Ishq Subhan Allah 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir commands to go on Honeymoon with Zara alone

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Ishq Subhan Allah 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is tensed about honeymoon. Shahbaz calls everyone. Kabir asks what is it? Kashan says you and Zara are going to honeymoon to Kashmir. Kashan says I have booked 5 tickets. Ayesha says why 5? Kashan says me and Zeenet never went out so we want to go too. Ayesha says you people can go after Zara and Kabir comes back from kashmir. Shahbaz says let them go if all are going, it can be family holidays. Ayesha says family? why is Ruksaar going? Shahbaz says Ruksaar is not going, third ticket is for Ayaan. Ayesha says it would be good if they both went alone. Shahbaz says let them go too, Shahbaz looks at Ruksaar, she silently nods at him. Kabir sees it and realizes they have some plan, he says I am not going, sorry but please cancel it, I am not going anywhere, he glares at Shahbaz and leaves.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz, Shahbaz asks why did you ask to cancel tickets? Kabir says what plan you and Ruksaar have? Shahbaz gets tensed. Kabir says dont panic, remember Ruksaar saying yes for my engagement, then she talked to you at marriage night and then she mixed salt in kheer to insult Zara, today you both hinted at each other and smiled, I understood everything, Ruksaar didnt get me engagement without any reason. Shahbaz says on your engagement, someone cutting her pulse, police coming here.. what would you have done to save family’s respect? you wont understand father’s worries. Kabir says what about Ruksaar in all this? Shahbaz says I will find a good boy for her. Kabir says Ruksaar is emotional. Shahbaz says I will handle everything, dont worry. Kabir says I dont want Kashan and Zeenat to go with us, I dont want to go alone with Zara but things have already been difficult and I dont want salt mixing type of incident to happen again. Shahbaz says okay you both will go alone.

Ruksaar comes to Zara’s room. Zara says you could knock before coming in, Ruksaar says you didnt want to get engaged then you got married and now you want to go on honeymoon alone. Zara says you wanted us to get engaged and now you have problem with our honeymoon. Ruksaar says you people cant even benefit each other in a house and want to go out. Zara says marriage is not about benefits, you wont understand, Kabir is my husband so I will go with him on honeymoon, Ruksaar is stunned and says you accepted Kabir as your husband? Zara says we had nikah, I deposited my mahar too, tell me where Kabir keeps his warm clothes, I have to do packing, I am so excited to go to Kashmi, their valley, trees and me with Kabir, its so romantic. She turns to sees Kabir standing on door, he glares at her. Zara gets tensed. Ruksaar is in tears, she glares at Kabir and leaves. Zara looks away. Kabir says I didnt know you.. Kashmir.. I mean you like Kashmir? Zara says everyone likes Kashmir but what I said was to make Ruksaar jealous, I was doing drama. Kabir says thank God and smiles. Zara glares at him. Zara says why you were scared? Zara says I am going with you because of your mom, I dont want to hurt her, you said no but then said yes? Kabir says she is my mother, you didnt say anything to not break her heart, you wanted me to say in nikah so I look bad infront of everyone.

Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz. Shahbaz says I know you are worried, I tried to make Kashan and Zeenat go with them but couldnt. Ruksaar says you promised to give me Kabir. Shahbaz says you are mixing salt in Zara’s kheer, I never said that Kabir will be yours at any cost, I said that once Kabir becomes head priest then you can have him, I am just working to make him head priest. Ruksaar says but they are going alone, I have to stop them. Shahbaz says Kabir already have doubt on us so dont do anything right now, we will do something later, Ruksaar leaves in tears.

Scene 2
Ruksaar is angry and break things in her room. zeenat comes to her and asks her to stop it, Ruksaar break downs and says you were right, I trusted wrong person, I thought Shahbaz is a father for me but he cares for only making Kabir head priest, he cheated me and gave Kabir to someone else. Zeenat says we are not part of this house, we are always outsiders. Ruksaar says if they think us as outsiders then we will be, I will make it hell for Zara in Kashmir.

Zara meets Salma, Salma says I am so happy that you both are going alone, I hope your love grows. Irfan says they are not going on some war. Ayesha blesses them, Kabir and Zara leaves. Ruksaar says she wont return with him. Kabir and Zara sat things in car, Zara and Kabir move to pick up luggage, Zara takes it and sits in car. Reema and Imran are in car too. Reema says I am here to drop Zara on her romantic trip.

