a streaming problem, there was a small problem over the weekend but they seemed to have it resolved.

  8. The evidence that Ruksar pushed Zara down the slope was captured on the the latter’s hp, did you noticed it? And somehow the phone will be in Kabir’s hands and when he looks at the phone pictures (assuming he knows how to use the hp gallery)…voila!

    Just hope the story line doesn’t become into a farce…with a silly don who suddenly proclaims his love – weird.

  9. Kabar ,so far so good….but we know most of our serials are not finite series…as it happens always some black-hearted villain is bound to make his /her entry ,he /she will be so cunning ,crafty,and manipulative that one of the lead couple invariably falls into the trap….like it happened with Prem and Taja ,Raja and Rani and every other couple in almost all serials and from there the downfall begins…..let us hope the creatives of this serial have already had a well thought out story line in place…yes ,negative characters are required but they should neither be given so much importance or screen space or longevity .and should be exposed at the earliest….otherwise the lead actors will look like guests and the viewers are sure to lose interest…

  10. Hi …. I’ve recently started watching the show …. This is so nice … This is the first show iam watching on Zee TV …. The first impression became the best … Actually I ve not got the channel … I only read the updates … Thanks to Atiba … Now I’ve downloaded the Zee app so I can watch all episodes … This is so amazing … Loved the couple… This is lot more interesting than the shows I’ve watched earlier … Loved it soo much …

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