Ishq Subhan Allah 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Miraj escapes Kabir’s clutches

Ishq Subhan Allah 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir says to Miraj that death have chosen you, who are you? what is Ruksaar to you? what is Nilofar to you? if you tell me the truth then I will spare you and give you to the police but otherwise I will kill you and even God will forgive me. Miraj says what truth you want to know? you sent your friend Imran to my house to get to know about me. Kabir says it was a drama, you have to tell me who are you? Miraj beats him and says you are useless, you wont find my truth, I shouldnt have given money to you and invested in your project, you would have been a servant of your father, even your wife would leave you, you are nothing, Kabir beats him and asks him to not take her name. Miraj says I will take her name, its all about your wife, she is everything, I will get her and marry her, I love you Zara. Kabir gets angry and beats him, Miraj laughs and runs towards the end of the building, he jumps from the roof. Kabir runs behind him but sees Miraj fallen and lying limply there. Kabir thinks he is dead but Miraj laughs evilly and says give two more divorces to your wife, I will come soon to get her, he leaves from there. Zara calls Kabir and asks if he is fine? where are you? Kabir says you were right, Miraj was not our friend, he is a bad person, he never wanted good for us, Zara says I have to tell you a lot of things, please comeback, Kabir says dont worry wife, I am coming, he ends call. Zara says to Reema that Kabir got to know about Miraj’s truth.

Zeenat comes to Nilofar and says I have your cheque with me, Nilofar tries to take it from her but Zeenat says did you hear about it? no? let me tell you that your brother Miraj’s truth has come infront of Kabir and Kabir has taken him far away to deal with him so I dont think you should stay here anymore, you should leave before Kabir comes back, leave without this cheque because it will be with me. Nilofar says dont think I am weaker than Miraj, what if I tell Zara that you stole this cheque from Ayesha’s safe? and you did it. Zeenat says you think this family will trust you? Nilofar says I think ahead of Miraj, you want proof? She takes her mobile and shows her pictures of Zeenat stealing the cheque from Ayesha’s room. Zeenat is stunned. Nilofar takes the cheque from her.

Zara is worried. Kabir comes to their room. Zara runs to him and hugs him. Reema awkwardly says I have work and leaves. Kabir asks her to not touch him, why didnt you tell me that Miraj had filthy eyes on you, why didnt you complain to me? so much happened and you didnt tell me? you were waiting for him to attack on your honor? zara says enough, you know what I had to bear, whenever he would look at me lustfully, I used to feel the pain, he was eyeing me wrongly and nobody cared about it in this house, you would have looked in my eyes and would have seen my pain, go to Zeenat and ask her why she didnt tell Miraj threatening her and me, you know what she would answer? that if she told anyone about Miraj then his son Amaan wouldnt be in this world anymore, Kabir is stunned. Zara says sometimes tongue dont speak but eyes do, I tried a lot to tell you but I couldnt say it. Kabir recalls how Zara kept trying to give him hints about Miraj, how she argued with him to not make Miraj part of sharia board, she says you were blinded by Miraj and didnt listen to me so I thought its my Kabir and he would read my eyes but that Miraj was your everything for you, he was fulfilling your dream and what was I? your wife whom you have given one divorce, if I had told you about Miraj without proof then you would have trusted me? no, dont blame Miraj, Miraj is a jerk because he didnt even know the different between wife who have one divorce and a woman with three divorces, you became a toy for Miraj and because of you, I became his toy, atleast you should have thought before saying all this. She sadly looks at him. Kabir tries to hold her hand but she moves away. Kabir sadly looks at her in shame and leaves from there. They both cry.

Shahbaz calls some guests to their house. Kabir and Zara comes to lounge. All are there. Kabir says we did a mistake in recognizing Miraj, he was stabbing us behind our backs, he had some mission which we dont know, we couldnt see his real face, you know what Miraj was doing in this house? he threatened to kill Amaan. All are stunned. Kabir holds Zara’s hand and says he looked at her with filthy eyes, it was happening infront of us and we didnt know and those who knew, they didnt tell us because of fear. Ayesha says we took him as a son and he cast wrong eyes on our daughters? if he comes infront of me, I wont spare him. Kabir says its my fault, I thought Miraj was a nice person and if Zara told me all this about him, I wouldnt have believed her so I want to apologize to Zara infront of all, he says to Zara that I am sorry, I have done so much injustice with you, I was pumped up about the project so I couldnt see anything else. Kabir comes to lounge. Shahbaz comes there and says Miraj and Kabir had a fight in house, a gaurd told me and Kabir took Miraj to project site. Ayesha asks Kabir what is all this? Zara comes there too. Amaan asks Kabir if he is fine? Kabir hugs him and says to Shahbaz that I will tell you the truth but not right now, I want to talk to Nilofar first, he asks Alina to call her. Nilofar says I am Ruksaar’s friend and she sent me here so I could keep an eye on Kabir and Miraj cant hurt Kabir and for that, Ruksaar gave me 50lacs too, all are stunned. Shahbaz says we have to call Ruksaar from Dubai, only she can tell the truth, all look on.

PRECAP- Miraj comes to Kabir and Zara’s room in injured condition. They are sleeping while hugging each other. Miraj points gun at them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ?????…well done Zara Kabir Ahmed ….and to Kabir, we all can say to you….we told you so… didn’t ever listen to your wife’s advice, she’ll always want the best for you…

  2. Whatever is wrong with ruksaar? There must surely be a reason why she isn’t replying or appearing in the household. Maybe Hamdan isn’t as good as he appeared? Or maybe Mira has a hidden plan somewhere? So easily nilofer was able to protect herself :/

    1. I think her new husband has done something to her…there was a moment during one of the pre marriage ceremonies that he sounded a little strange when thinking that his future bride was in love with Kabeer.

