Ishq Subhan Allah 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayesha goes against Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir writes about skills of Amir and Anas. All come there. Kabir asks Amaan to tell whom he will follow? Amaan says I will follow Anas. Zara says this board is incomplete. She writes choice and says Alina’s choice is Amir and love marriages are not out of religion, you know its about opinions. Kabir says I am talking to my sister, you stop it. He says to Alina that you met him when I asked you to not to. Alina says I never met him alone except for doctor. Kabir says you cooked for him, lied to me and started liking him? Alina looks down. Kabir asks who is his family? Alina says I dont know. Kabir says then how can you like him? Alina says I like his personality. Ayesha says have you gone mad? Zeenat says Amir doesnt have an arm. Kabir says its not about that, he has poisoned

our sister’s mind. He sits with Alina and says you decided to marry him after few meetings? Alina says I realized when I got to know he is leaving city. Zara says Kabir.. Kabir shouts that this is all happening because of you, Islam gives her lesson to not meet na-mehram, listen to me, she is my sister and she will marry Anas only. Alina says I will not marry Anas, I will marry Amir only. Kabir shouts at her. Zara says you always choose what she decided to choose, if we dont know about Amir’s family then we can give him a chance, you have accepted her choice in things then why cant she choose her husband? Kabir says love marriages are a sin and Islam stops it, she will marry Anas only. Kabir angrily leaves from there. Alina cries.

Ayesha cries and says she never talked back and now doing this? God show me a way. Zeenat comes there and says stop Zara as she is giving courage to Alina, Alina didnt deny Anas’s proposal before, then how she thought about love? I understand that Zara is behind all this, I wont let Amaan near Zara, I cant bear my son following Alina’s path. Ayesha says Alina cant see his shortcomings? I will teach Zara a lesson.

Alina says to Zara that they wont accept Amir. Ayesha comes there and says now we are outsiders for you? She asks Zara to leave so she can talk to her daughter, Zara leaves. Alina says let me explain. Ayesha says when I used to hear about daughters of other families, I used to pray to not show me that day, Alina is our pride but see we are seeing that day, you are doing what others do, whole society will taunt us, that see this is Ayesha and Shahbaz’s daughter. Alina cries. Ayesha says do marry but then you will become an orphan, no one will be part of it. Alina says dont say that. Ayesha says God cant make you happy when you hurt your parents? Alina says I can do anything for my parents, I asked Zara and she told me that marrying with choice is not a sin, I am not doing any sin. Ayesha angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Ayesha is angry and going to Zara. She sees her in lounge and stops her, she says why you are destroying my daughter’s life? why you keep going against Kabir? you should be standing with us but you are against us, I took your side against my son, you should have made Alina listen to us. Zeenat says Zara is doing all this so she can hide her father’s lie. Zara says its not like that. Ayesha says dont forget about your inlaws so much that you might have to go to your father’s house. Zara holds her hand and says you are saying this? Ayesha says yes, if my daughter’s life gets destroyed because of you then I wont forgive and will not allow you to live in this house, she glares at her and leaves. Zara is stunned. Zeenat smirks and thinks that I will do a trick that will trap them all.

PRECAP- Zeenat tells family that Alina is missing, I think she ranaway. Ayesha says Zara you helped her run? Kabir says you helped her? where is she? Zara says I dont know where she went.
Alina is at bus stand searching for Amir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t get kabeer why is it wrong to have a love marriage. If girls are able to find a proper goom staying in the limits, it actually avoids lot of works to parents and family. But yes It is wrong to hurt parents for a guy you just meet few weeks ago, the children who hurt their parents can never be happy in this life and after death the punishment is greater too. I can completely see why he wants alina to marry anas anyone would at his place would do the same but his reasoning on love marriage is too narrow. The problem is not love or arrange marriage but how stable, trustworthy, good the guy and his family are. Marriage is life time commitment everything is considered to ensure two peoples togetherness.
    Alina is just becoming every parents worst nighmare. Seriously leaving home without telling anyone?! Did she ever thought how her family will feel? What her babhi who went against everyone to support her will go through?! Now i am sure she is just infatuated with him.

    1. But yes It is wrong to hurt parents for a guy you just meet few weeks ago, the children who hurt their parents can never be happy in this life and after death the punishment is greater too. RUBBISH ON YOUR THINKING. WHEN YOU STARTED TO TAKE THE ROLE OF GOD.

      1. Rubbish on your thinking for not respecting someone’s religion. In islam we are not allowed to hurt our parents specially the mother. After god, she is one who has the highest place. Who gave you the rights to judge me? I am sharing my opinion not asking you to agree with me. It is a public forum have the decency to respect others beliefs

      2. You are blo*dy fool to have such thoughts. Why can’t the adult child decide what is that they want. Oh probably you had an arranged marriage that you were not happy about. You are a real idiot to think a human can take the role of god.

