Ishq Subhan Allah 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara kidnapped by goons

Ishq Subhan Allah 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara and Azra comes to Maqbool’s house. She says we have to go inside silently. Zara goes on backside of house. Zara brings ladder and looks inside from window. Shahbaz is on call and his goon has Maqbool and his mother on gunpoint. Shahbaz says I wont spare you. Zara sees goons putting gun on Maqbool’s mother but doesnt see Shahbaz’s face.

Kabir wakes up and whispers for Zara. Zara comes there and holds his hand, she says you have to sleep. Kabir says where did you go? Zara says I will always be with you. Kabir says I want to be with you but I have some helplessness. Zara says we can never separate, I promise. She hugs him.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream and he is sleeping.

Zara says to Azra that we cant call police as they will call Kabir

and he will become worried. She says we have to look inside. She runs to other door of house and counts that it took 30 seconds to reach there. Zara tells her some plan, Zara says nothing wrong will happen. Azra leaves. Zara climbs ladder and looks inside, she calls Azra and asks her to knock on door. Shahbaz hears noise on door on call. He says someone is here? Zara asks her to knock more. Goons go to check. Azra runs and climbs on ladder. Zara says I am coming. Azra jumps inside house. Zara tries to climb ladder but she falls down. Goon sees her and points gun at her. Zara screams at Azra to run. Azra tries to free Maqbool’s mother but goon comes and grab her. They bring Zara inside room.

Scene 2
Kabir wakes up and has headache. He looks around. He tries to open door but its locked, he has headache and faints.

Ayesha wakes up and is worried about Kabir. She goes to look around for Shahbaz and says what to do? She calls him but his phone is off. She calls Kabir but its off too.

Goon ties Zara and Azra. They think to call Shahbaz. Shahbaz is at another site with Maqbool kidnapped there. Goons call him and shows Maqbool’s mother her son, she pleads to leave her son. Shahbaz says do as I say and tell police what I am telling. Maqbool says I am ready to do all that. Zara frees herself and takes phone, she says who is your boss? Goon grab Zara and says we should kill them both. Azra pleads to let them go. Goon brings poisonous gas, he fills room with it and leaves. Zara, Azra and Maqbool’s mom start coughing and fainting.

Ayesha calls Salma and says Kabir and Zara are fine? Salma says they are in room sleeping. Ayesha says can you please check on him for once? Salma nods. Salma comes to Kabir’s room and sees him lying on floor. She screams for Irfan. Irfan rushes to room. Ayesha hears all that on call and is shocked.

PRECAP- Kabir murmurs where is Zara? Mina says you cant get up. Kabir gets up to find Zara. He asks Shahbaz to give him phone number of friend for which servant Mehrun was working. Shahbaz is tensed. Zara is suffocating in gaseous room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh lawd… I think we should sub-title her… Detective Zara, fearful to no one 😁

    she should have recognized Shahbaz’s voice tho…

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