Ishq Subhan Allah 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara defeated

Ishq Subhan Allah 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara comes home. Alina says Kabir was angry, where were you? He didnt eat anything, you can pacify him with your antics, you trapped him in your lure from start. Ayesha comes there and says to Zara that you both are like my kids, dont forget your duty, you both can have fight outside house but inside, please pacify each other and remain bonded, he didnt eat anything so go and eat with him. Zara nods and leaves.

Zara comes to her room, Kabir sees her. Zara lights candles. Kabir ignores her. Zara says come here. Kabir says I ate. Zara says I wanted to tell you that rats must be in house, I saw them.. Okay I am lying, come here now, see what I have cooked, rice, kabab, kheer and ghulab jamon. Kabir is tempted but ignores her. Zara sits with him and says eat with me, he says I am not hungry, Zara says why are you looking at food then? you do so much drama that if it was some other girl then she would have gone to her room. Kabir’s stomach grumbles, Zara says stop acting. She pulls him to dinner, Kabir starts eating, Zara makes him eat it.

Nilofar says to Miraj that I saw Kabir and Zara enjoying dinner, they didnt fight. Miraj says I thought after Abida’s case, they will fight. Nilofar says your planning failed again, I told you that Zara is very clever, Miraj slaps her and says she can be clever but I will make them divorced at any cost.

Kabir gets call and says okay. He is in lounge and calls Zara. All come there. Kabir says to Zara that why are you still perusing Abida’s case when she married on her own. Zara says I have proofs that Wasim forced her to marry Qasim. Kabir says you started again? Abida told me that she agreed to marry again, its their personal life. Zara says no its about our religion, Wasim can force Abida to marry Qasim, if nikah halala stops then most women will not face injustice. Kabir says the tradition that has been followed for 1400 years, you want to end it? you know that this tradition was made in favor of women. Zara says yes I know that, this rule was made to make men scared who used to give divorces to their wives easily, Hazrat Umer used to punish men who used to make women go through that, tell me if I am wrong? Alina says no she is right. Shahbaz says now you will decide what is wrong and what is right? you will make fun of us in public, people are talking about you both already. Kabir asks Zara if she will take this case back or not? Zara says I am sorry but I am bound by my thoughts and I want to prove a thing so I should be given chance. Kabir says what if you cant prove? Zara says I will prove it. She holds his hands and look in his eyes. Kabir looks on, Zara leaves. All are stunned.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir are in sharia board. Wasim comes there and introduces himself. Irfan asks him to stand in witness box. Irfan asks whats the matter? Wasim says I said sorry to Abida about my mistakes, I went to Saudi Arabia, I got distracted by its luxuries so I divorced Abida. Kabir says I want to question him. Kabir says I want to know if you ever forced Abida? Wasim says never, Kabir says why didnt you give her mahar and expenses after divorce? Wasim says I am ashamed for that. Zara says are you not ashamed that you forced her for nikah halala? Kabir says this case is not about nikah halala. Wasim says I requested her but I never forced her for halala, Zara says you are lying, Wasim says no, I realized her value after she left, I realized I wont find a wife like her and God wants me to remarry again and Abida wants me back so she did halala. Zara says you forced her to nikah so you dont have to give expense to her. Kabir asks if she has any proof about that? Zara says I have a witness and that is Abida, all are stunned. Abida comes there with her daughter. She greets everyone. Wasim glares at her. Abida stands in box, Zara says tell everyone if you were forced to do this halala? All look on.. Abida says I.. Zara says dont worry, we are with you, tell me if you were forced for halala? did Wasim blackmail you? was it against your rights? you are protected here so dont be scared. Tell us the truth. Abida recalls how Wasim said that if she doesnt marry Qasim then he will hurt their daughter. Abida says I was not forced. Zara is stunned and says what? Abida says it was my decision. Zara says truth is that you were forced, you told me that, dont worry, tell them, I am with you. Kabir tries to pull her away. Zara says to Abida that you dont have to lie, you dont have to be scared, I am with you, tell them that you were forced to do halala. Abida says Wasim didnt force me to do halala, Zara says you dont have to lie, why are you under pressure? One priest says Abida said what she wanted to, you cant put pressure on her so she says what you want to hear. Irfan asks Qasim if he got any money to do this nikah? Qasim says no I didnt get any money or threat to do this marriage, whatever happened, happened as per my will. Zara is disappointed. Irfan says after hearing both sides, I make Abida and Qasim’s marriage legal. He ends meeting, Abida looks away from Zara.

Outside board, people are chanting against Zara. Kabir protects her. Zara looks at Abida who is ashamed. Zara caresses her daughter’s head. Irfan sees it. Reporter asks Zara what she wants to say about her defeat? Kabir ask them to move away. Zara recalls flashback, Irfan says to her that situation is bad, you have to be careful, I told you if you dont prove it then it will be trouble for you, flashback ends.