    2. Leisa s morris

      Her husband isn’t a nice man,,we got a glimpse of dat during he wedding festivities and if even her sister cant get through to her then someting must b really wrong. Dey will try to blame zara but if she and her sister didnt insist on tellin hamdeen bout her feelings for kabir in an attempt to stop d wedding then he may have treated her differently…maybe…cause sometimes a crazy person doesnt need a reason to harm someone. Even though she wasnt nice to zara I hope she is ok im a woman and dont believe in harm comin to a nxt ,her fault was lovin kabir and willing to do watever it took to get him even if it meant murder

  3. Naz, this week will require more that popcorn, more like chocolate, a fluffy pillow and blanket. it’s a good thing today is a holiday and I was at home because I was almost jumping up at Zara’s speech. I absolutely loved the way she put Kabir in his place. I mean you just came back from wanting to kill a man for touching you wife and that is what you will accuse her of. From the very beginning she had been trying to warn you about Meraj, even before she knew his real intentions but you never trusted her. Hopefully he will really see the error of his ways this time and listen to his wife.
    Naz, regarding you comment about Reema yesterday, I so agree with you. I have been wondering for sometime if the writers would take the story in that direction and been patiently waiting for a sign.

    1. Allybrew, I watched yesterday and today’s episodes back to back and I was enthralled by the efforts of the direction team to give us a classic piece of action scenes just like large screen shots. The musical score was perfect and both Adnan and Gautam did a fantastic job with their roles… I find no fault because on telly, we are so used to cheap thrills and lack thereof of good direction that when I see a good piece of direction, I should give credit where it’s earned. Tears came to my eyes when Kabir looked at his nephew and hugged him with so much love and concern.. Look at how the truth is out now ehh…nothing stays hidden forever and certainly not in soapland. Kudos to the writers for exposing and not dragging this storyline till when almost 2 or 3 years has passed. Although we could be looking at other issues rearing it’s head soon, this chapter with Miraj could end by Friday or he could be used further down the road, either way, I’m really anxious to see both Zara and Kabir’s expressions when they learn who Miraj is related to, this is going to be good. Allybrew, this Miraj really audacious, he has balls to tell Kabir that he loves Zara, I almost choked on hearing that and I’m positive that at that second, Kabir realises what Zara really means to him, his love probably doubled a thousand times for her, it’s only when another man shows an interest in someone’s wife that the husband really understands that his wife is his and must make sure that no man comes near her… Jealousy makes the heart grow fonder… So, let’s wait for the end of the week to see what’s gonna happen on ISA…

    2. Naz, I honestly don’t see Miraj’s chapter ending so soon. He is still a major part of Kabir’s project and can still cause all kinds of trouble so until he is caught by police or killed, he’s going to be around for a while. And I certainly hope the writers keep him in the story, he is just so good at being bad,
      But the thing that still bothers me is that bothers me is that we can all see that Kabir loves Zara yet he as never admitted it. He still speaks in terms of duty and responsibility. I cannot fathom that he still considering divorcing Zara. I mean didnt the past couple week show him anything about their relationship and the type of woman he married.

  4. Instead of leaving this wretched guy in the burning car,Kabir drags him out to safety… was really really magnanimous of him and he was right in doing can not leave an enemy also to be consumed by the flames,.but it was stupid of him to not call the police and Miraj escaped….obviouslyMiraj ‘s chapter is not over yet….
    After coming back Kabir behaved like a typical male….he gets annoyed with Zara for not confiding in him about miraj’s craze for her …as if he would have believed in her…Anyways Zara gave him a fitting reply to make him realise his folly…The precap shows Miraj entering Kabir and Zara’s bedroom….What ‘s he up to…this guy is really crazy…

    1. Lakshmi… Miraj is truly psycho and crazy. I enjoyed looking at him doing his scenes, his psycho laughter and badly beaten body tottering precariously was very convincing as madman. Falling from the balcony and smashing onto the car was done with credibility, directors did a super job with camera angles. Even though Miraj should have died in the flames, I think it’s good that he didn’t because he has some questions to answer and I’m waiting eagerly to see how Siraj’s name figures in Miraj’s criminal psychotic intent to get revenge for his brother’s death and Kabir and Zara knowing this secret. Don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow with Miraj standing with a gun over the bed. I applaud Zara giving Kabir the lecture and that’s what we’ve been saying all along, he never had the time to listen to her pleas and if she had told him about Miraj, he wouldn’t have listened and he never did listen to the little she could muster to tell him.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Dats y I luv dis serial…here a woman is showcased as lovin ,wise,brave and someone’s who stands up for herself. She never lets anyone get away with tings she has no fear fightin fir herself,her rights and her family. Being in love makes us take some shit at times but that doesnt mean we shouldnt and cant take a stand against our love if they’re wrong and needs to b put in their place. Wish we can c dat with pragya instead of her constantly lettin dem two witches steam roll over her. I applaud d character zara and I hope she never changes and I hope kabir realizes dat theres noone like her and take back divorce. He said he did it after much tinkin but he never give his marriage enuff time to really kno zara so his decision wasnt taken with alld info. D differences in a couple is wat sometimes makes dem more compatible. Lets hear wat shabazz has to say after knowin bout miraj’s truth

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