Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir about to consummate marriage with Ruksaar

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Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar recalls how Zara challenged her that she cant get Kabir. She sees Zara working with Kabir on some papers. Kabir looks in Zara’s eyes, they keep looking at each other, some papers fall down, Zara and Kabir gets down to take it and touch hands, Kabir smiles at her. Zara gets up and says I am going to decorate Ruksaar’s room, Kabir is tensed.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s room and sees Zara decorating it, he thinks that Zara I am doing all this for you. Ruksaar comes there and says to Zara that I am spending my first night with Kabir, you have spent nights with him so what kind of lights he likes? dim? blue? yellowish? Kabir gets angry and tries to take Zara from there. Ruksaar says Kabir are you that eager to be alone with me? Zara angrily leaves from there.

stops Zara and says why are you doing this? stooping low? Zara says then divorce me, Kabir says I am doing all this for a reason, Zara says me too. Kabir says you are decorating her room to spend a night with me? Zara says no I am doing all this to test my love, tomorrow night will decide if our love will remain colorful or fade away for life. She turns to leave and says come, I have to put Ruksaar’s name on your hand with mehndi. Kabir says it will go away in two days but your name on my heart will never be removed, I am doing all this to remove Ruksaar’s from our lives, she will go away, try to understand me, think from mind, not from heart. Zara glares at him and leaves.

Ruksaar is getting ready and sees Zeenat crying, she asks what happened? Zeenat says you are too selfish, you think about yourself only, you didnt think about your sister? you will get Kabir for one night for your happiness but you will lose your sister for life, next day they will throw you out as you have signed agreement, I can see you today but from tomorrow, I wont be able to see you anymore, did you think about that? she cries. Ruksaar laughs evilly and says you think I am a fool? you thought it was truth? She shows her agreement papers and says how can you think that I will leave Kabir? I will die but will never leave Kabir, I love Kabir way more than Zara, I cant share my Kabir with anyone. Zeenat says what is going on in your mind, swear on me, tell me whats your plan? Ruksaar says tonight will be a hell for Zara and victory for me, tonight Kabir will become mine forever, lets go, I have to make Zara apply Kabir’s mehndi on my hands. She dances around stunned Zeenat.

In function, all are enjoying. Zeenat brings Ruksaar. Ruksaar greets Ayesha. Alina comes home and meets everyone. Ayesha asks how was your competition? Alina says great. She asks what is going on in house? Ayesha says I will tell you later, go and get fresh.
Amaan asks Kabir if to call him paternal uncle or maternal uncle? Kabir says I am your chachu and will remain that.

Reema says to Zara that how will you write Kabir’s name on Ruksaar’s hane? Zara says thats not important, important is if Kabir will be able to see me write his name on Ruksaar’s hand, will he not stop me? Alina comes there. She hugs Kabir and goes to Zara, she says I missed you, what function is going on in house? Zara gets tensed. Kabir calls Alina to him and starts explaining.
Ruksaar calls Zara and asks her to write ‘K’ on her hands, I was waiting for you. Zara sees Kabir busy with Alina and is jittery. Ruksaar says do it fast, apply it nicely. Zara is emotional. She is about to write K but Amaan stops her and says I will apply mehndi to Ruksaar aunt. Ruksaar says no, let her do it. Amaan says I have practiced too. Ruksaar says dont make me angry, go. Kashan says he is a kid, let him do it. Ayesha says let Amaan do it. Amaan takes cone and apply mehndi to her, he writes ‘K’ on her hand. Zara is relieved. Amaan smirks at Kabir. Amaan writes X on her hand instead of K on her hand. Ruksaar says what is this? Amaan says I fooled you and runs from there, all snicker. Kabir smirks at Zara. Reema says you should thank him, Zara silently thanks Kabir, he nods.