Ayesha and Shahbaz sees TV, reporter says that Zara fought Abida’s case and said that Abida was forced for halala but Abida said that she did it on her own.

Media asks Kabir if agrees with his wife’s thoughts? Kabir says not at all, this tradition was made in favor of women. Reporter asks how he feels seeing his wife lose? Kabir says this was a case about right and wrong, its not about victory or defeat. Shahbaz sees it on Tv and asks what is going on? Son makes name for us and his wife destroys it, they have made a joke of us.
Reporter asks Kabir if he thinks

PRECAP- Zara says to Kabir that sharia board took wrong decision and I wont accept it. Kabir says you will go and give resignation from board tomorrow and if you dont do it then I will have to do what I dont want to.. I will divorce you, Zara is stunned.
At night, Abida’s daughter calls Zara and says please save my mother, he will kill her. A man is beating Abida. Daughter pleads Zara to come and save Abida.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Seriously…. How hard is it for women like Abida to speak out against threats to their lives, at least it’ll be public and if anything happens to them then the authorities would know who was the perpetrator…just like Vedika, the police threatened her baby’s life, if she had told Sahil, he would have known what to do but frightened Vedika thinks it’s best to hide that information in order to protect herself… What’s it with these women? It’s time they speak out… Writers should have gone this way instead, never mind that it’s the normal thing that women under duress do, they should have shown women that if they speak out, they can get help…so now Abida is getting her ass kicked… She looked for that, no sympathy from me… Sorry. As for Kabir… What a waste of an intellect….

  2. Thankfully I wasn’t born in a country where there’s Islamic law…This just sucks…. Women live under subjugation, cover with pardah, and how many more, I don’t have privy to. At least I see that some are being allowed to drive vehicles….Don’t even feel like elaborating… Don’t want to end up with a migraine like last night…..

    1. Naz, I am thankful that I was born in an Islamic country and also very proud to be a muslim. I guess you dont know the laws of Islam or even if you know, you dont know what beholds it. Women are not subjugated in Islam. Islam never stops women. The pardah which you dont like is a way to uphold and respect the dignity of women. Women can surely drive vehicles as you say, do jobs and are allowed to do everything staying under the rules of Islam. And as of the case of Nikah Halala, its true concept has been tarnished and misinterpreted. It is done after a man gives his wife a divorce three times; its not after the first time and it was introduced so that men do not make a mockery out of marriage. Its there so that men think numerous times before divorce and understand that making and breaking of a marriage is not easy or acceptable in Islam. Women can’t be compelled for a nikah halala and neither can a man. Nikah halala is to observed as a normal nikah, and all rules to be obliged as it is normally done. The nikah in Abida’s case is not right because it was done wrongly and the other man has wrong intentions. Its better if you read about nikah halala or other laws on AUTHORISED Islamic sites and then make a judgement rather than framing your thoughts after reading the reviews of ignorant people.

    2. What you say is only on paper. Open your eyes. And see the reality. 1234. The “pardah” is a cultural artifact. It is not religion. You mentioned as though it is all so easy. Women can make their own minds and their own decisions. Did you know there is a nikah halala scam in London/UK as well? You can be proud of being muslim but can you say you are proud of what muslims are doing in the name of religion? You may not be ignorant but you are naive.

  3. The Halala truth is ugly, painful, abusive, degrading and its real. Its hard to watch a depiction of halala much less to experience it. I hope this opens the eyes of Mothers and Grandmother to teach their girl children about this ugly practice and how to handle a Halal situation.

  4. The precap is disappointing…Kabir behaving like a typical male and instructing Zara to resign from Sharia Board is indeed disappointing ….and his threat of divorcing her is disgusting….finally his male ego is getting better of him and Zara will be seeing the nasty side of his personality in the upcoming episode…Ofcourse ,it won’t stop Zara from pursuing her ideals but with women like Abida,backtracking in the last minute due to threats and coercion,Zara has a Herculean task on hands…in this bargain ,Zara might be keeping her love and marriage at stakes but some bitterness has already corrupted them as Kabir is making every effort to make their marriage conditional…he is not the one who keeps his personal and professional lives seperate…so their love and marriage are bound to suffer…

  5. Dear NAZ islamic rules are to save and protect women not for torturing them… Laws are correct and proper only it is public who have used them for their favour and have modified accordingly…. And if we talk about countries following Islamic laws than you should check on them they are counted in crime free cities…. No religion is teaching wrong its we who are modifying it as per our convinience…..

