Ishq Subhan Allah 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara takes Ruksaar’s responsibility

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Ishq Subhan Allah 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar is walking along window plank. All are scared, she loses balance. Kabir asks her to not leave it. Ruksaar says I am going to Zara’s room. Zara says I will take you from room. Ruksaar says no. They all bring mattress and puts under Ruksaar. Ruksaar loses balance and falls down on mattress. All are scared. Zeenat hugs her and cries.

At night, Kashan says to Kabir that weather is bad. Alina brings team for everyone. Ayesha asks to give it to Zeenat too. Alina says she is in room and her room is locked. Zara goes to check her but sees Zeenat coming with luggage and Ruksaar. Kashan asks where are you going? Zeenat says I am leaving my sister, Ayesha says what? Zeenat says we dont have anyone here. Zara asks what happened. Zeenat says look at Ruksaar, doctor says

she cant be treated, she doesnt know about anything, not even death and life, we are all doing things for her. She says to Ayesht that you always asked me to think about family first then we should let Ruksaar, she is a responsibility that nobody wants to take so she should die, she cries. Zeenat screams if anyone here wants to take her responsibility? Nobody answers. Zeenat says thats why I am leaving. She starts leaving but Zara asks Ruksaar to shake her hand. Zeenat asks Ruksaar to come with her.. Ruksaar looks at them both but holds Zara’s hand. Zara hugs her and says she is not a burden, I am taking her responsibility, she is innocent, she might not know what death is but she is my husband’s wife and his duty which is my duty too so I take her responsibility, all look on.

In morning, Zara is gardening. Kabir comes there shirtless. Zara says I have planted roses that will bring fragrance in our lives. She tries to apply cow dung to him, he runs but she puts it on his back. Zara asks how are these flowers? Kabir says its nice. He says taking responsibility is good but you have school project then you have taken Ruksaar’s responsibility, how will you do it? Zara says I will. Ruksaar comes there and takes Kabir’s shirt. Zeenat comes there too. Ruksaar is about to touch Kabir but Zara stops her. Ruksaar says I will live with Zara and Kabir. Zeenat says you cant. Ruksaar says you keep crying. Zara takes her hand. She brings her to a goom which is decorated with balloons and starts. Ruksaar is happy and plays with stuff toys. Zara says now come, we are going to live in our room? Ruksaar says no you both go to your room, this is my room and I am living here. Zeenat thanks Zara. Zara whispers to Kabir that this is responsibility. He asks where are you going? Zara says my parents are coming.

Scene 2
Irfan and Salma comes to Ayesha’s house with sweets. Irfan says today our kids will start their projects so we thought to celebrate it. Ayesha says Zara and Kabir have decided to live like husband and wife.

Zara asks Kabie which dupatta will look good with my suit? Kabir chooses one but Zara likes other one. Kabir says then why did you ask me? you are going to teach girls so I dont want you to wear anything which makes you more beautiful. Zara says we have started walking on love path but we have to follow rules. She shows him agreement which says they have to hug two times daily even with work, fights. It says they will have lunch together, they will pecify each other. Kabir says we are not going on romantic getaway but for work, we will have too much work. Zara says you have to find time for work, congrats for our starting our work and dreams. Kabir says congrats to both of us. Zara leaves. Kabir prays to keep Zara’s dreams up and they dont have fights.

Irfan says to Kabir and Zara that its so nice that board trusted you. Zara says I will give my everything to make my nation’s women successful, Kabir smiles.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that we should keep old men on jobs as they are experienced. Zara says what about energy that we can only get from college kids? Kabir says dont argue, I know whom to involve in my dream project.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cathy

    Just a small complaint………i have worked in a hospital and have had family members with brain injuries and not one of them becomes child like, i’m curious as to the reason this is so prevalent on Indian serials.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol … I think it’s the writer’s way to pacify viewers with a soft touch so that they accept the crap they write about ? just my view tho

      1. Cathy

        I think your right Naina A.K.A Yolande!

  2. This is hilarious….no brain injury patients become kids….there is no science behind writers diseases…they make up new mental disorders…
    And wth….”she is my husbands wife and his duty…so she is my duty”….the most ridiculous statement….and most ridiculous practice.

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