Ishq Subhan Allah 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Zeenat makes everyone her servant

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Ishq Subhan Allah 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says to Kabir and Zara that Ruksaar needs to be admitted here, we will control her anger, she will do recreational activities, we have complete security here, you can check on her anytime, she can stay here from now on. Kabir asks Ruksaar if she wants to stay here or in jail? She says here. Kabir says if you do anything wrong then I will send you to jail. Ruksaar nods. Doctor starts taking her away, Ruksaar asks will she not hug her? Zara nods and hugs her tightly. Ruksaar asks if someone can scorpio here? doctor says no. Ruksaar cries and says dont let Zeenat come here. Kabir asks why? She recalls Zeenat’s threat and gets scared, she says she is bad. Kabir and Zara looks on. Ruksaar leaves with doctor. Kabir recalls some incidents, how Zara said Zeenat gave her water and then she got ill.

Zara gets discharged. Kabir brings Zara to clinic where Zara brought Zeenat. They talk to security and sees CCTV footage. He pays security and angrily leaves.

In house, Kabir shouts for Zeenat and says enough of tricks in this house. He shows Zeenat’s video to everyone, how she mixed chemical in Zara’s water and made her drink it. All are shocked to see it. Kabir asks why? what wrong did we do with you that you did this with her? you did drama of accident so she cant reach sharia board and then you sent her to hospital? why? Zeenat looks at Shahbaz, he looks away. Kabir says she wanted to kill Zara, she even used Ruksaar. Zeenat says dont put blames on me. Kabir says I have proof, you used your sister to kill Zara. Shahbaz asks what proof? Kabir says Ruksaar told me everything on phone. Ayesha slaps Zeenat. Zara tries to stop Ayesha but Kabir pulls her back. Ayesha says you crossed all lines Zeenat, you tried to kill Zara? Zeenat says forgive me. Ayesha says I kept forgiving you, you kept putting Zara but I kept forgiving you but not today, today I will throw you out. Zeenat cries and says to Zara that forgive me, please dont throw me out. Kabir stops Zara and says not today. Ayesha throws Zeenat out of house and closes door on her. Kashan comes there and brings Zeenat in house back, all are stunned. Ayesha says throw her out, she tried to kill Zara. Kashan angrily glares at them and brings Zeenat out. Kashan says Zeenat will not go, you all will go. Shahbaz says what? Kashan throws papers at him. Shahbaz sees agreement papers. Kashan says winds have changed, I am owner of your business and this house now, all are shocked. Zeenat asks Kabir if he read carefully? you dont have guts to throw me out now. Kabir says to Kashan that you cheated father? you took all his wealth? Kashan says I did what Shahbaz taught me. Zeenat says as owner of this house, I order you all to bow down to my husband, Kabir and Shahbaz are nothing now, if you want to live in this house then you all have to be our servants. Shahbaz says you think you can take my signs and take everything away? this wealth have shares of Kabir and Alina. Zeenat says when you sold your wealth to pay for debts then its not yours. Zara says you are saying that Shahaz sold this house to Kashan? Zeenat says Shahbaz’s Singapore’s business failed and he was in debt, he took money from Kashan to pay. Kabir says what money of Kashan? all money in this house is of Shahbaz. Kashan says his business failed and when I realized it, I started my business, his business failed but not mine. Shahbaz says I trusted him so much but today he ate all my money. Kabir says to Kashan that you cheated them but we are standing with our parents. Zeenat says think about yourself first, if you want to live here then you have to live like our servants otherwise you all can leave. She asks parents if they want to live with these poor Zara and Kabir or peacefully live with us. Kabir looks on.

PRECAP- Zeenat asks Kabir to go to medical store and bring medicine for her. Zara says you can ask servants. Zeenat says you will do household work and Kabir will do other chores. Kabir says I am not going. Zeenat says okay I will wake up Shahbaz and make him go. Kabir looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Hahaha shabazz has gotton d fruits of his labor…I feel sorry for d others but shabbazz brought dis on himself. I want him to apologise to zara and finally own up to his mistakes. Kashan is a terrible son but he is right he is doin wat he has been taught

  2. Leisa s morris

    One more ting y cant kabir threaten to send zeenat to jail with d video footage of her trying to kill zara. Atleast dey all know wat zeenat and kashan really thinks of dem

  3. Yes Leisa you’re right

  4. What is with Aisha slapping Zeenat? What is the show trying to portray domestic violence? Nowadays you cannot even hit your 12 year old and she’s slapping her daughter in law. She should have got Zeenat arrested. It was understandable when she slapped Rukhsar as it was in the heat of the moment.

  5. Kashan supported his wife. That’s shocking. The wife who always put him down. She is supporting him now because he has money. Doesn’t he see that? I wish he had exposed his father’s plan to get his hands on zakah funds. Kabeer deserves to get kicked out. How many times has he kicked his wife out? Literally dragged her to her parents house and the shrine to beg. The serial is portraying some serious flaw if dividing deen and dunya. Nowhere in Islam it is said to ignore one. I am surprised the sharia board doesn’t pay salaries to its members. Nowhere in the Muslim world this happens. The ministry of Islamic affairs pays its employees everywhere. How fo you think Muslims have been running things for the past 1400 yesrs. People used to bequeath their wealth when they were close to death. It was waqf. It was a trust. The money was used for Islamic education, building mosques, helping poor, orphans widows, elderly, etc. Yes teachers were paid for teaching religion.The Prophet(PBUH) paid his companion to teach Quran in Madina before he migrated. One of the categories of zakah receiptants are the zakah collectors themselves. This is done so that there is no corruption. Otherwise you will have rich people like Kabir’s father trying to manipulate zakah funds.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kabeer, at least these events should keep your eyes open now, n u really need to get a good paying job…

    at least Rukshar is out for now, that is until crazy lady decides she wants to hv some fun with Zara … as for Shahbaz, he never saw that coming ?

    there are no words to describe Zeenat… I hv used up my vocabulary…

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