Ruksaar shows Zeenat Zara’s chat online, Zeenat asks how did you open it? Ruksaar says I have password of this, I made this fake profile of her to disrespect her when time comes, this fake Zara talks love to many people at once.

Reema gives s*xy nighties to Zara and says enjoy your honeymoon. Zara says I wont take it. Reema gives it to her.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that if Kabir knows about this profile then he will leave Zara without thinking, Ruksaar says this fake Zara have lover in Kashmir too, arrange money for me, I am going to kashmir to break them up.

PRECAP- Zara and Kabir are sleeping in same bed. Kabir is awake and sees his foot touching Zara’s. Zara turns and moves closer to him, she puts hand on his chest. Kabir looks at her and is mesmerized, he holds her hand and moves it away. Zara wakes up and sees him holding her hand, she smiles at little. Ruksaar is approaching their room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why does ruskaar even bother to try to break zara and kabir? like they are married and dealing with their problems?

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented

    2. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  2. Hey Naz I have never look at this series but I know the actresses you said it’s good I will start looking at it.

    1. Welcome dear Jayashree… This is super so far… Won’t take long for you to catch up, just Google the serial and you would understand it’s plot or read up on past comments, this is different, so far. So, welcome again across here. As for AKAS… Story of a teacher but a widow who has a teenage daughter and mother in her life, she has faced scrutiny and castigation since the death of her husband BUT a young carefree man who happens to be the sole heir of a family’s fortune, falls head over heels in love with her much to the dismay of his family but he’s determined to put an end to the taboo topic of loving a woman older than himself, much less marry her. No matter what others do or say, he has 100% faith in her. He immature at times, he’s selfless to everyone but when that deep voice and penetrating eyes fall on Vedika…HE MELTS ME instead!!! He has caused me to fall in love with him and I feel like I’m betraying Raja’s memory but never mind, this is life !!!!! Anyway… His aunt Bari Aama is hellbent on reining him in by trick after trick but nothing works… He was tricked on his wedding day, thinking he was marrying Vedika but his childhood friend Nidhi did the saat pheras with him unknown to him and thankfully the veil flew off and he caught the scam, he hadn’t put any sindoor and mangalsutra for her so he tells everyone that Nidhi isn’t his wife that when he was doing the pheras, it was Vedika’s face he saw so Vedika is his
      biwije.. So….while it’s hilarious at times, it’s romantic when Sahil is around Vedika, much to her discomfort. It’s a fast paced serial and I’m never bored, so far…it moves along quickly and that is what I want. At this point, see the pundit will tell Sahil’s family that his birth chart says his spouse will be older than him and she’ll be his saviour, at all times… And so it goes… Nani provides the humor and Bari Aama is trying her best for Sahil but achieving the opposite results… Trust me, this serial relieves some stress for me… Hope you enjoy it too…

    2. Hi Naz

      You have a lot to catch-up. The story line is good and credible (well-done to the scriptwriters) and the acting is good too (well done to the leads and the support cast). Just hope this drama serial don’t got the way of KB and, with contrived plot lines. Enjoy!

  3. I know here is sister, finding some fault. Since ruksaar is going to Kashmir. Shouldn’t kabir family noticed that she is missing.
    I loved it.
    Surprised that kabir made a joke. Since he not a jokey person. I hope that his character well have a change of view of Islam.
    To my sister Naz, when you go to India, please visit the dargha there. Then you well understand where my view of Islam, come from. You have to see it, to understand it.
    Please don’t go alone, make sure that you take someone, with you.

    Spoilers, well it look like, they are going to do the divorce track. I don’t know the full details. We just have to wait and see.

    1. Ooshi

      happy to have u here

    2. Ooshi

      me too agreed to ur first point

  4. I meant actress and you forgot my name Naz not done yaar.

    1. Ooshi

      bre bre shehron main aesi choti choti batain hoti rehti hain
      if we don’t say someone’s name it doesn’t mean that they are not in our heart and life
      don’t feel bad and don’t be angry

    2. Jayashree my friend, what other name are you talking about?? I think I’m lost… I do know your name is Jayashree, why would I forget it??? I’m puzzled, for sure.

  5. Ooshi

    episode was nice precap is good but rukhsaar is doing too much and needs slaps and punches

  6. Cathy

    Naz Dear!! i reported the missing tabs on Desiflix..they are working on it and should be up soon…keeping your fingers crossed please.

