Ishq Subhan Allah 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir blames Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir brings Alina home. Ayesha asks where were you? you didnt have any shame? Kabir stops her. Zeenat asks where is Zara? Zara comes there with Irfan and Salma. Kabir says today I know Zara’s truth. He holds Zara’s hand and says when my own person did wrong then how can I blame someone else? you believe in love marriages so much that you are provoking Alina to runaway? when your parents know of your deed then their trust will break like mine. Ayesha says Zara crossed all limits. Kabir says Amir called you and told you where he was with Alina. Zara says I didnt do anything. Kabir says I cant raise hand on Zara and Alina, he starts breaking bricks. Zara runs and puts hand under his, he stops before hurting her. Alina rushes to Kabir and says listen to me, forgive me,

I did a mistake, I will never do it again. Kabir says you cheated us. Alina says nobody was listening to me, I dont want to marry Anas. Kabir shouts enough, love marriages are a sin, you proved it, ask Amir to never come infront of me. Alina says it was not Zara’s fault, I got a message from unknown number asking me to come to bus stand. Kabir checks message. Zeenat says Zara must have messaged her to put Kabir down. Zara says we all know what you did last days, we will know soon who messaged Alina. Zara says to family that you know me and blaming me like this? I just said that girls can marry with their choice. Ayesha asks Irfan to take their daughter away. Kabir says no, we dont know who sent that message, he asks Zara to stay away from Alina.

Scene 2
Alina sits in her room and cries. She says Zara had to bear so much insult.

Alina comes to Kabir. Kabir sits with her. Kabir says I am not your enemy, I love you a lot, I cant let you do this marriage, its a sin, I have to stop you from doing this sin. Alina says Zara is not at fault, I dont want anything. Zara comes there. Alina says I want your and Zara’s relation to mend, I can accept anything, Zara helped me, she told me to not run, she always did right thing for this house but you dont understand that. Alina says I will marry where you want for your and Zara’s happiness. Alina tears her nikah papers. Zara hugs Alina. Alina leaves. Kabir says she is on right path. Zara says forcing her is not her choice. Kabir says this is God’s will, dont teach me otherwise. Kabir calls Anas’s father and says we will do this marriage in two days. He ends call and tells Zara that we will never do love marriages.

Zeenat comes to card store and orders Alina and Amir’s card. She calls Kashan and says I will send these cards to people, there will be two grooms for Alina and people will know that Irfan lied about nikah.

Zara prays for Alina.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that you cant stop this marriage. Zara says I wont let Alina marry Anas. Kabir says you will go against your husband? Zara says I am stopping my husband from doing a sin.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kabeer blames Zara 😂 … what’s new ?

    This family is emotionally blackmailing Alina… Ayesha sobbing and making her feel guilty, and Kabeer shouting and physically intimidating in his actions, and Shahbaz for staying quiet, making the guilt more on his daughter 😡 I think they all need counselling, not just Zeenat Kashan and Rukshar… the whole family needs counselling… I hope Anas turns out to be a fraud so that they all get humiliated… smh

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Zara is going to make that family feel like fools yet again… I want to see Kabeer eat his words… again… and beg Zara to forgive his petty foolishness… again… I also think it’s high time that they boot Zeenat and Kashan out of that house… also, Ayesha needs to get down on her knees and apologize to Zara for believing zeenat, knowing how disgusting and sly she is…

  3. Zara has no self respect. She got threatened with divorce and is still staying shamelessly. At least she should respect her parents. It’s the worst thing for a parent to be called over to their daughter’s house and be asked to take their daughter home
    Such shameless people they dragged the qadi into their mess. Zara’s father should never had issued a false marriage certificate. It’s not about him but about religion. People look upto him in religious matters. If the truth comes out people will say religious people are like that. I’m a way Aisha is right why does Zara keep challenging kabeer? She agreed to change for him. So why is she trying to change him? Couples make compromises but changing your whole personality is wrong. She agreed for that. She shouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place. But she did so she should accept him. If she can’t do that get a divorce woman. He needs someone with his beliefs and she needs someone with her beliefs. You cannot change people l. It’s like I buy a Camry and try to turn it into a jeep wrangler. Respect and compatability is more important than love. Me and my husband are from different nationalities, different cultures, speak different languages but are happy because we agree on major things like religion, kids, financial matters, hobbies etc. He is Jordanian and I am Indian. Even though we are from different schools of thought of Islam our core beliefs on major religious issues are same. Seriously sometimes Zara will argue just for the sake of arguing. The time when she called the dupatta on her head with her neck and hair exposed hijab when a guest came home and started blaming him. You don’t want to wear hijab fine but don’t try to justify your wrongdoing. She talks about hadith but what about the hadith the guarantee of paradise for the one who gives up arguing even when one is right. You need to choose your battles. Let smaller things go by and focus on major issues.
    Kabeer seriously needs counselling. He is behaving like a teenager. Such serious anger issues. He says his teachings do not allow him to hurt his wife or sister. But it’s ok to hurt himself, shout, accuse his wife, blackmail his sister and be angry. What about all the teachings of Islam on patience? The Muslims were tortured in makkah in the early years of Islam by the non muslims for their beliefs and the Prophet asked them to be patient. Non violence and patience was the norm those 13 years.
    The show shows a mixture of hindu culture incorporated. Hindus have the joint family and no concept of divorce in their religion. This very few people get divorced. They have dowry. That’s why divorce is seen as a taboo. No one wants to marry divorcees and widows. It’s considered a shame if a married daughter returns home. In Islam we have no dowry. The man spends everything on the wedding and housing. Girl’s side doesn’t pay for a thing. In Islam we have no joint families, families do not interfere in extended family’s personal matters unless they are sick, there is death or if they ask for help, divorce is the last step after trying all forms of reconciliation. Islam doesn’t force us to stay in bad marriages. It is not a taboo to marry widows and divorcees. In fact nowadays many young men prefer to marry divorcees or widows as she is mature and wants to build a home rather have expensive weddings like an unmarried woman. I am surprised Zara and kabeer got married in the first place without medical tests and pre marital counselling. Rest of the Muslim world we have medical tests and pre marital counselling.

  4. I don’t understand Zaara giving so much respect to kabeer n his family and why she loves kabeer and thinks him to be her perfect match… He never understands zaraa..n on n above always insults her n hurt her emitiobs ..doesnt trust her..has no faith in her…i woukd not want a husband like kabir…who has no brains…How can a husband misunderstand his wife every time.. And his stupid family too…ever time hurt her feelings n self respect..and beg for forgiveness n still suspect her every time…how can they all be so foolish n brain less…
    Every topic they raise goes incomplete in the story…
    What happens to the syllabus of shariya board and 2 students they were asked to present??
    What happened to Zara n kabeer best much happening in their lives and these two characters not seen?
    What happened to kabeer working n joining job? Shariya board not seen at all?
    There are many more..all incomplete, zeenat harming and even life threat to all..but still she is forgiven..and accepted n welcomed into family..

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