      3. i guess you are the same person with different name…never mind. Your language and aggressiveness tells everything about you and your thoughts but unlike you not everyone is that low and coward to insult others hidden behind a screen. Please come to talk to me when you learn to talk civically otherwise ignore my comments. Don’t waste your or my time unnecessarily

    2. Rightly said @Bani
      Alina is leaving Zara in hot waters. And I’m not to keen on Amir, he gives out the creep vibes. He knew meeting Alina would get her in trouble, yet he did. He kept pushing the line until innocent Alina fell right into it.
      @Ayesha, she’s such an ingrate. Instead of trying to handle the situation she’s looking to blame Zara.
      @Shahbaz, his character is gradually fading into the background. He’s losing his credit, Ayesha seems to have taking the power of the decisions.
      @Kabir, he needs to maybe be a little more gentle in his persuasion

      1. You are right, Ayesha is behaving like the typical MIL. When anything ges wrong blame the bahu…whem eveything is alright tell the whole world she is not bahu but your daughter. On the top of that she is following zeenat the one who kicked from her own room…It is time for her to stop this blame game and bond with alina to make her understand what is the difference between love and infatuation.
        It is weird to see mastermind shabaz that calm.
        I also feel amir was pushing alina, she kept saying she can’t talk to him, her family doesn’t like that yet he kept pursuing her.

  2. Yes is true

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    At first, I thought Ayesha was a shy honest and sensitive woman… still slightly shy, honest, but now lacking in the sensitivity area… just like her son Kabeer… I don’t understand how he cannot relate to normal situations, like a normal guy… in the beginning he was a bit arrogant, but his arrogance grew… we are seeing so many shades of him, and he has no clue how to live a normal life… how could he not want Alina to experience love… why is he always angry at Zara’s reasoning… 100% faith in his dad, yet not even half of that for his wife… maybe Zara needs to get pregnant… ☺

  4. The Kabir character is ridiculously angry all the time. Not a progressive person at all. What’s up with that? Can he not learn something good from his life? Good God, his wife worships him, saves him from danger, teaches him that knowledge is progress – to live today, etc etc. Shows him that his entitled life makes him a dependent little kid – not a grown responsible man. Shocking to see a nice kind person like Ayesha do a flipside to hate, anger and blind dislike for her ‘lovely Zara”. Not sure how this is credible after all that Zara has done for her family.

  5. The writers need to do proper research. Islam has never forbidden love marriages. What is forbidden is haram relationships. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage.”  The couple must ask forgiveness from Allah or any haram they have done and get married with the permission of the girl’s father. Kabir talks about haram. What about the haram joint family. Joint families with brother in law are haram in Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade non-mahrams (unrelated men) to enter upon women. He said: “Beware of entering upon women.” One of the Sahaabah said to him, “O Messenger of Allaah, what about the brother-in-law?” He said: “The brother-in-law is death!”
    Kabir is ok with his wife to stay without hijab in front of his brother. Even if a man has to stay with his family in the same house he should provide a separate room, bathroom and kitchen for his wife where other family members including his parents cannot enter without permission. A woman has the right to privacy. A place where she can relax, be without hijab.
    Also Zara shouldn’t interfere with Alina unless she asks for help. If she was so strong why did she get married to Kabir.
    In Islam we have separate homes and don’t interfere unless the extended family is sick or asks for help.
    The mother in law does not have the right to tell the daughter in law to leave home. It is the husband’s right to divorce after giving the wife her alimony and child support.
    Frankly this couple should get divorced. You cannot have your life partner challenging you in every matter. Compatability is very important. Support is very important from your spouse. Men and women are different but there should be comparability in major issues.
    There are no boundaries in this family where in Islam we are taught the right to privacy from childhood. Even children cannot enter their parents rooms without permission and there are certain times where it is not allowed to enter the parents room, night, early morning and afternoon siesta. A man himself is not allowed to enter his own home late at night without informing because he might find his wife and daughters in a state they would not like to be seen. If a man has grown up daughters or sisters he should ring the bell and not just enter his own home as they might be wearing clothes which they wouldn’t wear in front of their Male relatives.

    1. Noviza Bukhari

      Agree with you.

    2. Zara is better off with another man, definitely not Kabir. He is a donkey.

  6. It would be a grave injustice done on the part of the producers of the show to allow what kabeer said that it is a sin in Islam about love marriages. Are the producers planning to bring up this issue to the shariah board for discussion? Please make sure there is a proper discussion about this love marriage issue.

    I hope the producers will introduce Amir and his family as upright patriotic citizens with a reputable lineage and some wealth. It will be a nice twist to the very negative storyline lately. And Zeenat should get her comeuppance from Zara soon. Else the episodes are very regressive and bad for the heart of the show’s fans.

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