    1. Points taken ABC…you are so correct regarding countries enforcing Islamic laws to hinder crimes and that the public or societies that modify laws to suit their agendas do so for personal gains. I have looked at the YouTube video on the topic of Nikaah Halala and it’s horrifying that this practice is in use today in such modern times. I don’t want to get into why this law is there in the first place but now we can see that there’s a negative side to this practice as well. Not all marriages hold same romantic appeal as the rosy tinted life of Kabir and Zara, here their relationship is held together by their sizzling chemistry, Zara’s love for Kabir which somehow doesn’t decrease a fraction even when his ego rears its head and he verbally abuses her and in this case, she still desires him in spite of his decision to divorce her. In real life, this doesn’t happen so because by now, the marriage would be under stress and fractures would appear and some damage would have taken place. Few questions arise now…As Zara has a mind of her own, is it wrong of her to ask legitimate questions, does her questions bother Kabir so much, that he thinks divorce is the first logical step as opposed to compromising and finding a solution to the issue at hand? If you love your spouse and your views aren’t the same, should one threaten divorce because of this simple thing? For divorce to take place, there should be grounds of infidelity and lack of communication which would render the cohabitation as being stressful and non communicable which then leaves the marriage as being irretrievably broken down and divorce is the next step. Divorce is not an easy situation and there are those in society who divorce their spouses for simple reasons, similarly, some marry for different reasons whether it’s political, financial, social and familial, and those shouldn’t be why people marry, love, trust and understanding should be the essential topmost ingredients for a marriage to work. I didn’t mean to give such a long lecture if I may say so but this is just to say, that being a divorcee myself and coming from a Muslim community, in my country, I have heard of this practice but its never been in use here at least I haven’t heard of it being practiced here and after my divorce was completed, why on earth would I want to remarry that same person to the extent that I know that i have to abide by the Islamic law of Nikaah Halala? There ought to have been something substantive in the first place for the divorce to have taken place… So, I agree with you that laws are there for our protection but society modifies it to suit itself but this practice of Nikaah Halala should be outlawed and men like Kabir should accept that women help to shape this world as well and our thoughts, actions and deeds if done constructively can be of help to all of us. I hope I didn’t offend you ABC…If I did, my apologies. I always welcome healthy discussions and are willing to still learn and I embrace meaningful conversation. ☺

    2. And i’ll just say, Well put Naz!

  6. This Nikah Halala law is so gross, so demeaning….. It is unbelievable. Why would a woman submit herself to another man before remarriage? Is she an object to be used? Can’t see how this law protects women………. It is just too sad that it is still practised today. Hope Zara could still make some situation in the show that illustrates the injustice and humiliating aspect of this law.

  7. Cathy, I’ve said my piece and I don’t have time to argue with anyone concerning the Nikaah Halala practice. I’m from the west just like you and we don’t abide by Islamic laws. Others who take pride in living in countries which have Islamic laws, good for them, I’m happy where I am. I can see that I ruffled some feathers and the nice piece I wrote to 1234, I changed my mind and deleted it, don’t think it would have made much difference as I’ve been accused of basing my thoughts on unauthorized readers, the thing is Cathy, how would I know how to differentiate ignorant writers from learned men?? As it stands, Nikaah Halala is abhorrent and that’s the end of my discussion, whether it’s misconstrued or misinterpreted, it’s still archaic in my view. Btw….how have you been doing Cathy? Don’t see you on AKAJS anymore, what’s up? I’ve read that ZKM is also following on the heals of PA….another serial is coming on air in early September, not sure if I’ll watch it, at the moment, I’m here, on AKAJS and YTG….I cheat and post a comment or two on KKB sometimes……anyways, take care dear, chat with you again.

  8. I don’t want to go into the intricacies of the practice of Nikah Halala but I agree with Naz,that it is an abominable practice….you need not belong to the same religion or go through the elaborate religious texts to understand that this is quite a painful thing…..being a woman is enough to feel the humiliation …no doubts the true concept must be to safeguard the interests of women but if you look at the other side of the coin,women are at the receiving end…We can see that there is a sea of difference between a Nikah and Nikah Halala…Nikah Halala ,whether it is forced on a woman or not ,needs a divorced woman to marry someone else and consummate the marriage before reuniting with her previous husband…If this is not called humiliation ,then I don’t know what is…Let it be a man or woman ,human dignity and self respect are more important than any religious teachings.I am a Hindu from India but I don’t hesitate to admit that in my own religion there had been quite a few abominable practices involving women like child marriages,,Dowry system and the most nightmarish of them ….being.Sati….thankfully ,most of them are legally abolished now and considered criminal offences but still lot of discrimination prevails in rural areas… girls not having access to education ,married daughters not having any rights to parents’ property ,treating widows as if they have committed a sin etc.etc….I think irrespective of religion ,women ,in general ,are made to feel ashamed of their gender by imposing strictures everywhere …..Whatever we say,still it is a man’s world in many ways.,,

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