Scene 2
Ruksaar hugs Zeenat and cries. Zeenat says swear on me, dont play any dangerous game. Ruksaar thinks what I am going to do will either make Kabir mine forever or will never be of anyone. Zara comes there. Ruksaar thinks that doors that will close tonight will never open. She holds Zara’s hand and starts to leave from there. Ayesha comes there. Ruksaar hugs her and says forgive me for my mistakes. Ayesha is reluctant. Ruksaar leaves with Zara.
Ruksaar says to Zara that the distance between us and my room, same is the distance between your defeat, Kabir is there. Kabir is offering prayers. Ruksaar says wish me as I have got Kabir from you for one night. Zara says you didnt win till now. Ruksaar says I would hug you but we dont hug dead people. She brings her in her room and sees Kabir praying there. Ruksaar says you have decorated my room moce nicely than yours, poor you, you had to come here, I would have Kabir give you reward for bringing me here if he was not praying. She circles some money around her and Kabir and tries to give it to Zara. Zara turns to leave but Ruksaar says keep looking at time, Kabir is yours till my room’s door is open and he will be mine as soon as door closes, goodbye. She starts to close door on Zara. Zara is tensed.

PRECAP- Kabir is offering prayers. Ruksaar eyes him lustfully and whispers that I will spend tonight in your arms and tomorrow morning.. she mixes poison in juice jug and says tomorrow morning, we will drink this and leave this world together, embracing togetherness in after life. Outside Ruksaar’s room, Zara is worried and hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think this night will never happen between Ruksaar and Kabir.
    I think Zeenat or Zara would find the poison bottle and realize what Ruksaar is up to.
    I am just reading into the show.

  2. I knew it….she will never leave Kabeer this b*t*h……but i saw a clip where she falls from the balcony….i think because of the poison…..and i think if she survives she will acccuse Zara to get Kabeer. I HOPE SHE WILL DIE I cant see her face anymore

  3. I think it’s a trick of ruksar. I don’t trust her and I feel like Zara and kabir have a plan. They have plan all this

    1. Cathy

      I agree Geeta..and i don’t think Ruksaar is long for this world either.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Is this what ruksaar calls luv,she wants to kill kabir ,did he tell her he want to die. I have no problem with. her killin herself but to kill kabir too,just so zara wont get him she is nothing but aselfish disgusting person . She ants a whole amily to mourn just so she cangetwat she wants.I hope zara isnt blamed for tryin to kill her.

  5. Cathy……. I’m on the 21st episode of Bashar Momin… I don’t know if I should hate Bashar or not…I love his intensity though….if only we could see serials like this one on Zeetv, I’d be happy to see at least one.

    1. Cathy

      Oh i know Naz, he is deliciously evil..stay the course, it will get better and he gets his ass handed to him by Rudaba when he forces a terrible thing on her. Oh and when your finished with that one, check out “Khanni”

  6. I’m not enjoying what’s happening at the moment, I think Rukhsar is flexing too much muscle, how can she demand so much? I’m exhausted commenting on details so I’d just be brief… Just hope that Rukhsar doesn’t succeed in her attempt to sleep with Kabir. Reading the sub heading alone is depressing, how could Kabir even think about lying on a bed with Rukhsar is mind-boggling….I hope that this phase pass quickly, this time I hope she dies and Zara doesn’t play Mother Theresa again…

    1. Cathy

      I’m getting a wee bit frustrated with the jail thing, how long has this show been on air and how many times has Zara been in jail with no evidence and flimsy excuses…come on writers don’t fail us now and PLEASE PLEASE black magic stories, all zee serials are plagued by that nonsense.

  7. Leisa s morris

    Zeenat is crying dat after tonight wen he sister leave d house she will have no contact with her again not realising just how selfish her sister really is and doesnt even care bout her shes only cncerned about kabir and wants to make sure she has kabir no matter wat. Zeenat is tinkin bout seperation wen ruksaar is plannin a permanent scenario with both she and kabir dead. Zeenat ur sister does not appreciate u and all dat u’ve done for her. Her obsession for kabir is alot more important than u. Wonder wst she will tell kabir parents if ruksaar were successful in her plan. Poor ruksaar she knows kabir will never luv her,she seen it so she has decided d ultimate punishment for zara and dat is to live d rest of her life without kabir. Thk god its only her dream although wit dis suicide attempt u know shes not goin anyway and kabir,zara and d dat family will b forced to keep her in d house and of course zeenat will b on her side believing dat zara tried to kill her sister

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I read that Zara will get arrested for Rukshar drinking the poison … I also heard that Kabeer ran away from Rukshar on that same night ???

    Just waiting to see if its true tho

  9. zara will get arrested for rukhsars plan will work but kabir will save her

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