    1. Hi Cathy and Naz I think most of them are now back up. At least they were when I left work today. looking forward to catching up. By the way OMG have any of you seen this spoiler video It has me going out of my mind with speculation as to what is going to happen on this honeymoon. Not to mention that these writer seem to be on point with the latest trends. I almost fell over in shock that they going to use fake social media and catfishing. No wonder I am loving this show

      1. Cathy

        Oooooooo oh my my my…thank God they didn’t have her going to bed in full dress and jewelry. that was nice to see some intimate romance, nicely done, although i didn’t understand the narration, i’m looking forward to that episode.

    2. Thanks Cathy… I rely on this site to see the serials and I feel like fish out of water when I don’t see the uploads quickly enough…

      1. Cathy

        Me too, i get cranky if i don’t see my shows. lol

  7. I don’t understand what Shahbaz is trying to do. Why does he take care Ruksaar? The father should think about happiness his son and don’t allow to ruin it.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commnting

  8. Ladies, don’t you all think that Zeenat is so out of place wanting to prevent Kabir and Zara from being on their own as a couple?? Who the heck book tickets to spend time with a honeymooning couple and from the same family? Zeenat needs a brain scan.. As for Rukhsar, she thinks Kabir is a piece of furniture that Shabaaz has promised her??? I certainly don’t like what Rukhsar’s planning, cyberspace is a scary place, too much damage can be done with bad intentions. I hope Kabir believes his wife unconditionally..Precap looks promising… more thing, I hope Rukhsar falls in every hole she digs for Zara…

    1. Ooshi

      hoping and wishing the same

  9. Someone setting up a fake social media account is not uncommon and since Ruksar has this strong want to win Kabir that makes sense in order to tarnish Zara’s reputation. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the scriptwriters have decided to allow the seeds of love to germinate between the lead characters. I hope Kabir’s character is more circumspect when someone else tries to hurt or insult his wife indirectly or directly. Because that is real in real life. And I am glad to see that in this drama serial the scriptwriters have provided for the characters to challenged presumed or assumed assumptions held by the other drama characters like how Kabir “caught on” the hinting between his dad and Ruksar and questioning their behaviours. Keep it real and at the same time keep us guessing realistically.

    Ooshi (Hi) are you a member of the show’s production team?

    1. Ooshi

      no not at all how u get such feeling

  10. Lets see if we can spot if Zara carries with her a laptop to Kashmir to update her travel on social media? Of course she can use her smart hp too but in the first place does she have a social media account?

    1. Ooshi

      i don’t think so according to my info it wasn’t mentioned

  11. Naz,Cathy ,Allybrew ,I have decided to take a break and won’t comment on this forum…and Naz, you know the reason…… As the wife of a proud Indian Army Officer ,i am hurt and disappointed and lost all the zeal to watch the serial itself ….Infact I was not that hurt when some one a a few days back passed extremely derogatory remarks about Hindu men but i can not compromise if it comes to my country and the defence forces that form the backbone of any country ,with all its draw backs ,I love my country and I am proud of my roots..,….as you know very well Naz,just like you ,I don’t think twice to criticise my own sister or pointing out the draw backs of my religion….I give the least importance to relations ,religion etc…And I am mature and open minded enough to appreciate Pakistani serials and write updates for a couple of them for the benefit of my non hindi speaking friends…..but no ,there is limit to everything…..Infact I could have avoided responding to this rather cryptic remark….but then my conscience would not have forgiven me as I saw the other side of the coin also while working in Army school ,Jammu….Anyways if I start debating on this issue and talk about the so called ground realities,,there will be less of entertainment and more of politics,and this is not the platform for that….So I have decided to stop this issue here only…Already all of you have had lot of unpleasantness on account of me………Otherwise also the politicians of both the countries will keep this stupid issue open for another century for their self interest and election propaganda…..So why to break our heads….rather feeling sad to be parting ways as we have been together since ETRETR days ,but I know I can see you on other forums…….may be AKAS……Naz,I know you will help me to understand the story as there will be gaps for beginners….but for me this serial is done with…….best of luck to everyone on this forum and take care…..Happy to see you Jayashree ,but unfortunately I am leaving ….Hope to meet you at the earliest as television world is very small….

