Ishq Subhan Allah 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir makes food for Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Azra that clean everything. Zara gets Kabir’s call and asks about shooter. Kabir says he ranaway, dont go out of house, I arranged for your security. Zara says comeback here back, can you bring some things from market? He says okay, she gives him grocery list. He says I am worried about shooter and you are asking me to brings veggies? Zara says I need these, bring them from your money, she ends call.

Shahbaz recalls Kabir’s words that he will do a sin. Kabir comes to him and says I am going to Zara’s house. Shahbaz says are you in your senses, you promised something. Kabir says Zara wont trust me if I say I dont care for her. Shahbaz says you broke your promise? Kabir says I promised that I will be away from her to keep her safe. Shahbaz says then

why you keep going back to her? Kabir says I have to do this, Zara will decide that she will never comeback in this house, I will do a sin and once this problem is solved then I will separate from Zara. He says till I dont find that person who tried to kill my Zara, I wont sit in peace. He leaves. Shahbaz is tensed.

Kabir brings groceries to Zara’s house. Zara says I asked for all these so you can make food and distribute in poor so you can repay for your promise. She says I know you promised to never allow me to comeback to your house but when I go back to your house then I will have to cross that path, I have asked forgiveness from God, we have to break that promise, we will bear any punishment from God together. Kabir thinks no I cant put Zara’s life in danger, I will do a sin that will break you. Zara calls Azra for help.

Mina and Nussu comes to Irfan’s house. Nussu goes to meet Azra. Irfan says to Mina that meet Kabir and then decide how he is. Mina says what he did with Zara was wrong. Salma says see them together, they are happy.

Kabir is working in kitchen. Zara tries to help but he shouts at her that he doesnt need her help. Mina hears it and says I dont like him. Oil drop falls on Zara’s hand. Kabir rushes to her and says thats why I was asking you to stay away, dont hurt yourself. Zara says I am fine. Zara sees Mina there and welcomes here, she introduces Kabir. Nussu says he saved me from goons. Mina says to Kabir that love Zara like this always, her heart is weak so dont break it, she loves you a lot, be happy together.

Scene 2
Ayesha says to servant that we have to send a woman to Zara’s house for work. Ayesha says Zara will comeback after saying sorry to God, she says Kabir is making food for everyone there, we are invited too. Alina says lets go fast.

Goon brings a woman to Zara’s house. He says do as I said. She says your work will be done and goes to Salma’s house.
Salma meets servant. Servant says someone told me that you need servant. Salma tells her other servant to assist her.

Shahbaz calls Kabir and says why you are making food there? Kabir says Zara requested. Shahbaz says how will you leave her? Kabir says once I find who is Maqbool’s boss then I will do what I am planning to do. He ends call. Ayesha says to Shahbaz that if Kabir stays close to Zara, his love will increase.

PRECAP- Kabir is working in kitchen. Servant spies on him. Kabir sees her and asks who is she?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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