Ishq Subhan Allah 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Zara finds the truth about Kabir’s love

Ishq Subhan Allah 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara tells Kabir that I just know that you held a hand of a girl named Zara and said to her that you care about her. Kabir is shocked and says you are talking about that Bubbli? I didn’t say anything like that. Zara says you didn’t tell me anything about her. Kabir says then how do you know about her? Zara recalls the flashback of how she got treated and told Zahida that she will go and meet her Kabir again. I will hug him tightly. She suddenly saw from her car that Kabir is holding a girl’s hand and said to her he doesn’t want to lose her. The flashback ends. Zara tells Kabir that I didn’t die after the accident, I died when I saw you with your new love. I wanted to run to you and tell you that I am here, to stop you and be with you but then I moved away because I saw you happy with that girl. I moved away from your life. Kabir says I wish you would have just come to me and talk to me. Zara says I was happy for you moving on in your life. Then I went to Irfan and Salma’s house and saw that girl as their daughter. I thought that you all forgot me and that girl was bringing happiness back in your lives. Kabir says you understood all that by staying away? Zara says I thought if I came back then I would put my parents’ lives in danger so I went back to my teacher. God closed one door but opened another door to think of others. Kabir says what about us? I would have protected you and your parents. Zara says music gave me peace and gave me a sense of direction to treat others. My life is not in line with yours anymore. I am a stranger to you so don’t come to me without any notice.

Irfan tells Salma that why did Kabir take Ruksaar’s side? Salma says I didn’t understand but then I thought Kabir knows Ruksaar can do anything and have divorced her, he has kept her in the house but there must be a reason to save her from Zara. Kabir comes there and says I have some work, he leaves from there. Salma says did they have a fight?

Kabir calls his servant and asks did you have Bubbli’s letter? He says I have torn it. Kabir says you will find all the pieces and piece that letter back.

Scene 2
Zara looks at the camera and recalls her wedding night. Kabir said to Zara that we fought when we first got married. Zara says I didn’t get any gift the first time. Kabir says I have one now. He gifts her a camera. Zara smiles and asks if he is fine? You don’t like taking pictures. Kabir says but you like to pose and take pictures so why not. Zara says I love you for that, I will take pictures when you pose with me. She tries to take his pictures and he covers his face. The flashback ends. Zara says I am thinking about Kabir? I can’t be of Kabir and he can’t be mine.

Kabir tells Imran that I have to prove to Zara that I am not with that Bubbli. Imran says you are going to prove your love to Zara? Kabir says that the teacher has distracted Zara so I will prove her wrong. He starts rejoining the paper.

Kabir brings the rejoined letter to Zara and says it’s proof of my love for you, this is a letter from that Bubbli. Salma reads the letter that Kabir is a fool, I know you love the kids and if you try to find me then I will not spare these kids, I came to fool you but I fell in love with you but you never looked at me with love. Zara recalls how started hating Kabir. She looks at him and thinks. Salma tells Zara that you think Kabir and that Bubbli.. no. Kabir’s love is pure for you and I can testify that. Kabir says I told you everything on the first day. I wrote a letter for you. Zara says I didn’t get any letter. Kabir says if you didn’t get it then where is it? Zahida comes there and says I have that letter. She says I got this letter in your room Zara. Zara hugs her and says Ammi Jan. Salma is stunned to see their affection. Kabir tells Zara there was and is only one Zara in my life. I love you only. Zara looks on.

PRECAP: Kabir tells Zara that when you were attacked last time and you went away from me, I was asking for death because I couldn’t stay alive without you. When I saw you again I thought that God wanted me to stay alive so I can meet you again. He holds her hand and says I will never leave you again. Zara looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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