    1. Ooshi

      Lakshmi i doesn’t know much about ur personal life sorry i hurt u i will never comment on this forum as well as on AKAS plz. don’t quit plz. as here’s no one who is more attached to me than Naz and to her u r important plz. don’t leave i m leaving
      @kabar if God allowed than we will meet at any other forum except these 2
      i quit plz. Lakshmi come back for Naz,Elly brew and Cathy
      i quit

    2. Hi Lakshmi,
      The world that we live in is not a perfect one. There is no such thing as a perfect human. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. Or where you come from or the colour of your skin.
      There are people who use their personal life problems, and cause mayhem. It like if I am not happy, then why should you be happy.
      I know that its not fair. But what can anyone do about it.
      There is one thing, that you can do something about it. You can let them, not get to you. If you like coming here and give your views, about this show. Then don’t stop!
      Don’t listen to others comments, I know the other day, some comments got a bit angry with me, because they wanted the relationship of zara and kabir to develop. That fine, it was my fault really I didn’t make myself more clearly.
      I was a bit shocked at first, then I read the comments that I made. It was like if I didn’t want the two characters together.
      What I am trying to say to you, there always well people who want to make you feel worst! Always!
      Whether it here or out in the world, they always well be THERE!
      Now do you stop living!. Do you lock your doors to people. No! You never do that.
      The fight never ends, it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. Even I have to fight with people that believe in the same religion as me.
      I am not going to stop going to Dargha. I don’t care what they think. I know that they use my religion. They are not Muslim to me.
      You shouldn’t either. Our parents had to free us. Yes there are bad people, but if you want your country to win. Then compassion has to win. Compassion is the only key for humanity. Always remember this. No matter what life well throw at you. Be strong!

  12. Cathy

    Oh Lakshmi i’m so sorry you are feeling so bad, i caught the comments and i wanted to say something but i try to stay out of politics especially concerning anothers home country, i was hoping the remark was a one off and wouldn’t be repeated but that was to much to hope for, please please don’t feel forced out, you have friends here that appreciate your input and opinions, i have military members also in my family so i feel your pain when it is criticized or defamed and i also call bullshit with my own religion and make no excuses for bad behaviour within my community and i think for the most part the majority are free thinkers here like us, willing to see beyond our own faiths to see the whole of the people that are Muslim Hindu and Christian. (((hug)))

    1. I m totally agree with u

  13. Bhaana

    Even I was equally hurt with yesterday’s comments eventhough don’t have any of my family member in army n decided to stay away from here.
    I can feel your state Lakshmi completely n would miss your review hope to see u soon.
    There are so many good people here with different view n hope we all maintain it free from any off topic.
    Sorry if I hurt anyone, just can’t take it.

  14. Guys I am very excited to see today’s episode.but I m afraid of ruksaar.

  15. What I meant Naz is that you mentioned Lakshmi’s Cathy’s etc names in your comment that you were on ETRETR and other serials that you guys go way back I then jokingly told you …you forgot to mention my name.

    1. Lol… Now I understand. I didn’t mean to not mention your name dear Jayashree but since you hadn’t been commenting here, that’s why I omitted your name…you are a darling… I’m not offended in any way possible but I was a bit puzzled but you’ve cleared it up nicely…so yes….you were our buddy too on ETRETR as well, even Sapphire, Arushi, Topaz, Seema, Aditi and even Yolande aka Naina were there… I chat with Sapphire and Leisa and you on Mehak and Piya albela but I’m getting gray with stress across there, only Sahil makes me laugh!!!

  16. Lahshmi, I know that we have our opinions and they will differ and like Naz said we often agree to disagree. I can understand when certain comment are just too much to for you to even try and hold on to that philosophy. I am sorry you want to quit as you well know you always bring interesting views to the discussion that we truly appreciate. No matter what you have our support. And we would really miss you if you truly decide to not to join us on this forum any more

  17. My dear Ooshi don’t take it to heart ,and there is absolutely no need to quit the forum on account of me….as for Naz,our friendship is beyond these forums……she is not just my best friend ,but my sister also……because we have many things in common and respect each other’s views……..and we never say anything without thinking twice……While participating in these forums we should always remember the famous quote that words hurt worse than fists …if possible let us say something pleasant to bring a smile to other’s faces….but never ever hurt anyone even unintentionally…I do love Kashmir and its lovely people,infact the entire humanity who are good at heart,and I don’t give a damn to namesake relations and stringent religious practices….I value friendship and good values,……you can go back to last week’s pages and see what I said to Zara when she introduced herself that she is from Kashmir ,While saying Hello to her I said that I stayed in Srinagar for two years and I love the beautiful valley and its equally lovely people……Anyways you said sorry ,that is enough….there is no need to feel so bad,,,Whatever I have said above ,pl treat it as an advice from an elder sister and continue with your enthusiastic comments…….god bless you..

    1. Lakshmi,
      I don’t know what is going on in Kashmir. Or how bad it is.
      Yes I can understand that words can hurt you. Even I got upset, what kabir said about dargha. He is just a tv character.
      But you have to be strong. If you feel what is going on in Kashmir. Is not working, then take on the systems. I have read a lot of people, in my country in Bangladesh. Has taken the systems on. Only do this if you feel strong enough.
      Otherwise, try to reason with people. If they don’t understand or listen. You just have to move on.
      Life is not black and white. It’s full of colour. Which also mean, we well have a different point of view. Don’t just give up!

  18. Cathy ,Alleybrew,thank you for understanding my feelings…yes I totally agree with Naz,that we should agree to disagree ,that’s what we have been doing also…but don’t you think there are certain limitations to that also….I am certain this story is not going to be as simple as Qubool Hai…it is going to raise very sensitive subjects,,,,already through Zara ,the director has raised the issue of triple talaq,,,,then the difference between Kabir ,,,a person who strictly follows the rule book and who doesn’t even sit on the dining table to have food and Zara ,his opposite…naturally we,the viewers ,have to take sides and express our opinions according to our own beliefs and it is bound to hurt others….if it is a simple straight forward love story between a young boy and a young girl from Muslim community,no issues,we can enjoy like any other love story….but ,as part of the story ,if they are going to raise controversial issues,then we have to be on guard before saying anything or the other option is ,to overlook everything and stick to the family drama part…….I need your views in this regard..

    1. I agree with you. I suppose their love will be able to draw us to the whirlwind of the events. When the artists are trying to say about the questions of religion they have to be very cautious. Please, don’t leave this forum. We will be able to see a continuing of the interesting story of the growing emotions.

    2. Lakshmi, everything in life is an opportunity to learn. I think that sometimes persons forget that we are watching fictional stories where writers can take a great deal of creative licence with what they present. Even when the writers choose to tackle a sensitive issue as the triple talaq, anyone contributing here has to be respectful of the others points of view and beliefs. This is not a place to make general remarks about topic that someone may have just a minimum knowledge or insight. It’s one thing to seek information to help with understanding and quite another to pass judgement. My take on it is, seek to understand so ask questions in a manner serve that purpose.

  19. Cathy

    I think if these issues are raised then it should be done in a respective manner and that can be very difficult, but like many i have the power of google and if something intrigues, or confuses me im busy on my computer to find more about it, i know there are many facets to all religions and i can separate the dogma from the person i also try to stay mindful that we are all from different parts of the world and what we may intend to say may come off as something someone else took differently, i didn’t know for instant that some followers would separate themselves from eating in front of i have learned something new, the other day on Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se I learned that some Hindu Vegetarians don’t eat garlic and onions..see where were i’m going, we all are learning something from someone here. But i have to say that with these shows we watch they seldom stay on track and they will settle into more silliness that we are all used to.

  20. Hi frnds…….Finally time mil gayi comment Karne ke liye…….. About episode it’s nice and ruksar and her sister irritating…….Eisa behave kar Raha Hai ruksar kabir ka pehali biwi hai Zara uska hak chinne ki koshish kar Raha Hai………..Dono behene toooooo much irritating……………..

  21. Gud news frnds ISA got 3rd position in trp…..I hope trp will increased in upcoming episode’s kyunki ye toh bas trailer Hai picture toh abhi bakhi Hai mere dost……….
    Anyways iam sooooooooo happy frnds trp increased

  22. Ruksar is becoming or bordering on the mental…I hope the scriptwriters will keep her mentally unstable but still a realistic portrayal of an mentally unstable person…LOL

  23. Lakshmi, I will comment on today’s forum, 19th….

  24. assalm…..hi….hello…to my each n every frnd…..the series is going awesome…..but I want to request my dear Updater…ATIBA… plzplz yaar Issey jaldi sey update kerdo…i mean day to day…..her raat next episode k liye wait kerna bht mushkil hai……..I’m very happy to see these many comments….luv u all my yaaars… dosts……I think zarakabir will fall in love with each other… very soon… inshaallah… the love story has begin… happy… for zarakabir……

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